Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 4-Dripping Springs Baptist Church, FBC Thurmont, Epworth UMC, Blue Ridge Community College, South Oaks Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, FBC Gleason & Broadriver Baptist Association

Kickin' it this week at Rosamond was a team from the Broad River Baptist Association. All the way from South Carolina, with spirits of intentionality and generosity, Broad River provided for this community in a Christ-like manner through catering to people's physical and spiritual needs. Not a day went by that someone did not ask what need they could help fill. It was an honor to watch team members love on not only our kids at Rosamond but passer-byes as well as they handed out Gatorade with unwavering smiles. Rotations between stations ran smoothly, and overall the week was a huge success. Our youngest kids so enjoyed learning Bible stories with the assistance of puppets, and water day was a sweet treat for each of the age groups. They even surprised the kids with backpacks full of snacks and school supplies before saying their see-you-laters for this summer. Each missionary was an individual house, through which the light of Christ shone, and it was a privilege to serve alongside them. Thank you Broad River for having such servant hearts as you loved on the Rosamond kids this week. 
This week at National we were honored to have a group from Broad River. The team came in with hearts on fire for Jesus, and they poured out his love to every child who came to bible club. The energy that the team had was contagious, and the kids fed off of their energy. Everyday I heard the kids singing as loud as they could in the songs stations, even the older kids who usually don't want to sing! It was awesome! Bible story was especially on point this week. The kids were able to tell me the memory verses that they learned each day. These kids are learning the gospel and have the ability to bring it out and share it with their families and community. It was a blessing for Kailyn and I to serve alongside this awesome team this week. You guys rocked it at National! Thank you Broad River for showing complete authentic love to the National kids. Please continue to pray as we move into the second half of the summer. We just know that God is going to do some big things!
Good morning Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. Let's go to press. This week at bible club has been one big party. The team from Blue Ridge Community College had these kids jamming out like nobody's business to "Father Abraham" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." They even got to play HUMAN BATTLESHIP!!! One of my personal favorite moments was the most epic sword fight I ever had. Four year old Amin tossed me a pool noodle and said "on guard" though it sounded more like "ondar." The next two minutes were filled with classic light-saber sound effects, flips and spins, and two warriors clashing swords to a stale mate. Learning that he was no match for myself, the Giant, he ran around to my back side and grabbed at my hip. He began running away shouting, "I got the key! I got the key!" I obviously couldn't let him keep the key, so I pursued him. However, we continued to match swords and skill. He finally shouted, "I'ma get the door!" as he darted towards our neighboring house. I intercepted him and kept him at bay. Finally, I slammed my sword into the ground and exclaimed, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" My opponent let loose a fierce battle cry as he threw his steel to the ground and charged me head on. It was like David verses Goliath. Yet somehow, I, the giant, became over powered and fell to the ground. The great warrior Amin scaled my fallen body and dealt the finishing blow to my face with his bare hands. Leaping off of me, he dashed to the house, through up both fists into the air and cheers, "I passed! I passed! I passed!" HAHAHAHA! It was so much fun. Thank you Blue Ridge for a good week!
-Kaden @ Kippley
This week Grace Baptist was back in Memphis and was in for a new experience, G-Street. In the past this team worked Whittier and Leahy's but they were so willing to love on new(and even some familiar!) faces at Guernsey. This week was definitely a hot one with numerous heat advisories but each day the team came out to the lot even more pumped than the day before. Everyday they led songs as a group in the beginning of club and they even had some help from some of our older girls, DaNaisa and Faith. These girls have not only been asking many questions about Christ but they have been intentionally looking for ways to serve the other kids at club. They are always begging to move to the younger kid group to help them with their crafts and they love helping me pass out water and lunches. This team was so intentional to pray with the kids and even asked in crafts one day what they could specifically pray for each kid. They listened as a couple children shared their requests and then they prayed over them. On the final day after I dismissed each group, the team took their walking groups towards the entrance to the lot and prayed over each one. I cannot wait to see the lasting effects that these prayers and this team's overflow of Christ's love will have on Guernsey for the rest of the summer. Thank you Grace Baptist Church for a great week and for selflessly loving and serving this community!
This past week at Johnson bible club was a hot one! We had to cut club short due to heat advisories but the kids loved every minute they had with the folks from Broad River Baptist Association. The kids had a blast at bible club and got to watch great puppet bible stories all week. And many of these kids getting loved on were new to Johnson bible club because we opened a new route! We were able to walk and get kids from some apartments close to our site. The whole week went great and Broad River poured out everything they had as they went home exhausted with Dearie riding shotgun. The kids got to go home with backpacks full of goodies and the knowledge of Christ’s love. It was a great week at Johnson!  
This week at Que Que was a blast with Epworth UMC in the house! The team came in prepared for a great week, they even brought a handmade gaga pit with them! The pit was very versatile as we used it for circle up, lunch, and of course playing gaga ball! Epworth even had all the kids sign the pit as a lasting reminder of their time here in Memphis. The team pushed through the heat making a high of 70 kids on Tuesday and all of them were loved to the max.The kids loved all the crafts, bible stories, games, and songs that Epworth brought to the table! Especially the lollipop baby Jesus! By the end of the week the kids had definitely started to connect with the team! Even to the point of trying to stow away in the trailer or in the back of the van. The team also spoiled them with buying everyone a freezee cup at the end of the week! The kids will definitely be missing Epworth the rest of this summer and so will we! Please continue to pray for Que Que as we continue on with this summer!

Kendrick welcomed South Oaks Baptist Church from Arlington, Texas for week four at Street Reach. This was their first time visiting Street Reach and they came in with enthusiasm and they were ready to love on the kids. Each and every day they were ready to canvas the neighborhood for kids. The kids fed off their energy resulting in good behavior from all the kids. It was such a joy to see the kids full of happiness and excitement from the joy that the team brought to them. They brought new songs for the kids to sing and dance to. They also brought snacks for the kids to enjoy with their lunches, which was a big hit among them. They enjoyed the games that South Oaks brought for the kids to participate in, especially the water relays. The kids received more attention due to the temperatures and smaller numbers. The kids were eager to get bible club started every day this week and they were sad to see this awesome team leave on Friday. Thank you so much South Oaks for loving on the kids at Kendrick. 
This week at Whittier, we were excited to welcome South Oaks Baptist Church from Arlington, Texas to Street Reach for the first time! Although they were unsure of what all they would be getting into, each team member was excited to experience Bible Club and get to know the kids. Monday was a day of learning, as we were met with difficulties in the form of heat advisories and the adjustment of new faces and personalities. However, team members quickly found out what worked and did not work with these kids, and adjusted their stations as needed, so by Tuesday, they were Bible Club pros! Each day, the team members noted what the kids responded to and did not respond to, and changed their songs, games, crafts, or Bible story techniques accordingly. By Wednesday, there were multiple kids excitedly running up to Bible Club before the teams even returned from their walking routes, ready to experience the love of Christ through the students of South Oaks. One team member, Hope, had the opportunity to talk with one child’s mom, who expressed how much Marlek enjoyed Bible Club, and had chosen to attend club all summer, even when given the alternative option of attending baseball camp. It is amazing to watch as the Lord draws us and our community to Himself, and needs nothing more than willing hearts to do so. He uses each of us, regardless of our background, our experience, or our abilities, and changes our hearts and the hearts of those around us in the process. Thank you, South Oaks, for making the long trek to Memphis to not only tell, but show our kids what love looks like, and for pointing them to the creator of love Himself.
-Big Em
We had a fantastic second week at Pope with FBC Thurmont there to minister to the kids! The team was highly intentional and because of this the children felt valued and truly participated in all of the club activities and the sight was beautiful. The 2-5 age group did not always want to stay in their stations so Thurmont adapted by sitting them in their laps while each holding a copy of the Toddlers Bible for bible story, playing Mr. Bear and freeze tag for games station, and even the older girls craft station helped the little ones by making salvation bracelets for them as they ate lunch for their entire crafts time. In the older boys' songs station we saved the cardboard boxes from lunch and created a break dance station which they danced and flipped on. The older kids even brought friends to club instead of staying at home when they had friends over! It was a very hot week with heat advisory warnings every day except Friday and it showed in the number of kids that came out. Friday we matched our summer high of 42 kids! We were still getting new kids as at least three of the families who came to bible club had just moved to the area. I thank you so much Thurmont for your prayers and intentionality while serving. Please pray for Pope and the kids there as it is not running next week. 
How’s it hanging everybody! Once again we had an amazing week. This week we welcomed a new and an awesome team, Dripping Springs Baptist Church! Like always, Vernon was a burning, but this week it was on fire! The new team hit the ground running on day one and didn’t stop until after club on Friday. This week the team journeyed out and canvased as well as they could; so this week with some harsh heat Vernon had on average 20-25 kids daily.  Due to these conditions we missed a few of our regular’s. We had a few “water game days” and a very fun “messy games day”, which consisted of items such as shaving cream to a bag of dried beans! We had a great time acting our bible stories out, decorating canteens, and of course we did some singing to “Bazooka Bubble gum” and some dancing to the famous “ Watch me”! Everyday this week, the team handed out a going home snack, along with a huge goodie bag on Friday. The kids had a blast! It was amazing to see what God had planned for Vernon this past week.  Along with bible club this week, Vernon had a few other visitors doing construction on the inside of the old house. A few team members from FBC Thurmond gutted the inside. Thank you to FBC Thurmont for the work you contributed to the Vernon house this week and thank you Dripping Springs Baptist Church! The kids loved you all, and I can’t thank you all enough for fulfilling the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus this week in Memphis. Hope to see everyone next year. Safe travels to everyone and I hope y’all have a blessed summer!
Treadwell’s second week this summer and it’s been no where but up as we hit our high of 44 kids on Thursday! This week we had a new team from Dripping Springs Baptist Church join us and they hit the ground running. The kids enjoyed every minute of Bible club as songs were pumped up, games involved water, crafts made some awesome canteens, and Bible story hit some hard truths. On Monday, one of our team members already got the opportunity to sit with one of the kids and answer some difficult questions about the gospel and what it means to follow Christ. The team even dominated on canvasing as they found new kids on their routes to bring to Bible club and share the love of Christ with. These kids have been hungry for love and truth and they sure have enjoyed having Dripping Springs here. For not knowing what exactly they were getting into this team sure was ready to love on these kids and had a difficult time saying goodbye until next year. Thanks Dripping Springs for being the hands and feet of Christ at Treadwell this week! Hope to see y'all back again next summer!

FBC Gleason rocked it at Jackson this week! This week was a hot one, that’s for sure, but God definitely provided strength and energy to the team this week. I watched as they gave the kids their undivided attention in over 100 degree weather as if the heat wasn’t even an issue. This team spent a lot of time just hanging out and having conversations with the children. It couldn’t have gone better. The kids loved having that ‘special attention’ from Gleason and engaging in  one-on-one conversation with their new friends. I walked by every group to see the kids totally sucked in to whatever the team members were saying or doing. The kids especially had fun at crafts and got to make jewelry two times this week (For anyone who doesn't know, these kids LOVE jewelry and some will probably wear their craft for the rest of the summer). I am so thankful to have gotten to spend a week with this amazing group. FBC Gleason, you guys were great. Thank you for answering the call to love on the kids at Jackson this week! Continue to pray for the staff and MITs at Street Reach, this week was already our half way point for the summer! God is and will continue to do great things for the kids at Jackson. All the glory to Him!
-Bristow and Noah

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