Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 2-Loudon County Association, Union Grove Baptist, FBC Brunswick, & Fellowship of Montgomery


Hidey ho good neighbors! Street Reach Rosamond had a great week two. The average of 74 kids a day had a ton of fun in the sun. Not even the heat could keep them from bible club. Our crafts this week were very unique; my personal favorite was the finger painted tiles. I even learned a new song game to play - Oreo. The most fun part of each day was the shouting matches between stations to see who could shout "we love Jesus" the loudest. Thank you to Union Grove Baptist church for pumping so much excitement into the kids this week. GREAT job! Keep on praying for these kids and for the mission teams this summer. And remember, the Kingdom of God is HERE! Have a great day, a good week ahead, and don't forget to drink your Ovaltine. Bye!
-Kaden @ Rosamond 


What a great second week at National! Clear skies all week with a high of 91 everyday, but the heat didn't stop the kids from coming out! The team’s canvassing was great and resulted in several new kids coming to club. Wednesday we had total of 79 kids attending bible club! Loudon County showed up and showed out. We had great crafts all week including puppets, bracelets, soap carvings, and more! Bible story was on point teaching the kids the difference between good and bad and what that looks like in Jesus’ eyes. Games and songs were full of energy and nonstop the whole week! Thank you, Loudon County for your willingness to serve and love on our kids. We can’t wait to see you back next year!
 -Kay Kay


This week at Street Reach God enabled us to open a brand new bible club site called “Club Que-Que”. The name of our new site was inspired by the name of one of our students of BHUA. His name is Marquavious. This week we were expecting to have 30-40 kids but were taken by surprise when we had 60 kids show up to club the first day with a high of 103 on Thursday. Structure is very new to this group of kids but by the end of the week our kids started to get into the swing of things. This week God provided us with an amazing group of 22 that came all the way from Montgomery, Texas to love on our kids. We are so thankful for them and thankful to our almighty God who worked through each of them and share Christ’s love. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of the summer at Club Que-Que.


Brunswick was back in the house a week early for another awesome year of Guernsey Bible Club. Each person on this team was so eager to love on every kid that walked onto the lot and the kids from last summer were so excited to see the team return. Throughout the week everything this team did was Gospel centered. Whether they were singing songs or jumping rope, literally everything was intentionally brought back to the Gospel. The children were constantly telling me about how God wants to adopt us and make us His sons and daughters. Friday as we were lining up to dismiss, Jarmon ran up to me and said “I just can’t wait to show you Miss Sarah! Look! This is my brand new bible and it’s easy to understand.” These kids are so hungry for The Word and I am thankful that this team not only spoke it but lived it out in this neighborhood this week. Thank you FBC Brunswick for answering the call and loving on the G-Street kids! 
-Sarah & Armskrong


The second week at Johnson bible club was a great one as the kids at club got to get close to the missionaries from Loudon County, Tennessee. It was hot and sunny all week but that didn’t stop the kids from coming out. We had a high of 75 kids on Thursday and the kids were having a blast. We were able to continue doing routes on the west side of Tillman and it might have inspired a new route for next week. The kids really loved bible story this week and we had a couple of salvations reported on Friday that we are definitely going to follow up on. The team did a great job of building on the foundation that was laid the first week and the kids are surely excited to come back to bible club this upcoming week. A big thanks to Loudon County Baptist Association for pouring out their love and energy on the kids of Binghampton all week long.

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