Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 3- FBC Fisherville, Broadriver Association, FBC Springtown, The Vine UMC, FBC Jenny Lind, South Community Church, and FBC Bloomington

Welcome back my friends to bible club Rosamond! It was a fantastic week thanks to our volunteers from the Broadriver Association all the way from South Carolina. Kids got to make their own frisbees, play with parachutes, connect four even, and lots more! The kids also got to take home an extra snack each day thanks to the generosity of the team. But my personal favorite of the week was by far the bible story station! You can tell God is getting ready to do something spectacular when kids are really listening. I recall walking over on Tuesday and hearing kids act to each other a short play. Groups of four kids were all given the same script with four characters each with dialogue and were asked to act with each other. Not only were they incredibly willing to do so, they really enjoyed it!  And as they read, they saw and understood what it meant to recognize meanness and step back, looking at what God would desire someone do when confronted with meanness, and oppose it. What a week indeed! Keep up your prayers everybody, and I'll see you next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.
-Kaden Sosebee & Brianna @ Rosamond

This week we had FBC Jenny Lind at Guernsey and it was such a fantastic week! Nearby site Pope ran part of the week so we had slightly fewer kids but no less of Christ's love was shown to them. Most days the attendance was in the upper thirties and we had a high of 47 kids on Thursday! They got to hear the gospel all week at bible story and made some really fun crafts, even an edible one! They got lots of energy out at games and I think the whole neighborhood heard the new songs we learned along with some of the classic bible club songs. This week was Jenny Lind's first time at G-Street and they did such a great job! The team had a joyful surprise on Monday seeing a family of kids they remembered from their previous site, Kippley! They didn't waste any time starting to love on all the kids and getting to know them throughout the week. The team definitely understood the reason we are out in the community doing this and it showed in their interactions with the kids. I hope that Jenny Lind had as much much fun as Hunter and I did this week! Hope to see y'all back next summer!
-LB and Armstrong

What an awesome third week it was here at bible club National. A local team from FBC Fisherville came in with hearts on fire for Jesus and hands ready to serve. It has been amazing to sit back and watch the kids continue to learn about Jesus these last three weeks. Every single team that comes in plays a big part in seeds being planted, and FBC Fisherville planted many this week. Something that was really cool was that this team has been serving at National for the last couple of years, so they already knew a lot of the kids. It was so cool to sit back and see old relationships continue to grow. Katie and I were amazed at the song station this week. All of the kids, even the older kids, participated in the station all week! For anyone who has ever ran the songs station, you know it's hard to keep the kids entertained. So, it was so cool to see all of the kids participating and having authentic fun. By the end of the week, we had one kid decide to follow Jesus. His name is Darrion and Katie and I have seen something stirring in his heart these last few weeks. Sure enough, he decided this week to accept Jesus into his heart! How good is God y'all? Thank you FBC Fisherville for coming to serve and for planting many seeds this week. Katie and I hope to serve along side of each of you again! God is doing so many great things at National already this summer. The best part is, I knows He's no where close being done yet. 
-Morgan & Katie P.

Hey y'all! This past week at Johnson has been incredible. The people of Broad River Association came in ready to share God’s love to the people of this community. Everyone was very excited to get the week started at Johnson. On Monday, some of the team members got to reconnect with some old faces and make new relationships as well. The team came prepared for a fun week of Bible Club and it definitely showed throughout the week. The smiles on the kid's faces showed how much fun they were truly having. The team kept great energy all week and the kids fed off of it. Even on Friday, 57 kids came out to Bible Club! That is a blessing that all those children got to hear about Christ. 
Thank you Broad River for an incredible week. The kids of Johnson Bible Club truly love each and every one of you. Broad River, you all showed God’s true love to the kids. It was a blessing getting to work with y’all this past week. Thank you for all you do for Street Reach and the community here in Memphis. 
-Bobbby and Fish 

What a fantastic week it's been at Jackson with Broadriver Baptist Association! In the past, this team has been at Bible Club National but they got to meet some new faces as they ventured over to Jackson Park this year! This team came in ready to meet new kids and build relationships within this new neighborhood. It was awesome to see this week as the kids not only heard scripture but learned how it was relevant to each of them and learned motions to help memorize the verses! Whether it was through sac races in games, silly motions in Bible Story, coloring frisbees in crafts, or singing about a moose on the loose in songs, Christ's love was shown to each child. The Lord is continuing to bring more and more children out to Bible Club and it has been amazing to see how He draws them ultimately toward Himself. Thank you Broadriver for answering the call and being the hands and feet of Jesus to the kids at Jackson this week, even through the heat! We cannot wait to see the harvest that will come from your faithfulness to plant seeds this week! We'll see you next year!
-Tedder & Holly

God did amazing things at Whitvegas this week. He blessed us with an amazing team from Oklahoma: South Community Church. I am so thankful for them & how well they loved on our kids each & every day. They showed our kids Christ's love repeatedly through their constant energy at Bible club all week long, their open presentations/invitations of the Gospel that met the kids where they are at, their one-on-one & group prayers with the kids, and their intentionality in giving the needed individual attention & affection to different kids throughout the week. This team's love for the kids was so evident & beautiful to witness. The amount of times the kids heard that they are loved by not only the team but Jesus as well was countless & will surely leave an impact on them. It was amazing to see the team pour out their love for the kids in such a bold way. They also loved the whole community well. They would not hesitate to talk or pray with any community members when the opportunity arose. They truly loved & served this whole community so well all week long. They also showed perseverance & excitement on walking routes as we hit our current summer high this week of 57 kids! South Community Church has made such a huge impact on the kids this week and represented Christ & His love for His people unbelievably well. I cannot thank them enough for being the hands & feet of Jesus to our community this week; they did an amazing job & God's love was reflected in them so evidently. Please join us in praying for the incoming teams this summer: that they will be bold, excited & full of love & energy all week long. Pray for teams going back home that they will keep that fire to compassionately serve & love everyone they come in contact with. Pray for safety for all kids, teams & staff. Most importantly please pray that the kids and community would hear & understand the Gospel so well that they may come to know Him as their Savior & Lord & then they can live on mission too. God is moving in Memphis! 
-Claire & Joey

Que Que 
"Que Que parties for the king!" 
Every morning FBC Springtown would yell these words as we prepared for bible club, and they did not disappoint. Springtown came in ready to love on the children and be intentional about sharing the love of Christ. Our first day of the week we had 57 kids come and join us at bible club, the next day 66, and the rest of the week an average of 56 kids. The team came in not knowing what to expect, but didn't let that stop them from partying for the King! Every time I would look around the games would be in an exciting game of capture the flag or Simon say. Bible story was always busy as they shared God's amazing ways with the children. Crafts did anything from thankful flowers and music shakers, to paracord bracelets being the hit of the week! Everyday I would hear the loud voices of the kids as they sang bible club songs, and made up their own new beats. We are so thankful for FBC Springtown and their willingness to come and share the love of Christ with the children! We hope to see you again next year! 

-Katie W. & Marcus

This week at Treadwell we had a local team, FBC Fisherville! Despite the short trip,they came prepared and ready to serve! As soon as the group got here, they were ready to go and so were the community kids! We had a blast at club this week and even though it was another hot week, the teams kept club going and continued to love on and share Jesus with the kids! In spite of the 109 heat index on Friday, we had 38 kiddos! Praise the Lord for another great week at Treadwell! Please continue to pray for our kids as new teams come in and The Lord continues to work in the hearts of the children and throughout this community. Thank you FBC Fisherville for loving the children at Treadwell with the Love of Christ and pressing on, even through the high temperatures and sun!

"P-O-P-E that is where we wanna be!" Thanks to FBC Bloomington that is where we were last week. The kids had fun playing games with thoughtful twists to align with their bible stories such as Mr. Shark, instead of Mr. Bear, for the lesson on Jesus Calms the Storm. A major concern this church had for the children was that the kids would not just hear a memory verse but they would truly learn it. To help with this they played memorization games with the kids instead of doing a song station. The games differed on different days from a hopscotch pad with a word of the verse written on each block to a game where they had to say the next word of the verse to be thrown the ball. The 6-8 year old group was having so much fun learning the verse that they learned the shortened version they were given and then the version that the older kids were given too. Each day more and more kids came out to not only have fun with this team, but to learn about Jesus. From their first to last day of club we doubled in size, and I know that there are even more kids to be found this week! Please stay in prayer for us as we continue trying to find the kids in order to tell them about and display for them the love of Christ. "Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." Matthew 9:37-38

Hidy Ho neighbors. It's Steeley coming at'cha with the latest at Kendrick Bible Club. This week we were so blessed with The Vine UMC coming to serve our kiddos. Our week consisted of friendship bracelets, chalk, and lots of Jesus. Our oldest group asked lots of great questions in bible story this week and we are super excited to watch that grow and get them to discipleship club in a couple of weeks to continue on learning on this journey. Meanwhile our youngins (with the help of of team members) are memorizing scripture and writing the verse with chalk on the sidewalks. It's super cool to see them being excited about learning God's word. Thank you to The Vine UMC for your willingness to come and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the kid's at Kendrick!!

What an amazing week we had here at Street Reach! We are so grateful for the many missionaries that sacrificed a week of their summer to come and show the children in North Memphis Christ's love. The Lord drew so many children to Himself this week and it was so sweet to see! Because of the amazing canvassing and just straight up fun Bible Clubs the mission teams provided, 440 children saw Jesus' Love and heard His good news on Tuesday.  Even through the heat these teams poured out all of the energy and love that God had given them! What a blessing to get to witness! We know that these children will still be ministered to for another 6 weeks and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to bring about the harvest in these Bible Clubs, community centers, nursing homes, throughout this community, and even all across the nation as these missionaries go back into their own cities. A huge thank you to FBC Fisherville, Broadriver Baptist Association, FBC Springtown, The Vine UMC, FBC Jenny Lind, South Community Church, and FBC Bloomington! We cannot wait to see you all again next year! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 2- Blanchard Alliance, FBC Munford, Calvary Church, Yadkin Baptist Church


We had another great week at Treadwell Bible club! Thanks to Blanchard Alliance who came in with a determination and focus for in depth open ended conversations about Christ with the kids. I loved going from station to station and not only hearing the topic of Christ in every one, but in seeing the enrapt faces of the children participating in the conversations. Even with a heat index of 111 all of the older boys were very excited to share what they knew about Christ and continued to do so in the station after bible story! Even the younger kids were singing cheers for Jesus without prodding, and little Raelyn decided that "My mom and I are moving to heaven." With the budding curiosity in all things dealing with Christ that is growing at Treadwell, I cannot help but be super excited to see how God continues to grow in the hearts of the children that we have all come to love. Thank you Blanchard Alliance for keeping your focus not on the heat and hard work, but on Christ in order to be a vessel for the Lord's work! "Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work." -2 Timothy 2:21
-Rachael, Leah, & Ana


What up y'all! It was a great second week at National with FBC Munford in the house. This team usually runs Vernon every summer; however, this summer they were able to run National and not only get to minister to their usual Vernon kids, but they also got to minister to new kids. This was really cool to see old relationships grow even more and new relationships begin. Even though it was an extremely hot week, the team didn't let the heat stop them from loving on the kids. We had an average of 50 kids every day, and the team poured out so much love to every kid. Bible story was extremely awesome this week as the kids had memory verses they were supposed to remember every day. The kids got candy if they could recite the verses on Friday. This team really focused on being intentional and making sure that the Gospel was presented in a way that the kids could understand. I can definitely say that the kids at National now have a better understanding of what the Gospel is and who Jesus is. Thank you FBC Munford for being the hands and feet this week and showing lots of love to the kids at National! 
-Mergan, Katie P., & Katie W.


*Singingly*  "I'm mister Green Christmas. I'm mister Sun. Badum dum dah!
I'm mister Heat Blister. I'm mister Hundred and One.
They call me Heat Miser! Whatever I touch,
Tends to melt in my CLUTCH!" *abrupt music halt*…. um what? Oh! It's time to write the blog? YIKES! Let's get on that!

Hello everybody! I hope you are having a great day. It was a hot week here at Street Reach, but that didn't keep the Lord from doing what He does best - BEING AWESOME! He gave us a high of 69 kids this week despite the rain and despite the heat. He also hand selected and sent us missionaries from Calvary Church in St. Louis and they were wonderful to have. So many new kids were found and old kids came back, and they were all taught how to pray and the importance thereof. One of my favorite moments was seeing the oldest kids ASK to play duck duck goose. And, without being told to, they initiated the rule that if someone could remember part of the bible verse that he could get out of the middle - or "stinky pot" if you will.  That may not sound like much, but a group of 10-12 year old boys enjoying each other's company and cooperating to have fun rather than fighting is a HUGE step in the right direction: a step towards peace and love. Please pray that God continues to move and continues to work. Pray that God will continue to ready his harvest and send prepared harvesters. And pray that His Gospel will reach the hearts of our kids. Have a great day! Bye bye!
-Kaden & Farr


What another great week at Jackson! This week it was Calvary Church's time to preach the gospel. Calvary was my home church and so it was great to see them again and I'm beyond blessed to have had them all week. This week Calvary demolished the 51 kids we had the first week and by Thursday we had 75 kids join us at Jackson. God is good! It seemed like all week we had a heat advisory, but that didn't stop Calvary from loving on these kiddos. Week 2 was a great second week and we're even more excited for what lies in store for the rest of the summer.
-Tedder & the scary Miss Holly


Week two at Johnson Bible club was great! Calvary Church from St. Louis, Missouri was on fire for Christ. They came in excited and ready to love on some kids. A little bit of heat wasn’t going to slow them down at all. It was a solid week with a high of 59 kids getting shown Christ's love on Thursday. The team was super willing to love on kids and they kept finding new kids all week long. They taught the kids all about prayer. They taught them how important it is and how we should even pray for our enemies and people we don’t like or those who do us wrong. I pray as the summer continues, this team and everyone who pours into these kids at Johnson also remembers the importance of prayer and keeps the kids, teams, and community in their prayers.
-D’Marcus, Bobbby, & Fish


Calvary kicked butt at Whitvegas this week and our week 2 was so good! Calvary brought it with their preparation and their passion. They were on their A-game every day and I was so impressed! Their structure on Whittier got better everyday and by Friday they were killing it. Our highest number of kids this week was 54, which was so unexpected considering that that was on a day with a heat advisory and a heat index of 111! Calvary never let the heat stop them from giving their all and loving each kid they came in contact with! They left everything they had on the streets and it was such a blessing to see. God is so good and if you follow His plan He will provide! Thank you Calvary for giving Claire and I such a good week and loving on the Whittier babies so much! We loved working with y'all and can't wait to see y'all next summer!
-Meredith &Claire


Week 2 was another great week at Guernsey! We had a mix of returners and first timers from Calvary Church in St. Louis, Missouri and everyone did a great job. Guernsey had very consistent numbers of kids this week ranging from 50 to 58. Our team had great energy and was always willing to be flexible! Each day at site was somehow better than the one before! We loved seeing all the relationships made with the kids and how much they loved the community. Thank you so much Calvary for showing God's love through your work at Guernsey this week! Y'all have a safe trip home and hope to see all of you again next year!
-LB, Armstrong, & Joey


Even with the rain and excessive heat this week, we had a blast at Kendrick with Yadkin Baptist Church from Patterson, NC! We broke a record this week at Kendrick with 57 kids coming out on Thursday! That means that 57 kids learned that Jesus knows how many hairs they have on their head! It was awesome to watch Yadkin make connections with kids all week. From making praying hands at crafts to playing sponge relays at games, Yadkin brought joy and love to the kids at Kendrick. Thank you, Yadkin, for your hard work, dedication, and flexibility this week at Bible club! We L-O-V-E you, God (and Yadkin)!
-Beef & Tyler

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 1- Boanerges Baptist, FBC Brunswick, Eastern Hills, Fellowship of Montgomery, Wamego FUMC, Union Grove, Union Valley, Loudon Co. Association

Hey y'all! Week one was a great first start to this summer, serving at Johnson Bible Club with Boanerges Baptist Church. They came ready to serve and to be the hands and feet of Christ. They rocked it over at Johnson and the kids loved it. The kids loved it so much that they taught the youth and the leaders of Boanerges some new dance moves. The highest day of the week was 58 kids. That's right; 58 kids got to hear about Christ in one day! Boanerges kept great energy all week and was willing to do anything for the kids. Thank you Boanerges so much for your willingness to serve this community! The kids had a blast at Bible Club this past week and y'all started the summer off great! It was awesome getting to work with Boanerges at Johnson this week. Thank you so much!

Bobbby & Fishboy

This week at Guernsey we welcomed FBC Brunswick! We started the week off with 34 kids and rose to a high point of 58 kids. Canvasing was obviously a very strong point for Brunswick; they rocked the streets this week gathering kids and praying for the community.  Even on their night off, Brunswick prayed and cared for the community instead of spending it relaxing. The group was great with the kids and pushed through to the end with full energy and faith. The team had the joy of meeting some Leahy’s, Pope, and National Bible club kids this week. We had an amazing club this week, and it was such a great start to the summer! Thank you FBC Brunswick for coming and answering the call in Memphis this week, and thank you for the love that y’all always show the kids at Guernsey! Safe travels home, and we will see everyone next summer!

- Armstrong, L.B., & Joey
This week at Whittier with Eastern Hills has been such an amazing one! Every day has been better than I could have asked for! The kids were great and everything worked out so well. We started the week with 25 kids and ended the week with 54 kids. At Whittier structure is KEY, and the structure this week was so good! I was so impressed with our team and all of the preparation they put into this week. They were here for the right reason and that was a blessing in itself! Thank you Eastern Hills for spending a week in Memphis pouring your love out onto these kids and this community; it was a blessing getting to work with y'all! God has given us such a great week one and we are so pumped to see what He has planned for us in the weeks to come!
-Meredith & Claire
                                                                          Que Que
Week one of the summer at Club Que Que was out of control! Fellowship of Montgomery was in the house and ready to par-tay! The kids just wouldn't stop coming! We opened the week with 72 kids, and we had a high of 115! The kids kept them busy with great dancing, relays, and some awesome crafts. Bible story was the highlight of club where the kids not only learned the awesome lessons of the Bible, but they got snacks too! Everyday we would arrive with kids excited and ready for club to start! The team loved on these kids so much and the kids loved them right back! We want to give Fellowship of Montgomery a huge thank you for your work this week! We hope to see you see you next year!
-Katie & Silly Steeley
Wamego FUMC came to open up Kendrick for week one of street reach 2016. The heat did not stop them from showing love to the kids. Each and every day brought new faces and more kids to be loved on, and they never slowed down. Reaching 48 kids was no sweat to Wamego, as they poured into the community kids. From roaring like lions at bible story to singing songs about the bible stories everyday, the kids were not disappointed. We had a great first week at Kendrick and look forward to many more this summer!
-Beef & Tyler
Good morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night. This week was week 1 of STREET REACH 2016!!!!! And let me tell you, Rosamond had a fantastic first week. Union Grove Baptist Church from Alabama came out to open up the summer and did a great job! We canvased and canvased and canvased some more, just trying to get the word out that bible clubs were back, and it paid off! With an average of 43 kids per day, we hit our highest on Friday with 54! While at bible club, excitement was high and God's love was prevalent in everyone. I am truly grateful to UGBC for their desire to share the gospel and love the lost. It personally rejuvenated me to see that passion burn within them. Please pray for our kids as the summer continues from here. We have 8 more weeks of letting them see the glory and love of God. Please pray that every measure is taken to ensure that the Gospel is preached, the children understand, and that God sends workers into this harvest field. TTFN - ta ta for now.
-Kaden Sosebee @ Rosamond
What a great first week of bible club it was at National! I had the privilege of working at National last summer, and I am more than excited to be serving there again this summer. Loudon County Association was here this week to start off the first week of bible club. At the beginning of the week we prayed that God would send us as many kinds as he wanted. Of course, God is faithful and we had 57 kids one day! It was awesome to see a lot of the same kids from last summer and quite a few new ones as well. This team had hearts on fire for Jesus and poured out so much love throughout the week. I sat in awe as I watched this team help lead 3 kids to Christ! How cool is God?! Having three kids decide to step into a relationship with Jesus is awesome in itself, but it's even cooler that it happened in the very first week of Bible club. I also had a couple of kids ask me for bibles, and the team willingly gave out some children's bibles to them. I can't even imagine what Jesus is going to do the rest of this summer. Thank you Loudon County for giving up a week to come serve these children. You guys impacted their lives in ways that you will never know. Please continue to pray for all of our Bible clubs sites as we head into the second week of summer.
-Mergan & Katie P.
Wow. This first week at Jackson was beyond my expectations. Loudon County was fantastic at site this entire week. Everywhere I looked the team was interacting well with the kids and Jackson kids were amazing this week. All week long the team kept coming up to me and gushing about how well behaved they were. Even with all of the lunch troubles, Loudon was able to roll with the punches and seemed to continuously get better all week long. We went from having 12 kids on Monday to hitting 51 on Friday! With all of these kids at the beginning of the summer, we had six salvations by the end of the week. I could not have asked for a better team than Loudon County this week, and I want to thank them for all their hard work all week long. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Jackson the rest of the summer.
-Tedder, Holly, & sometimes Marcus
Summer is here and you can smell Bible club in the air! We had a fantastic week with the intentional attitude and energy levels provided from Union Valley Baptist Church. Kids were showing up half an hour early to play with the team members and experience the attention of people inspired by the love of God. By the end of the week we had 65 kids at Treadwell Bible club!!! On Thursday the kids got a double dose of Union Valley Baptist as they rented a bounce house for the day, and went back for afternoon project to do it all again! On Wednesday a great young boy by the name of Sedric showed up and was asking thoughtful questions in bible story station such as, what is sin? Come Friday he accepted Christ and then sat down with a team member to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ! Thank you so much Union Valley Baptist Church for your passion and hard work given this past week. I am beyond excited to see what God has in store for this summer, all glory to God. 1 Corinthians 3:7-8 "So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor." 
-Rachael and Leah