Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 5-Union Grove Baptist, FBC Monroe, FBC Collierville, FBC Liberty & Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Happy Birthday 'Merica! Cause Freedom doesn't start with a vowel, so neither should 'Merica. But the 4th of July is only a side note compared to the Kingdom work done this week by Union Grove Baptist Church. With a high of 70 kids this week, it was a blessing to see so many of the kids I've come to love be loved so deeply by so many others. From the "Cha-Cha Slide" in songs, to the Froot-loop necklaces in crafts, the kids had more fun than 10 barrels full of monkeys. And more importantly, never once did I see a child feeling as though he was unloved, unattended to, or bored. A personal favorite moment of mine was just before dismissing kids to walk home on Thursday, I am suddenly stampeded and nearly dog piled by 40 something kids, all of whom are hugging me and wishing me a happy birthday. That's right, if I could boil the whole week down to one word, it would be "LOVE." It was hot on Monday, it rained on Friday, and a lot happened in between. We had Hawaii-day, coloring sheets, sack races, and legos. Children played and laughed and fought. Raisins were thrown, and shortly after picked up by those that threw them. But every moment of everyday, everybody was just loving on these kids. With laps and necks and arms, with songs and crafts and games, and with the preaching of the word of God, I can say at the end of this week that my children have been loved by 19 images of Christ - and it was awesome! Thank you again, Union Grove, for such a good week.  If our missionaries preach with tongues of angels, explaining all life's mysteries, while performing miracles and even moving mountains but have not love, we are nothing. However, we can love because God first loved us. Remember to keep praying, everyone at home, for these last 4 weeks of the summer as God continues to work. Till next time, pray, fast, meditate, and listen to God. He is all you need.
-Kaden @ Rosamond
What an amazing week at G-Street with FBC Liberty! This team came in ready to love on the kids by providing a structured but fun club. In games they brought relays with plastic eggs and spoons and obstacle courses complete with pool noodles. In crafts they not only made awesome crafts that corresponded with the bible story each day but they reinforced the memory verse for the day and even asked the kids what that meant and how it was relevant to their lives. Bible story didn't just stay in the bible story station and I truly believe that each child left with more of an understanding of the Gospel each day not only by what the team told them but by what they lived out. The team not only saw the great needs among the kids but looked to fill them. They lived out 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and became all things to all people, all for the sake of the gospel. Thank you FBC Liberty for loving the kids and us so well.  We cannot wait for next summer! 
Que Que 
This week at Club Que Que was cray cray with Collierville FBC in the house! The kids were able to learn more about Jesus and his love in many ways! Throughout the week the team taught the kids through songs and bible stories about being able to trust in Jesus in every situation in their lives! Every day they sang the line "whether it's raining or its pouring I will trust in you Jesus!" On Friday we put our words to the test as it began pouring down on the kids we had at bible club. Our team showed their trust and fun loving spirits as we had races, dance competitions, singing, and of course the whip and the nae nae in the pouring rain. We ended club early due to the thunder and lightning but we were able to get some kids homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches first! As we waited for the last three members of the team to get back we started to sing our bible club songs in the parking lot as the surrounding neighborhoods recorded us! Collierville FBC thank you so much for your caring and loving spirit as you served with us this week! You will be missed.
-Katie & D'Marcus
What up y'all! It was a great week at National! We had a group from Fbc Monroe come to serve this week. This group brought a lot of different cool ideas to bible club. They went out everyday and got as many kids as they possibly could. We had 65 kids on Monday, and it was really awesome! The team really focused on teaching the kids the gospel in a way that they could easily understand. I sat in one of the groups one day and listened as the team asked the kids questions about the bible story. As I sat there, I listened to a little 5 year old boy, Kyler, tell the story back to us. I was amazed, but it didn't stop there. When he was finished telling that story, he began to tell even more bible stories that he had learned from reading his bible. He told me that he has read a lot of his bible and that he's learning so much. My heart was full as I was able to see how much of the gospel that the kids are actually learning. The coolest thing about this team is that they came here to learn how to run bible club so that they can go back home and run bible clubs in their own neighborhoods! This team knows that it's not just about going on a mission trip for a week, but that it's about living our lives on mission. Christ's love was very evident this week. We were all thankful to serve alongside of Fbc Monroe this week. Thank you for having server hearts and loving on the National kids this week!
The summer is going by so fast at Johnson as we just wrapped up week five which means that the summer is more than half way over. It is a bittersweet feeling to know that we only have four weeks left with our kids but it’s when you have teams like FBC Liberty pouring out their love on the kids you really get to cherish every week. The high for the week was on Wednesday when we had 84 kids come to bible club! It is good ton see some ole Johnson numbers and the kids were having a blast. The kids got to experience a variety of new games and they also raved about the crafts they got to make. The team even held strong in the torrential downpour on Friday and all the kids got amazing Brenda B pb&j lunches. It was a great week through and through and I was blessed and privileged to spend the week with the folks from FBC Liberty. The kids got to grow in their knowledge of the bible and of Christ while having a great time and in my book that is always a win.
Week 5 at Whittier, what a week indeed. Mount Zion Baptist Church, all the way from Arkansas, came in town with one goal in mind - to bring the life changing, mind shaping, and heart mending Gospel of Christ to these children in this broken place. And I'd say it was a success. From the bible story to even the songs they sang, the focus was on Christ, His Glory, and His love for these children. We are dependent on God and He does not NEED our help what-so-ever, but it is the greatest of blessings when He allows us to participate in His salvific work in the lives of others. Mount Zion sought that blessing with everything they had, and I thank them for that. I cannot wait to see, as the weeks go by, how the truths that were taught this week will begin to sink deeper and deeper into the hearts of the children. Pray for these kids these last few weeks of bible club. Pray that God will give them understanding of His word, that they would recognize their desperation for a savior, and that they would realize the profound nature of the love and care found only in Jesus Christ. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend, and grace and peace be with all of you.
This week at Treadwell we had a returning team from First Baptist Collierville. The team was energetic and competent in taking on the task of Bible club as the kids were able to enjoy their new songs and charismatic stories. This team has been incredibly intentional in sharing Christ with the kids. One of the team members specifically prayed for an opportunity to talk with one of our kids and the Lord answered by bringing that specific child back to club the next day despite others living nearby not returning. As the summer progresses the kids are beginning to become at ease and enjoying the familiarity of Bible club. Kids are coming even in the torrential down pour of rain. One of our kids said "I love this place. I wouldn't miss it for anything" as he was getting soaked by the rain. We even had the opportunity to canvas in new areas and minister to new people. This week was a great week; thank you First Baptist Collierville!

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