Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week 1-Gracepointe Church, Mt. View Baptist Church, Boanerges, Unity Baptist Church & Crockett Point Baptist Church


Hello and good morning Street Reachers, this is Kaden coming to you live from Bible Club Rosamond. Actually, that's a lie, because I'm sitting in a cafeteria on my laptop at 8:33pm. But none the less, we have seen the greatness of God this week. Beautiful skies and 70 degree weather marked the beginning of the week as children poured from houses and apartments to come play soccer, color, and learn about God with our six volunteers from Mount View Baptist Church. Their efforts to bring the gospel to the children of this community in need of a savior were blessed by God as he sent an average of 81 kids per day to bible club with a high of 107 on Thursday - praise be to God!!! Numbers are not what it is all about, but knowing that 107 kids heard about Jesus at bible club on only the fourth day of the whole summer is marvelous. Jesus wasn't kidding when he said the harvest is plentiful. Keep these kids in your prayers as the summer kicks off from here. Pray for God to save souls and change lives here at bible club, and pray that the mission teams coming in to work at Rosamond will have the energy to handle the flood gates of children God will send in the weeks to come. Well, it's my bed time. Hasta la Vista to all and to all a good night.
- Kaden @ Rosamond


We started off the first week of bible club at National with a group from Crockett Point Baptist Church. They were a small group of 10 people, but they were so willing to go out and get as many kids as God was willing to send them. They poured out God's love to each and every kid there. By the end of the week, God faithfully brought us 58 kids, and it was really awesome! The team brought some really cool crafts that went along with the bible story everyday, and they also brought prizes to give to the kids. They gave out prizes at the end of the week to the kids who memorized the memory verse. It was a really cool way to help the kids learn the verse and memorize it. We are thankful for the team that God hand picked to come serve this first week and for the kids that he hand picked to come to club. We are also thankful for the teams willingness to answer the call and to serve this week. Thank you Crockett Point for being God's hands and feet and for pouring his love out to every child who came to club. All in all, it was a great first week at National, and we can't wait to see what God is going to do the rest of the summer!



Tonight as I sit in reverence of what God has done this week I cannot stop smiling. I was so blessed to serve alongside Grace Pointe Baptist Church. This week we ranged an average of 25-40 kids at Kendrick. Our first week back out on the street was definitely a success. The Lord's hands were clearly at work all over our site this week. God used this team to do amazing things! I can't wait to see what He has in store for the coming weeks of summer. Thank you Gracepointe for sharing God's loving kindness and faithfulness with the kids at Kendrick with constant smiles and laughing.


It was such a blessing to serve alongside Unity Baptist for Guernsey’s first week of Bible Club. This week I was constantly reminded by this team of 1 John 4. We love because He first loved us. Our love for this community is a result of Christ’s love for us. This team came in so ready to show each child the love of Christ. While they definitely loved on the cute and cuddly kids it was so sweet to see them build relationships with some of our older, tougher kids. On Wednesday I blew the whistle to rotate stations and all of the groups lined up, except for the 10 and older group. I looked over and was confused. They were in songs and the next station for them was games and we all know how that group loves games. They were all gathered in a circle singing the G-Street chant as loud as they could. One day I walked over to bible story and one of the kids was retelling the bible story to all of the other kids. We talked about how we each fail God every single day but He is so good and forgives us constantly. When the kids were asked “who is so good?” one child yelled “who do you think?! Duh God is just too good to us”. Whether it was through coloring crafts, playing duck, duck, goose, or chanting “we love Jesus yes we do” across club, each child saw His love and His goodness overflowing from this team this week. Thank you Unity Baptist Church for your passion, love, and willingness to serve. I cannot wait to see how the seeds planted this week will continue to grow throughout this summer. I hope to see you back next summer!


The first week at Johnson bible club this summer was a great one! We had Boanerges Baptist Church in from Old Fort, Tennessee and they did a great job loving the kids in Binghampton. We had a great first week of weather and we also had an incredible turnout. Wednesday we had 91 kids show up to bible club which was the high for the week and an amazing amount of kids for the first week of summer. At bible club we were blessed to see lots of new faces and had the opportunity to minister to kids that we have never had a bible club before which was very exciting. It was a great kickoff to our summer here at Johnson bible club and Boanerges did a great job of getting the kids pumped for a whole summer of bible club and learning about Christ’s love.


We were able to run 5 sites this week and minister to so many children with 341 coming out on Thursday(just the 4th day of club!). We are so thankful for each of the teams that came in to be the hands and feet of Christ this week to this community. We are also thankful for each of your prayers. Please pray for the sites opening up this next week and for the seeds that were planted this past week to continue to grow. 

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