Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Street Reachers!-- We thought we would give you an “off season” update!   Since summer time the semester missionaries have been busy serving at Brinkley Heights Urban Academy and helping get things in order for Street Reach 2012!  We are currently booking teams for next Spring and Summer and would love to have you guys coming to serve with us if you can.  If you want more information just let us know and we’ll be glad to get that to you.

In other news—

The National Bible Club site has been hopping this fall with a local team.  Miss Erica has been faithful to bring out her BCM Family Group from the University of Memphis and they have done an awesome job of keeping a great relationship with the families in that area.  They had club in September, October, and have another one coming up next month.  Katie J. and Kacie were able to join them in October and it was a great time! 

We had two fall out of town teams come in during the weekend of October 14-17.  
A college BCM team came in on Friday night and stayed with us until Monday afternoon.  This particular team came last spring and had a blast (Street Reach even got a 2011 staffer from that trip)!  Anyway, they came back for a Fall Bible Club over at Guernsey with Miss Michelle and the kids had an awesome time.  The group brought two ministry teams from their BCM- the children’s ministry team and a hip-hop dance team.  Bible club went as usual except the songs station was turned into a dance studio and the kids loved it. 
We also had a team from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro come in on Friday night and spend Saturday with us doing yard work around the community with Jonathan.  They were able to cut several yards and made a huge difference in a short time.  When they were finished with all of their hard work they didn’t want to rest—no—they came on up to Bible Club at Guernsey to play with the kids before heading back to Arkansas that evening.

It was awesome to see students spending their fall break serving the Lord by loving on our community here in Memphis! I’ve got a few pictures from Bible Club and I’m hoping to be able to post more from the yard work team soon.

Thanks to those who came out for Street Reach- Fall, you were a true blessing.