Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 3-FBC Munford, Heritage UMC, Hartland Baptist, Yadkin, Calvary Sr. High & FBC Fisherville

Sending hellos to you Street Reachers, both near and far, from those of us at Street Reach Rosamond! Calvary Church was on the lot this week, bringing with them passion and purpose. Rain or shine the team showed up, and chose love even in the event of a kid acting out. Missionaries powered through the Memphis heat and were constantly found with a child (or several children) propped on their shoulders. Hands were held out for helping where needed and encouragement for staff and team members was not at all lacking. I especially enjoyed listening throughout the week to individuals share of the works they had seen Jesus doing in the community, things I may or may not have realized prior to said story times. Through words and actions Calvary expressed their belief in the great plans God has for Memphis, Street Reach, our Bible Club kids, and just as importantly, themselves. From ukulele playing under a shade tree to playing tic-tac-toe with chalk, from unloading heavy lunches to bandaging scraped big toes, evident was Jesus in this Calvary Church team. Thank you all for answering the call, and the rest of you for reading this! By the Maker, you and our kiddos at Rosamond are seen, known, and loved. That's the word on the street until next time, folks. 
- Brianna & Olivia
It was a great week at National as we had a group from Fisherville in the house! They came with a lot of energy and were very excited because most of them actually served at National last year. It was really cool because they got to see a lot of the same kids that they poured into last summer. The relationships that they made with some of the kids last summer grew even stronger this week, and it was really awesome to see those relationships grow. The team went out everyday and got as many kids as possible to come to bible club. They even got a lot of new kids who had never been to bible club before. The didn't hold back anything and they poured out everything they had to the kids. Whether it was through bible story or games, God's love was definitely being shown to the kids through the team. I was able to ask a lot of the older kids questions about the bible story each day and a lot of them could tell me exactly what they learned. It was really awesome to hear that the kids were learning the Gospel and that they could actually tell it themselves! Thank you Fisherville for being the hands and feet and bringing a whole lot of love to National!
Good morning inter-webs! "How am I doing?", you ask? Well pretty fantastic because week 3 of Street Reach was Week 1 of BIBLE CLUB KIPPLEY!!!!!! Congratulations go out to Hartland Baptist for kicking Kippley's summer of with a great start. Bible club kids made masks and capes, learned about various heroes of the bible, and sang and danced to "Jesus your my super hero" every day at bible club. Many of the kids even started discovering their own various super powers, like flying, chalk drawing, and the ability to survive heavy rainfall. Yeah, we had a wet day on Friday, but that didn't stop the kids from coming and getting loved on. All in all, the week was good, the kids had loads of fun, and the word that "bible club is back" was spread throughout the neighborhood. I'd call that a success. Well, tune in next time to find out more about the happenings at bible club Kippley. In the meantime, peace out, rock on, and live free. Jesus didn't die for nothing.
-Kaden @ Kippley
What a blessing it was to serve with Calvary from St. Louis this week! This group had quite a bit of new members on the team but that didn't stop their passion for G-Street and the kids. Every day kids faithfully came out because of this team's faithfulness to love on them. Even though it rained on Friday we had 43 kids come out to see this team one last time, see Christ's love, and to literally sing in the rain. This week we had so many new little ones at club! It was such a sweet thing to see some of our older girls at Bible Club who don't even have younger siblings taking initiative and moving over to help keep the little ones in their stations. They sat and helped them with their craft, taught them how to whip, and played Mr. Bear. These kids are watching the many missionaries who have come in to show love to them and it's such a blessing to watch them turn around to do the same within their community. Thank you Calvary for faithfully planting and watering seeds at G-Street and all across this neighborhood this week! 
The third week of bible club was a fun one as we had Calvary in the house all the way from Saint Louis, Missouri. The team had lots of energy and the heat did not deter them from loving the kids with everything they had. The high for the week on Thursday when we had 62 children and we didn’t have less than 50 kids the whole week. At songs station the kids were whipping and Nae Naeing all week long as the white team members tried to keep up. Even Tanky showed up! Tanky was a kid that always hung out with teams at Urban Farms but moved and we lost track of him for a while. But sure enough Tanky showed up on Thursday to club from the Orange route that picks kids up from the Cove. It sure was great getting to reconnect with a long lost friend. Club was great all week and it ended with a bang. Friday it poured rain on us for at least 45 minutes and the kids loved it! The team was great and never backed down from the challenge of running bible club in a hurricane.
Que Que
 We had an amazing week at Club Que-Que with the Heritage UMC team! They came in with three main goals for the week: love the kids, show them Jesus, and get them lunch! These goals were checked off one by one as the kids came pouring in throughout the week! Our kids loved every part of this team! One day I was walking with a little boy named Junior who is two years old and he was singing “I rejoice, I rejoice in the Lord” which was a main song that Heritage taught throughout the week. I was reminded of how impressionable these kids are and how great of an opportunity we at Street Reach have received to introduce some of those good thoughts into their heads. During site meeting on Wednesday morning the challenge was thrown out there for every student to talk about Jesus in some way at least ten times that day. The next day when we asked how many completed their challenge all of them raised their hand! That means that with 33 team members the name of Jesus was mentioned 330 times at bible club! How amazing is that! The team continued to love on these kids for the next day and on Friday even ran through some rain to take them home! Because of the rain we ended club early meaning our kids had not received their lunches yet. Heritage had insisted that we go from door to door making sure that the kids received the lunches. I was so blessed to see their willingness and their heart for these children as all 98 lunches were given away along with a good-bye hug! So thank you Heritage for all the hard work and love you have poured out to the Club Que-Que kids, you will be missed!
 What a week we had at Kendrick for week number three. We welcomed back Yadkin Baptist Church from Lenoir, North Carolina. The group of eleven was  eager to get back to Kendrick and love on the kids. They came in excited to see the kids and I knew that it was going to be a great week. This week was definitely a sweet week with the kids as they were so happy to see some familiar faces return to their bible club. It was awesome to see the kids faces as they saw old friends. The kids were very eager to start bible club each day and wanted to lead the circle-up in a song everyday. The team had no problem getting the kids pumped up at each station. Each time a kid was asked their favorite part of bible club it was always everything. I enjoyed watching every kid have a smile on their face at each and every station. I looked forward to each day for bible club and the week only got better as it progressed. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the summer will unfold. Thank you Yadkin for loving the Kendrick kids so well!
This week at Whittier was very exciting for both our team and kids, not only because we were able to serve over 50 children, but also because it was the opening week for the Whittier site! On multiple occasions throughout the week, the community expressed their appreciation for Street Reach and for our team, Calvary Church, and let us know how excited they were that we were back on their streets and serving their children. It was a blessing to see both new faces and old friends, as many of our returning team members were able to reunite with kids that they had been able to love on in previous years at Street Reach. The energy of Calvary’s youth was contagious, and their love for the Lord and for these children was constantly overflowing in every station, as Bible stories were told, bracelets were made, “Little Red Wagon” was sung, and Mr. Bear was played. In the Bible Story station, our oldest group of kids discussed difficult concepts with team members Mikey and Chase, doing their best to really understand the idea of forgiveness and how incredible it is that the Lord forgives all of us when we ask. It was beautiful  to listen as our children came to a deeper understanding of the character of our God, as they were unafraid to ask questions and were slowly processing what they were hearing. It is evident that seeds were both planted and watered this week by the work of the Lord through Calvary Church, and we are excited to witness what more the Lord will do to build upon the foundation that He has already laid during this wonderful week!
-Big Em
It was a fantastic first week at Pope thanks to Cavalry Church from Saint Louis. Their willingness to canvas and be intentional with all of the children showed in that we had a high of forty-two kids this week! God's love shown through this team was undeniable as Bryana accepted Christ as her Savior and Russel one of our toddlers, who doesn't talk a whole lot, looked some of them in the eyes and told them that he will miss them. I thank you Cavalry for being willing, flexible, and always finding a way to have fun such as singing All Across the Nation in huge rain puddles. You guys rock!
What up y’all! We started week number three welcoming FBC Mumford to Vernon. This was the first week Street Reach ran Vernon, so it was an exciting start for the kids this summer. The week started with the team canvasing to 25 kids and ended up pulling a total of 35 kids on Thursday; breaking and setting a new record! The smiling faces running down the street warmed the hearts of the returning team members. Right off the bat, the team jumped into club with all hands on deck! Our kids this week had one request,” Mr. Hunter can we do the nae-nae?” So the team and my self proved we could be white and that we can dance as they presented “Watch Me” to the crowd of screaming children doing the dances. The week turned out very hot, with Friday being a wash out! One of our kids named Latravis told us a heartwarming dream he had Thursday night. This little boy told Mrs. Stacey and myself that he had a dream that Jesus told him to continue to spread the good news with others. This story touched our team and myself as a nine-year-old boy told us it all started because of Bible Club! What a blessing God showed us this week. I want to say a huge thank you to FBC Mumford for the hard work and dedication they showed this week! Safe travels and may you all have a blessed summer!  
Treadwell kicked off the summer with its first week this week and God’s presence is already evident as He is not only revealing Himself to the kids but to the team members as well. First Baptist Church Fisherville returned to Treadwell this week with Christ in their hearts and the kids on their minds. Each day was a journey with Christ as prayers were answered unexpectantly, divine appointments were realized, and relationships were deepened. Reaching over 58 different kids this week, the team poured out God’s love on to these kids everyday from memorizing scripture about King David’s story to having pool noodle sword fights. To wrap up the week everyone enjoyed God’s cool blessing as we played and splashed in the rain together on our normally hot and shadeless site. Thank you Fisherville for your willingness to be the hands and feet of Christ within this neighborhood!
Week three here in Memphis was outstanding!  I had the opportunity to open up a brand new club site along with FBC Fisherville in Gaisman Park. The children near this park got to hear about Jesus, some for the first time.  FBC Fisherville came in with so much excitement and energy, all of which they poured out in to the community and into the kids at club.  Even though the community was unaware of who we were, the team never stopped sharing the Good News and meeting the needs of a new pocket of kids.  By the end of the week, 20 kids came out to Gaisman and we managed to share Christ love with a total of 30 kids for the first time this summer!  Even community members who did not have children were thankful for us being there.  Many people thanked us, welcomed us, and shared their stories with us throughout the week.  It really was a great week getting to know not only these 30 children but also this loving community.  One child in particular who could not be more excited that we were there beat us to club every morning.  Bjorn, who had never been to Bible Club before, would be waiting on us to get to club in the mornings and would help me set up the park for club each day.  He would even bring his Bible to club!  The Lord really moved through FBC Fisherville this week and blessed not only the community, but the team and myself.  I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses Club Gaisman the rest of the summer to minister to this community which I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface of.  Please pray for the 30 kids that we met this week and the many more we will meet the throughout the summer. 
First week of Jackson… Done! Calvary set an amazing foundation for the rest of the summer. We had great numbers this week and even had 63 kids show up on Thursday (And this is only the beginning)! I watched God provide strength and energy to the members of Calvary as their bodies quickly became jungle gyms that every child wanted to the top of. Team members did an amazing job at captivating the kids’ attention the entire day, I walked past Bible Story at one point this week to be bombarded by 7 and 8 year olds proudly telling me that they prayed out loud to the rest of the group. Even on Friday when Jackson was practically flooding from all the rain we had, our team had fun ‘singing in the rain’ and running around being completely crazy with the kids. I could tell that every kid at Bible Club genuinely wanted to be there, and who wouldn't after the team loved on them so well? Calvary- Thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Christ this week. You guys have planted seeds that will continue to grow for the rest of the summer. I couldn’t have been more blessed to have you all as my first team of 2015. I cannot wait to see what God has to do with Jackson Park, keep us in your prayers! 
-Bristow and Noah

This past week we were able to open so many bible club sites for the first time this summer/ever. Thursday we ministered to 601 kids between all 13 of these 
sites. We are so thankful for the many mission teams who answered the call and stood on the frontline for the kids in this community this past week and we cannot wait to see what The Lord has in store for each of these bible clubs this summer.

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