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Week 7- FBC Greenwood, Townville Baptist Church, Third Street Baptist Church, Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lifepoint Baptist Church, The Gathering Place, & West Hartselle Baptist Church



You know you just did the Rosamond chant. Don't even lie to yourself.

Well while we're on the topic, WEEK 7 at Rosamond was a great one! With a high of 70 kids on Friday and an entire week filled with fun games, great crafts, and an obstacle course or two; the team from West Hartselle, Alabama knocked it out of the park. We had some rough patches with some of our older girls, but the team stayed strong. Filled with God's wisdom and patience, they never ceased to love each and every child on site. A special moment for me was getting to hear clear and articulated words from Keyvion and his siblings for the first time all summer. Seeing the fundamental growth that God can bring about from something as simple as playing with children is a reminder of the glorious things God has done and continues to do here. Keep on praying as Street Reach 2017 comes to a close. Stay strong in faith and in prayer that God will reveal all of His wonders. Next week... is gonna be GRAND!
-Kaden @ Rosamond

God truly blessed us with another awesome week as we had Lifepoint Baptist Church in town! I cannot even put into words the amazing love of Christ that was shown through this team. No matter how tired they were or how hot it was outside, they continuously fixed their eyes on Jesus and showed the kids his love so greatly. The team had so much energy at games and all of the kids were super excited to play literally every game they introduced. They also did a lot of fun crafts that always related back to the bible story that the kids were taught each day. As a staffer, one of the most beautiful things is to sit back and watch the relationships being made between the team members and the kids. This week I saw such a beautiful friendship unfold. One of the team members really connected with one of the kids. This kid is 5 and he hardly ever communicates at bible club. Rarely do I hear him talk and rarely do I see him smile. Every single day the same team member would go and find this kid and walk around with him all day. Suddenly, I saw the kid, who normally never talks or smiles, singing every song and smiling so big. What a beautiful divine appointment the Lord provided and what a beautiful representation of his love I saw through both the team member and child. Many seeds were planted this week because of the continuous love that this team poured out to the community. Thank you Lifepoint Baptist Church for answering the call and being the hands and feet of Jesus at National this week! Can't wait to serve alongside of y'all again! Please be in prayer as we go into the final week for most of our bible clubs. Pray that hearts will be changed and the kids will come to know our beautiful savior. 

"Hip-hop let them see, Guernsey is the place to be!" Not only did the Gathering Place come up with this new song that the kids absolutely loved, they also made sure these lyrics came true every day this week! The Gathering Place kicked this week off with 63 kids but kept canvassing to reach a high of 83 kids! On Friday this week the craft was glitter mixed into hand sanitizer that the kids put on their hands to symbolize how when they could spread Gods love to other people. All day they would go around touching leaders and other kids to transfer the glitter and say "God loves you!" The kids also got to play tug-o-war for the first time all summer and they really enjoyed it! This week was especially great because we had four salvations! Javayah, Le'Darion, Le'Zarion, and William all made the decision to ask Jesus into their hearts and follow Him! Please pray for these four kids as they become our brothers and sisters in Christ! We are immensely thankful for The Gathering Place and their willingness to come all the way from Alabama to serve here in Memphis this week! We look forward to seeing you next year! 

Johnson had an awesome week with a group from Moody, Alabama skrollin in to club. The Gathering Place came in and crushed it bringing a high of 52 kids. There were lots of returners on the team, and the kids loved getting to see them again just as much if not more than the team members loved being back and seeing the kids. All the reunions didn’t slow down the new people from jumping in and loving like crazy. Every day they came out and made a great effort to explain Christ Love both with actions and words. This week’s stories all pointed to Obedience and it wasn’t just a story for them, they showed it by pushing through any obstacles this week. We also learned just how infectious Christ Love really is, it’s as infectious as glitter it gets everywhere. Even places you don’t realize or find long after. Please pray for our kids that the love we show them in our final days is long lasting and they continue to see it as bible clubs finish up next week.

Que Que 
This week at the Que Que partay we decided to celebrate the little things. Watch for the blessings in each moment. Praise God for each second. Crazy Fruit loop wars, toilet paper challenges and the bumping dance parties. Our high this week was 65 kids. Each child learned the memory verse for this week. We shouted it loud enough for the community center next door to hear. "For you formed my inward parts. You knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:13-14. It was cool to see the children excited about memorizing scripture. They came back each day anxious to show their leaders that they had finished memorizing it. Thanks to Third Street Baptist Church our kids were able to hear about Christ and be fed for another week. Our kids love you and can't wait for you to come back! 

Wow! We can't believe week 7 is already over. This week, at Whittier, we played hard, laughed a lot, and had lots of fun thanks to Lifepoint from Alabama!! We had a high of 57 kids and ended with a strong 43! We are so grateful that God sent us Lifepoint this week. They were full of joy and worked hard despite the heat and made it a truly great time for all of the kiddos with a really cool cup game, awesome mirror craft, and so much more! It was truly amazing to see Lifepoint intentionally share the Gospel, not only in Bible Story, but one on one. Their love and compassion for them was so evident through their interest in the kids and their lives. Thank you, Lifepoint, for all the fun, energy, and Jesus you brought to WhitVegas this week! As we wrap up the summer next week at Whittier, continue to pray that we are able to point the kids towards Christ and leave them impacted for eternity.
-Audra and Claire

I couldn't have asked for a better week to close out Jackson Bible club for the summer! From day one, the team from The Gathering Place poured out an abundance of God's love on the kids at Jackson Park, and it was a joy to be a part of. In Bible story this week, kids heard about people in the Bible who obeyed God and the importance of obeying God even when it doesn't make sense. Kids raced to Bible story everyday for a chance to tell the theme from the previous day to win a ring pop, and it was so encouraging to hear kids sharing God's truths that they had memorized! The team had the opportunity to take soccer club to Jackson park one afternoon to love on the kids a little extra, and several of the kids came to know Christ! Friday was a day filled with hugs and a few tearful goodbyes, but it was also filled with joy knowing that God has done so much work in the lives of these children. It has been a privilege to be a part of the work God is doing in the community surrounding Jackson park this summer, and I have loved seeing seeds being planted, grown, and harvested. Praise God for all the work He has done at Jackson Bible club! 

Butterflies, glitter, and the gospel a twitter that is what Treadwell is made of. Such was the case this past week when GP+Y came to town. Thursday Alana held a funeral service for her butterfly as the team used it to relay the gospel. They went on to tell about how just as the butterfly starts off as a caterpillar and gets a new body as a butterfly that we too shall receive a new body if we are followers of Christ, but the new body will never die. Bible story had the kids attentive and learning not just the great stories of the Bible, but also what it means for them and how God wants them to live their lives. I know many seeds were planted this past week and summer as an attitude of giving back to God was seen in kids even in the youngest group. Little Isaiah was playing with chalk, when I asked him what he was going to draw he looked up at me with a big smile on his face and proudly announced to me, “I am drawing something for God!”.  Please continue to pray for our kids, pray that God will continue to be taught and be made real to them in the off-season. Pray that workers will come so that God can continue to fight for his children through backyard bible clubs in the Spring and oncoming Summer. Most of all pray that a love for God that they cannot turn away from develops in each of these children’s lives. Thank you all who have ministered to the kids through teaching, loving and prayer. Until next year Treadwell my friends. 
““My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:34-35    

Week 7 brought Lakewood Presbyterian Church out to Kendrick Bible Club. It was an Arkin good time. From Noah's Ark at bible story to the ark at crafts, Arky Arky at songs, and having the Ark at games! Lakewood definitely tied the Bible stories together in every station and the kids loved it. Relays was the name of the game this week as each kid had the time of their lives at Bible Club. Each day the kids were able to have dance parties and were loved immensely. With a high of 43 kids, Lakewood made sure they could love on as many kids as possible this week. At the end of each day, each kid didn't want the day to end and were so excited for the next day a trip Bible Club. They were ready to preach and definitely had Jesus on their minds.  It was a great week at Kendrick and a big thanks to Lakewood, the kids had fun and cannot wait for another great week to close out the summer. 

P-O-P-E that is where we want to be! Another great week at Pope has come and gone. It was a great week at Pope this week. FBC Greenwood brought the fun this week. On Monday in crafts they made "gutsy bears." The kids stuffed the bears with stuffing, a heart, and yarn for guts. They were able to learn about how God created us in a unique way. Zakiun was so excited about his bear he said he was going to sleep with it at night. Other crafts including gears where they were able to make their own creations, they made snowflakes and crosses among other things. Games they enjoyed Mr. Bear, duck duck goose, relay races, and tips. Little Red Wagon, Bazooka Bubblegum, Father Abraham were absolute hits at games this week. On Tuesday they broke the summer record at 53 and Thursday broke it again at 55. It was a great week thanks to FBC Greenwood for a great week 7.

This week Vernon bible club welcomed Townville First Baptist all the way from South Carolina! It was a great week and the team was able to canvas the streets very well and bring new kids to club. Some parents only allow their kids to come to bible club when it is at the Vernon house so therefore I was able to meet kids who have never been to club before. The kids favorite part of club this week was crafts! On Monday the kids made rainbows to represent God's promise, and then were able to recite the entire bible story to me and what it meant to them. Then on Friday the kids made draw string bags and got the team members to sign the bags so they would remember them. It was very sweet to watch the kids love the team members just as much as the team loved them. This is a returning team, and they have been able to make relationships with the same kids for the past three years. The team also did a great job being intentional with each child, which led to several salvations this week! I am so glad I was able to run bible club Vernon this week, it was so awesome to watch these kids get one-on-one attention from the team members. A big thank you to Townville for serving this week! Please pray for all the bible club kids as the summer comes to an end. VERNON IS A BURNIN' CAUSE WE'RE HOT HOT!!

-Katie P.

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