Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 5- Union Grove Baptist Church, FBC Liberty, and FBC Gleason

It's always a sobering thought to know that the Fourth of July week at Street Reach marks the halfway point of our summer. Amongst the fireworks and celebration, the reminder that the summer is finite sets in. The realization that each moment matters will become more and more evident from this point forward. For that reason, I give so much gratitude to "The Unit" from Union Grove, North Carolina for pouring out all their love and attention on these kids. From amazing games and beautiful crafts, to water based music activities, even down to the one on one conversations: it's always a blessing to see the intentionality these missionaries come prepared to exude. And to make things sweeter, 80 kids came out to hear about the birth of Jesus Christ on Thursday as we celebrated Christmas in July! It's amazing to see the good things God is doing, but the best is yet to come. So keep praying for a bountiful harvest this summer, for the prayers of the righteous are powerful.
-Kaden @ Rosamond

Fourth of July week at G-Street was da bomb! This week we hit a summer high and set a record for Guernsey! The week which started out small kept growing so that by Friday FBC Liberty had gathered 102 kids to play games with, tell about Jesus, and feed lunch! One of the cool things at club this week was seeing how FBC Liberty did a great job of matching the craft to the Bible story every day. For example, one day the Bible story was about Palm Sunday so at craft station the kids made and decorated palm branches. This was especially cool because for most of the kids craft station was before bible story station so they could hold and interact with their palm branches during the story! The kids would hold up their branches and yell "HOSANA, HOSANA"! We are so grateful for FBC Liberty and their continual willingness to come serve in Memphis. We pray they have a safe trip home and continue to come serve for years to come! 
Brooke, Hunter, Carla, Anna, Rachael, and Marcus!

What a wonderful week at Jackson with FBC Gleason! All week the kids were able to hear about the story of Noah and how God used Noah to build an ark. The kids learned different truths about God through the story, such as how God protects His people and how following God's instructions always works out for the best. In games, kids of all ages loved playing death ball, a group version of monkey in the middle, and the older girls' group had a blast playing many intense games of Simon says. Kids were cooling off in crafts using their new decorated fans and wearing their jewelry that they made while the song station sang loud and proud everyday. The Fourth of July fell on Tuesday of this week, and so many kids came to club to celebrate the Fourth with us! We had PB&J sandwiches that the team was able to help make for the kids, and the kids ate them up! At this point in the summer it's awesome to still be meeting new kids that are coming to club and getting to hear about Jesus, and we can't wait to see what fun adventures the summer still holds! 

-Holly, Special K, Katie, Claire, Beef, and Audra

Union Grove, FBC Liberty, and FBC Gleason did it up big for the week of the Fourth of July! Kids were coming from all across Memphis for Bible Club and we had some record numbers this week! We truly could not have ministered at this capacity if it was not for these missionaries who answered the call to come to Memphis, so thank you! We are amazed at what God has done and is doing here in this community and we are excited to see what He will do in the second half of the summer! Please continue to pray for the missionaries that He is sending in to His harvest here in Memphis. 

As we start the second half of this summer, we will be starting up Discipleship Club! Many children that have been attending Bible Clubs have accepted Jesus and we want to disciple them! Be praying that God will continue to draw these kids towards himself and that they will learn how to be disciples who make disciples as the go back into their homes, families, and schools in the next few weeks! 

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