Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 8- Western Springs Baptist Church, Lamar Baptist Church, Barfield Baptist Church, Park Place Baptist Church, FBC Hamburg, New Shores Baptist Church, The Bluff Church, & Wamego FUMC

Street Reach 2017's penultimate week at Rosamond was a grand one indeed. Thanks to a brand new team from the Bluff Church, we got to minister to an average of 53 kids each day, with super cool crafts like a baby Moses in a basket, jump rope contests, dance competitions, and a presentation of the Gospel as analogized by the story of Moses. It always warms my heart to see people love these kids so well and so intentionally. One of my favorite moments - admittedly small and simple - was seeing Amira lead a chorus of older girls in dance choreography. With a smile on her face, she'd instruct and demonstrate and help when others weren't quite getting it. I've known her for almost 5 years now, and was there to see her accept Christ a few years ago. Seeing the young lady and daughter of God she is growing into was a little reminder on a hot day of why we do what we do. We have one more week of Summer missions as Street Reach 2017 comes to a close. Keep on praying; fully convinced that God will continue the good works He has started here. #RosamondsGotSoul
-Kaden @ Rosamond 

It's been 8 weeks. 8 weeks of hot days (sometimes rainy), piggy back rides, games, crafts, lots of silly songs, and lots of missionaries sent to preach the good news of Jesus. My heart aches as bible club comes to an end for the summer, but I am rejoicing thinking about all of the awesome things God has done this summer! Lamar Baptist joined us at National on this last week of bible club. The kids had lots of fun this week as they played uno and soccer, made a really cool bracelet at crafts, and learned some really cool chants to yell at songs. On Friday, I sat and asked the team about what they had seen God do in their lives this week. One of the team members talked about how he felt like God knew exactly what he was doing when he put their team at National. See, this team was very diverse and had many people from many different countries. National is also very diverse and has many different types of kids. The team thought it was so cool that in that way, they were similar to the kids and that they could bond with the kids over that. Between all of the team members, they could speak 5 different languages. Every day they would pray with the kids in English and then again in another language. The kids thought it was so cool and it was so beautiful to hear praises to God in different languages. At the end of the week, the team gave the oldest kids new bibles. It was so awesome to see how excited the kids were to receive their new bibles. DD, one of our older girls, came up to Katie and I towards the end of bible club and cried. She talked about how much she would miss bible club and us and the teams. Although my heart broke and I will miss her so much, I reminded her that even though we're leaving, God will always be with her. I was also reminded of how true that is. I know that even though our work is done here for the summer, God never stops working in their lives and he will never leave them. How beautiful is it that we can rest in that hope and truth? Thank you to every single team that came and served this summer. Seeds were planted and kids are being made into disciples who make disciples.. who make disciples. All glory to God! Pray for the kids as they go back to school and that Jesus will still shine so brightly in their lives. Well, I'm singing out for the summer. Thank you Jesus for choosing me for this. It's been real National. 
-Morgan and Katie P.

Hey cool kids! G-Street had an epic last week of the summer with FBC Hamburg! We had 70 kids almost every day but ended with a high of 73! From dance parties in songs station to making cool bracelets in crafts and playing games like alien tag, it was evident that the kids definitely enjoyed their last week at bible club! One of the best parts about the last week was that the kids got to hear about how great, powerful, and caring our God is every single day! Let's pray that all the kids remember those characteristics of God as they go back into their normal routines and a new school year. Thank you FBC Hamburg for showing such a Christ-like love towards bible club Guernsey and the kids. We are so thankful you answered the call to come serve in Memphis for a week! We pray that we see you again next year on G-street!
Peace out for the summer and all the love from the G-street crew,
Brooke & Hunter

Week eight at Johnson… It seems the summer started so long ago but we got to the end so fast. What a great week to end a great summer on. A team from New Shores Baptist Church, who has helped us close out Johnson the last few years, came ready to help us say goodbye. We had a high of 66 kids show up and get to experience the Love of Christ through the passion of the team. God was moving in and around the group up until the last kid was dropped off. T…TJ…Terrion, whatever he decided his name was that week, made the decision to accept Christ into his heart. He was poured into all summer long and it was amazing to see how God worked on him throughout the summer. Thank you to all the teams that helped us have a great and fruitful summer. Over 200 Kids total came to club this summer at Johnson, please continue to pray for these kids and our community as the school year returns… Cause we are we are Johnson wooo…
Que Que 
Que Que parties had to come to a close this week and we couldn't have asked for a better team to help us. Our kids showed out this week as they were loved on like crazy by Park Place Baptist Church. With high temps and the chance of rain this week we had to rely on God to help bring us kids, and he sure did. Bible story was a hit as they broke down the gospel and challenged the kids with questions to receive cheese puffs. Games got the kids excited to work on teamwork skills as they passed hula hoops around with no hands! We always heard a singing happening in songs with a little bit of cuddling to! Our highlight of the week was crafts! The kids would even show up extra early to club so that they could make the early bird craft, and then the real one later. Our oldest girls loved it and started bring cousins and friends. Throughout the week Park Place students and leaders made it their mission to connect and love on kids. They showed who Christ is through their actions and their love. We are so grateful to you and hope to see you once again next year. As summer winds down and bible clubs end keep Que Que in your prayers.
-Katie W.

Ain't no party like a Whitvegas party - that's for sure!! The party did not stop this last week of Whittier Bible club, despite the heat and chance of rain we had. Big shout out to Western Springs Baptist Church for giving up your time and energy to come show God's love and spread His gospel to His children. We truly could not have done it without you. The kids especially enjoyed the unique crafts such as a popcorn frame and a pretend sno cone. Also, Bible story seemed to have some super good conversations with kids, some even ending in salvations/decisions later on in the day. A few sisters of whom we have been trying to get to come to Bible club all summer finally started coming this week and on Thursday, the older 2 of the 3 decided and prayed to accept Christ into their lives. What more could we ask for in the last week of Bible club? This summer has truly been the sweetest blessing, getting to watch the kids grow meanwhile learning about Godly love from them all along the way. These kids have impacted me more than I can explain and I'm so thankful God has allowed me to witness such an incredible experience and such a wonderful love. I also thank God for all the teams He has provided and brought here to serve at Whitvegas this summer - couldn't have done it without y'all. Be praying for the kids this school year - for safety and that God will continue to move in their lives and bring them closer to Him. 'Til next summer, Whitvegas!!!
-Claire & Audra

Week 8 is officially in the books for Street Reach 2017. Barfield Baptist Church brought energy higher than the temperatures and definitely came to preach to the kids at bible club. From bible stories, to games Barfield brought the fun as laughter and happiness could be heard from beginning to end everyday at Kendrick. Relays, Elbow Tag, BEEFBALL, water games, and Mr. Bear could be heard all over club while each kid played with musical instruments at songs. Who can forget about roaring as they heard the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den. Crafts was unforgettable as slime,lanterns, magnets, and kaleidoscopes were huge hits for every kid. With a high of 41 kids this week along with a decision from a child to ask more questions about Jesus and how should he be followed. I can't think of a better way to end Kendrick Bible Club this summer. 

P-O-P-E that is where we want to be! Week 8 at Pope started out with a bang with a summer high of 58 kids on Monday. It was a great closure week for Pope thanks to FUMC Wamego. The kids were able to learn about the good shepherd in bible story and play a relay game with it as well. In crafts they were able to make a cool find it game with a clear tube and rice. Wamego reached another summer high when they broke 60 with a high of 67 kids on Thursday. For the last day of club it was a rainy day but that didn't stop 65 kids from coming out. The kids made bandaids, coin pouches, and houses. During Bible story they heard the story about the Prodigal Son, The Parable of the Man who built his house on the sand. During games they played tips, Mr. Bear, duck duck goose. The kids got to use instruments during music and loved it! A big thanks to FUMC Wamego for coming and hanging out at Pope!

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