Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 4- FBC Paris, East Highland Baptist Church, FBC Thurmont, FBC Amory, First Presbyterian Edmond & Arrowwood Baptist Church

It was a fantastic week in the trenches, gutters, and streets of Memphis for the battle of Gods’ Kingdom this past week and our battle cry could not be stopped. “I said hey!...”, could be heard whether it was 7:50 in the morning or 10:30 at night, as FBC Paris brought energy and fun to Street Reach. Not only did they have energy but they were intentional about what they taught the children. Crafts was either a cross, salvation bracelet, or scripture verse and songs taught a remixed praise song as well as singing the songs the children love. My favorite thing that FBC Paris taught the children was how to use Bibles in bible story station. The children were taught the difference between old and new testament as well as how to look up different verses using the index. The kids loved the effort that was put into club for them as FBC Paris made no secret of the fact that they were here because God sent them to proclaim the gospel and make sure the children know that the all powerful Creator God loves them, and because God sent them they gave nothing less than their best to these kids. Many children felt cared for loved by team members, Kennedi even invited some of them to her birthday party. Thank you FBC Paris for all of your hard work as I know many seeds were planted in the name of Jesus Christ! 
-Rachael & Joey


National bible club was blessed to have East Highland Baptist Church in town from Hartselle, Alabama. We loved to see the passion they had for this community and the rain could not keep the kids away. They were able to knock on new doors and bring kids who had not been to bible club before. This team was not only focused on having fun with the kids, but was able to have intentional conversations about the Lord with them. They had an activity with bible story each day which really gathered their attention and crafts was able to reiterate bible story with each craft they did. The craft for Wednesday was coloring the front and back cover of a bible. It was so sweet to watch several of the kids bring their bibles the rest of the week and read the team members scripture that they had found from the previous night. The stations had every kid involved as I even saw the older kids dancing in songs station. This week concluded with 2 salvations. All glory to him! A huge thank you to East Highland for all of their hard work! 
Katie P. & Morgan

We’re hanging out on G-Street, ‘cause that’s where all the cool kids meet! This statement definitely rang true this week as FBC Thurmont went out daily and canvased hard to gather a high of 95 kids! It was an incredible week with lots of new and old kids. The kids got to enjoy daily puppet shows at bible story station and played fun games including sack races and parachute shenanigans. Something we were reminded of this week at Guernsey is despite how changing and unreliable the world is, the Lord is forever faithful. “Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast” Psalms 119: 89-90. We want to thank FBC Thurmont for all of their amazing work this week at bible club and for traveling all the way from Maryland to come serve in Memphis for a week, you all rock! We hope to see you again next year! Peace and Blessings. 
Your friends,  
Brooke, Hunter, and Carla 

What a remarkable week at Johnson! We had a team from FBC Amory, Mississippi in town to serve with us this week and they brought Christ's love to the kids! This week the team taught the children about what happened in the beginning when God created the world we live in. They learned about the serpent, represented with gummy worms, and sin, and because of that we need a savior, shown with lifesaver gummies. The kids danced their little hearts out and even taught the team some dance moves. The team loved on all the kids of all the age groups from all different situations. Thursday was extra special for Leotis, who recieved a bible at club and was so excited that he finally had one of his own. The team was so happy for him and loved seeing him get this incredible gift. We cannot wait to see what the next half of the summer holds for the kids at Johnson and the city of Memphis!

Que Que
*Pirate Accent*
"Ahoy there my mate-ees, the Que Que partay be risen towards the starboard side. Raise the anchors, lower the sails, full speed ahead. Take me to the party that be Rockin' the Earth for King Jesus."

For all you non-Pirate speakers, that translates to "Que Que this week was AWESOME!" Not too hot, nor too rainy, the missionaries from FBC Amory brought a wealth of love and fun to an average of 70 kids each day. Between the Cupid Shuffling at songs, crafting frisbees and kaleidoscopes, downing pickle-sickles, and raiding buried treasure; the children learned about Adam and Eve's disobedience and punishment as well as God's plan for redemption. Though JonJon may have rather danced to the tune of his bottle rockets popping, I cannot deny the fun both the kids and I had with the team. Huge thank you to them for being so willing to love our kids. Just being on site, it's plain to me that God is planning a big harvest, but we need more workers. Please pray that more churches will answer the call to come and continue the advancement of God's kingdom here in Memphis. #QueQuePartay
-Kaden @ Que Que 

This week at Whitvegas God used First Presbyterian Church of Edmond from Oklahoma alongside us to share the gospel with an awesome amount of children and families in the area. We can't thank y'all enough FPCE for sacrificing your time this week to come love on kids. The kids got to learn about creation, make paper snakes, hear the gospel and see the love Christ has for them firsthand through y'all. The older kids especially seemed to have an extra amount of fun in games this week playing sharks and minnows & responded really well to the Bible stories as well. We couldn't have reached these kids as personally and intentionally through daily Bible club this week without y'all so we are very appreciative of all the planning you've done & selflessness you've shown to help serve our community. For everyone out there praying, be praying that an amazing amount of kids will come to Bible club so that He will get all the glory & they may come to know Him more. Thank y'all in advance! 
-Claire & Audra

Arrowwood Baptist Church brought so much energy and excitement to Jackson this week! The team quickly jumped in the groove of Bible club and had a blast loving on the kids. To start the week off, the kids heard the story of Adam and Eve and decorated popsicle stick snakes to remind them to watch out for sin. Later in the week, kids learned about how Jesus was tempted by Satan but He didn't let sin win, and in crafts, the kids made necklaces that declared they were victorious in Jesus. What a beautiful truth! Throughout the week kids could be seen playing connect four in games or participating in hula-hoop tic-tac-toe, and the songs station was a bumping dance party everyday. One of my favorite sights to see this week was the team using the kids to help them act out the story of the prodigal's son, showing the kids that even when they make bad choices, God is their father who is willing to forgive them and welcome them back with loving arms. The team was determined to get as many kids as they could to Bible club so that they could love on them, and they knocked it out of the park on Friday with 55 kids! What a privilege it is to get to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the kids at Jackson!
-Holly, Special K & Beef

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