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Week 3- Broadriver Baptist Association, FBC Fisherville, Grace Evangelical Free, FBC Springtown, Ridgedale Baptist Church, FBC Jenny Lind, Crosspoint Community Church, and Stonebridge UMC

How is it going my blog reading brothers and sisters in Christ? We had the Broadriver Association back in town coming all the way from Gaffney, South Carolina, to bible club Rosamond this week. It was an incredible week filled with an abundance of laughter and smiles as Broadriver loved on the children. The kids got to have a lot of fun playing games like Connect 4 and parachute, along with learning the names of God in Bible Story every day. We could hear the youngest kids singing “Yahweh!” all week! Even though a tropical storm came rolling into Memphis, it did not slow down our ministry at Rosamond. We were able to use God’s gift of rain to make our water day even more wet! The bible club kids rotated through multiple water stations getting soaked by the end of club. The week concluded with the children taking home backpacks filled with food and clothes that brought pure joy to every face. And most importantly, Broadriver planted many more seeds in the hearts of our Rosamond children through the teaching of the gospel. I am so thankful for the generosity and love for the community brought by the Broadriver Association. 
Acts 13:47 says:
For this is what the Lord has commanded us:
“‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’”
I pray that salvation may be brought to Memphis. I pray that God continues to send people that are willing to share and follow this commandment. Thank you again to all of the folks from Broadriver for the wonderful week! We cannot wait to see y’all next year! #RosamondsGotSoul
-Joseph & Special K

We just finished week 3 of bible club, and it sure was a week to remember! This week at National, we had a team from FBC Fisherville. This was my third summer serving along side this team and it was such a joy to see the relationships continue to grow. It was beautiful to see the kids run up to the team because they had remembered them from the year before. Last summer, one of the team members took a picture with a little girl named Camaya. She printed the picture and gave it to her before she left. As soon as Camaya saw the woman this week, she remembered her. The next day, she brought the picture of them to bible club and told the woman that she kept the picture all year to remember her. How awesome is that?! The kids had a lot of fun at songs this week as they danced to the cha cha slide and played ninja. On Monday they got a cut out of a flame and then put glitter on it to represent the burning bush. The kids not only loved this unique craft, but they were also able to tell me the bible story that went along with the craft. It was really awesome to hear the kids teach back to me what they learned! Thank you FBC Fisherville for being the hands and feet an National this week!
-Morgan and Katie P.

Hey everybody! Week 3 at Guernsey was another awesome week, FBC Jenny Lind came ready to love on kids with the intention of sharing the gospel daily. Not only did they do this through bible stories but they also did this through cool crafts such as galaxy bottles that were used to exemplify the verse Psalm 19: 1, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the sky above proclaims his handiwork”. The kids loved these bottles because they got to mix up different ingredients like water, oil, food coloring, and glitter! The glitter was literally raining off the kids by the time they left craft station, and everybody left bible club that day a little more sparkly than when they arrived. This Monday we started with 48 kids and by Wednesday we had 61 kids! Due to the rain the end of the week saw fewer kids, but that did not stop FBC Jenny Lind from coming to club daily ready to love on the kids we had. Thank you FBC Jenny Lind for being willing to give a week of your summer to come love on kids here in Memphis. We look forward to seeing you next year! 
Peace and blessings,
Brooke & Hunter!

Week three at bible club Johnson was like a freight train, it just couldn’t be stopped. Even with tropical storms rolling in we had 30 kids come out to hear about Christ. Stonebridge UMC was up in here loving on these Johnson kids. They quickly learned just how much love these kids needed and stepped up to fill that gap. Allowing Christ to lead the way as they ran around with the crazy little ones who liked to run. Or helped calm the quick to get mad older boys. Or even just be the guinea pig for the latest hair styles with the older girls. The team took full advantage of the rain to spend the extra time really pouring into some of our older kids like Christian. We can’t wait to see the continued impact as teams keep coming to Johnson to be the physical hands and feet, backs and laps of Christ this summer.

Que Que
When you work hard, you get to party hard, which is exactly what FBC Springtown did this week. Every day they fought to have the loudest chant around as we headed to club. The first day we had a strong showing of 56 kids, and only grew from there to a whopping 82 kids! The kids had the best time as they were able to play with a parachute at games, make some awesome burning bushes, and outdo each other in the song station. FBC Springtown worked to make sure all the kids understood the amazing gift that God has given us. Three of our kids accepted Christ into their heart, as they heard the Bible stories taught to them throughout the week, with the salvation message on Thursday. We had the opportunity to talk to the boys, (including everyone's favorite, Antwon) about what this decision means, and all of them all kept going back to the same understanding, that God is now their heavenly Father who will never leave or forsake them, making this Father's Day week a little something extra for them. We are so thankful to FBC Springtown for taking this week out of their summers to serve the children of Que Que and we cannot wait to see you next year! 
" Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Rescue the poor and the needy; save them from the power of the wicked. They do not know or understand they wander in darkness" Psalms 82:2-5a 
-Katie W.

Week 3 was definitely one to remember at Whitvegas! A big thank you goes out to Ridgedale Baptist for giving up a week of summer to come play a part in serving this community God is fighting for. This week wouldn't have been possible without y'all! The kids specifically really enjoyed the colorful bookmarks they got to make at crafts, along with a salvation they also received during the week. One of the biggest blessings this week at Whittier was God bringing out our summer high of 56 kids on Wednesday!!! It was amazing to be able to love on so many babies in all in one morning! Also, we really appreciate y'all for being flexible with the weather this week. Thank you again, Ridgedale Baptist, for planting & watering seeds in this community this week. I am so very excited to see how God grows those seeds over the rest of the summer!
“It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work.”
1 Corinthians 3:7-8
-Claire & Audra

What a joy it was to serve the kids at Jackson alongside the team from Broad River Baptist Association this week! This team came in with passionate hearts for the kids at Jackson park, and their kindness and love was evident throughout the week. This week kids at Jackson heard about the different names for God. Jehovah Jireh means God provides, and kids learned how God provided manna for the Israelites when they needed food as they were wandering in the desert. The team recognized how they got to be a part of God providing for our Bible club kids as they passed out lunches and gave the kids snacks to take home everyday. We experienced some rain this week at club, but the team did not let the rain get them down, rather they saw the rain as a symbol of how God would water the seeds they had planted. Friday the team gave out backpacks full of goodies to the Bible club kids, and true joy shined across the faces of kids as they received their gifts. The team spent time praying over Bible club and each individual walking route, thanking God for the kids they got to minster to this week and praying that the kids would come to know just how much God loves them. My heart was truly touched to see the love of God shine through this team.

Where there is smoke there is fire and Treadwell Bible club was blazing this week. From the tempurature, to the glitter fire craft, to the burning bush Bible story, club was hot! FBC Fisherville drove up ready to impact lives with the gospel and it filled me with thankfulness to witness it. Bible story was interactive as children held plates with key words to be raised every time that word was said; when the youngest group failed at this they brought puppets to help them tell the story. Songs station taught them some of the mighty names of God with a song, and they even pulled up a background beat on their phone as they let the kids turn it into a rap. When it was almost time to line up Aleiah and Machaya from the older girls group pleaded  that I let them rap it one last time befor switching stations. On Thursday it was raining at the start of club and Anthony one of our older boys sat down waiting for the other groups to get back by reading God's word. Even after the rain stopped and other children arrived he kept reading all through free play! We had eight children walk to Treadwell themselves in the rain because they were not sure someone would knock on their door for club and they wanted to have Bible club rain or shine, missionaries or no missionaries! I heard many deeply spiritual conversations taking place this week, and I cannot wait until we can go back and follow up with these kids. Jehovah Jireh God will provide, I am looking forward to seeing who God provides next to reach His children at Treadwell. Please pray for the next group to come in as well as the children in the community, that seeds will continue to be planted and when ready harvested for the glory of God! 

As we turn the page for week 4 it's time to look at week 3. FBC Fisherville came to partay out at Kendrick. With a high of 34 kids as new kids came each and everyday, it was a grand time out at Bible Club Kendrick. The week was all about God's faithfulness as God led Moses through the Red Sea and how much Jesus loves us. From burning bushes to bookmarks, crafts was off the chain. The team did excellent flexing with stations when sunshine turned to rain in a minute. Relays were the name of the game as kids could not wait to make it to games. Big Big House was heard all over club as kids could not wait to get get to songs once again. Each child was loved intentionally and cannot wait for bible club already. There wasn't a child left out when it came to piggyback rides. 

Week three is in the books, and Grace E-Free rocked Pope. Kids were ecstatic each day as they came to bible club. We had a high of 47 on Tuesday! The team did not stop even after several kids  accepted Jesus as their Savior this week! They learned the story of Moses as he crossed the Red Sea and had the best craft accompanying the story that kids couldn't wait to make. From colorful crosses to coloring sheets and ocean scenes, crafts was the place to be. At games the place was hopping while Mr. Bear, water games, and relays were the games to play and the kids loved it. Song station included some of the kids favorite song My God is so Big from last week, it was heard all over club the club site. Thank you Grace E-Free for sacrificing a week to come and share Christ and His love with the kids at Pope! We hope to serve with you all again next summer!! 


*ring ring*
"Yes, is Bible Club Baltic Running?"
"Why yes, sir."

All jokes aside, this week at Baltic was off the metaphorical chain. The highest point of the week was - without a doubt - watching several children give their life to Christ on Wednesday! But from "hitting the folks" in songs to making backpacks and bookmarks in crafts, to chasing chickens in games: the entire week was a blast of fun. Huge thanks to Crosspoint Community Church for their willingness to #AnswerGodsCall to come serve in Memphis. Without them, none of this might have happened. I loved watching this team interact with the children, offering so much care and paying so much attention. Even adults in the community were ministered to. One mother began joining us at bible club with her children. She had grown up in bible clubs herself and was more than excited to hear that we were close enough for her to bring her kids to. Who would have thought God would do so much at such a small street corner in Memphis? Keep praying for Bible Club Baltic, that God will continue to do great things and send his servants. "Where I am, there will my servant be." (John 12:26)
-Kaden @ Baltic

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