Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 2- South Community Church, Fall Creek Baptist Church, Calvary College, Yadkin Baptist Church, Union Grove Baptist Church, FBC Shamrock, Clearbranch UMC, Forestville Baptist Church, HLGU, and FPC Kingwood

Hey all my blog reading brothers and sisters in Christ! Union Grove Baptist Church had plenty of soul for our kids over at Rosamond this week! They traveled all the way from Opelika, Alabama excited and ready to love on the Memphis community this week. And believe me, they did! Our kids had so much fun getting to learn about perseverance through the story of Joseph and making awesome crafts such as Noah's Ark. The older girls especially loved playing jump rope every day over in Games every day. Beyond that, our kids were so happy to be able to experience the passion for Jesus that Union Grove carried everywhere they went. The rainy weather did not slow down Union Grove either; they were consistently flexible and ready to do whatever it takes to share the gospel. 
Romans 10: 13-15 says: 
“for ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news!’”
My prayer is that God will send out people to share the gospel. Bring to Memphis people with beautiful feet! Thank you so much again to Union Grove for answering that call. And to Union Grove, “War Eagle!” #RosamondsGotSoul
-Joseph and Special K

Wow, I can't believe week 2 is already over! This week we had Clearbranch UMC in town with hands ready to serve and hearts ready to be changed. This week was filled with lots of fun as the kids played super fun games and did some really awesome crafts! The best day by far was Wednesday when the team brought face paint to paint the kids faces. The kids had a blast having butterflies, stars, and crosses painted on their faces. Day by day, the team gave each kid a paper with a memory verse on it and challenged the kids to remember for the next day. I was amazed as the kids came back everyday and almost all of them could recite the verse back to us word by word! My heart was filled with absolute joy when one kid even told me that he was hanging his memory verse up on his living room wall every single day. What a beautiful picture of the fact that these kids are being made into disciples who are bringing the gospel into their houses and sharing it with their families! I wholeheartedly believe that not only will God change kids hearts this summer, but that he will also use those same kids to shine His light to their families. The love this team had for the kids was very evident through the relationships they made with the kids. Thank you Clearbranch for your willingness to serve the National kids this week! 
-Morgan & Katie 

This week FBC Shamrock rocked it out at Guernsey! This was Shamrock’s first trip to Street Reach; the team served liked professionals. The week started off to a great start for the team as they learned the streets and started to minister to our community.  On Monday we started with 40 and by Friday we rose to 52! Each of the groups stations were awesome, and had so much energy, the kids were always busy. From dancing and singing, to playing tips on the daily basis over at games, the kids had a blast! The team had a small story from this past week, that was more on the funny side: a little boy was running away from his station towards games, and his pants that were too big, fell down to his ankles as he was running. He then quickly shouted out,” My pants, my pants!” Thankfully a team member quickly helped him, but they enjoyed the laugh for just a moment. Thank you FBC Shamrock for fulfilling the call to come to Memphis, and serve our precious community. Thank you all for being awesome and rocking your first week at bible club! Safe travels back to Texas; we hope you all enjoyed your week with us. We’ll see you next year! 
-Hunter & Brooke 

Week 2 at Johnson Bible Club was an awesome week where you could see God moving all over. The College group from Calvary Church was in town and they came in strong. Even with strong rain chances all week the team had faith God would provide a way for them to minister to these kids. They pumped the kids up with some awesome dance moves and lots of singing. The oldest boys group was the most excited about songs out of all the groups, trying to teach the leaders how to really dance. Tons of kids showed me their cool crafts and told me all about what it was and how it reminded them of the bible stories. Keep praying that they show those crafts to their families and tell them about what God has done for us as well. A team member told me about how a simple question about a church building led to getting to explain how Christ can live in us. She got to pray with him and told me about how he lit up when she told him he could have Christ live in him too.  We had a great high of 72 kids this week and I can’t wait to see what God continues to do in this community the rest of the summer. Please keep our kids and streets in your prayers, as well as the missionaries coming to pour Christ Love out.

Que Que 
Hello you QueQue partay animals! This week we were thrilled to have in Clearbranch UMC in the house and at our partay. This week was filled with giggles, bear hugs, and lots of Jesus. Everyday this week was an adventure. Our kiddos learned about David and Goliath one day this week and were surprised with marshmallow poppers! (Shout out to Miss Rachel at crafts)  We ate more than we shot but learned that with God on our side nothing can stand against us. We had some kids you might remember from summer 2015 who just moved back into the Goodwill Village. Gemerian and Gemerious! We were so excited to have some of our favorite mischievous little brothers back (Who are not so little anymore may I add) along with another family of drop offs that are also back for the summer. Remember Noris, Zaniyah, and Zamarion? Missing teeth and a foot taller this family is back too and couldn't be happier to be back at bible club. This week we are SO grateful for the willing hands God sent us from Clearbranch. Your servant hearts encouraged us this week. The Que Que kids will miss you. Stay tuned partay animals! 
Your hostess' with the mostest, 
Anna & Katie

The Whitvegas party got started up for summer 2017 this week & it was absolutely incredible!! It was amazing to see so many faces from last year while also meeting new ones. Having South Community Church from Oklahoma & some of the HLGU women's volleyball team from Hannibal, Missouri in town was truly a perfect start to Whittier's summer. Though the very first day of club started with 18 kids, we ended up at a high of 48 for the week. No matter the daily number, the kids that were at Bible club had a blast. From the animation at Bible story, to the jewelry making at crafts, to the energy at games and the dancing at songs, the kids were truly getting shown the love of Christ through how well y'all loved them & provided for their physical, emotional & spiritual needs. Thank you so much for loving our kids and this community as a whole with such a Christ-like, intentional and real love. I really cannot thank y'all enough!!! We'll miss y'all so much. For anyone reading, please be praying for continual safety, an irreplaceable impact to be made for Christ, and that God would receive all the glory for what is done here in His beautiful city of Memphis. 
“And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.”
Colossians 4:3
-Claire & Audra

 Forestville Baptist Church came in excited to meet the kids at Jackson park, and it was a wonderful sight to see them recognize the needs of the kids and pour out lots of love on them. Week 2 at Jackson was filled with silly songs, glitter glue, and duck, duck, goose- the kids loved it! The team from Forestville was great at canvasing and finding new kids to share Jesus' love with, and they were even able to find some Bible club kids I hadn't seen since last summer. Walking around club I was able to hear many deep conversations being had during the Bible story station; what a joy it was to see my older boys learn how scripture was living and active and to listen as they understood that the Bible was a letter to us from God! After hearing about Esther on Friday, the kids could be seen all over club proudly wearing decorated crowns and carrying scepters they had made in crafts like little kings and queens. The kids are learning more and more about God, and I pray that their eyes are opened to just how much He loves and cares for them!

First in last out, number one without a doubt! That’s right Treadwell bible club is back and running again. FPC Kingwood was in the house and did a great job of letting the community know that we are here. They knew how important it is to have kids to share the gospel with, which was reflected in their canvasing. It was a great opening week with three children attending club that had never been before. We even jumped from 17 kids one day to our high of the week 38 the next! The harvest is there for those who heed the call; Josue one of our older boys is very close to accepting Christ. He can say what it means to live for God and he listens well to the Bible lessons he just hasn’t made the personal choice to be a Christian yet. Little Jarickes when first questioned says he doesn’t know what happened in Bible story but with further questioning can tell you the whole story himself. God loves these kids so much that he has sent us all here to proclaim the gospel and share His love. I cannot wait to see how God continues to use those who are obedient to Him and ready to serve! Please pray that the teams that come in will hold nothing back and leave with no regrets. To God be the glory! 

What a week we had at Kendrick Bible Club brought to you by Yadkin Baptist Church. It was such a joy watching each and every kid coming to bible club smiling from ear to ear. The kids had a grand time learning about the big whale that swallowed Jonah, and how mighty God is that His plans cannot be thwarted. They  couldn't wait to get to bible story each day. In games station they played very well planned out water games with sponges which the kids loved and made minimal messes. Big Big House was heard all over club and the kids wanted to sing it at every station. We had a high of 32 kids this week as every kid had a great time. When Friday came they wanted to make sure there would be bible club on Monday. Thank you Yadkin and I hope to see you again next year as it is a guaranteed good time every time we hang out with the kids of Kendrick. 
From yours truly,

The kids had a blast at Bible Club this past week with Fall Creek Baptist Church at Pope. Songs was blasted out of a speaker and even the older kids were showing out and having fun. Give me a J-E-S-U-S was part of a song this week and the kids even sang it during free play and loved it. Some of the kids would be singing along as they were making their crafts.  Codarius came up to me at the end of club on Wednesday saying that he did not want Bible Club with this team to end because he was having so much fun. On Friday we had a high of 32 kids come out and hear about Jesus. Games station was engaging as well as the kids had a blast with the marshmallow toss on Friday. Due to the teams' structure, planning, and energy there were smiles everywhere; all the kids had fun. The kids are pumped and ready for next week, I am excited to see what it brings.

Happy Birthday!!! That's right all you Street Reachers and company, this week was the birth of a brand new bible club site in a new area: BIBLE CLUB BALTIC! Thanks to the Lord's goodness and an amazing team from FPC Kingswood, our very first day of club had 30 kids attend, and we maxed out the week with 46. It was personally joyous for me to find several families of children I haven't seen in a few years; however, getting to see all the new faces and meet new families was fulfilling in its own right. The love the mission team shared was so evident, the whole neighborhood seemed to teem with gratitude. Literally every day a different member of the community stopped to thank us for the good we were doing, some in tears. One mom even hung out with us all day - and danced the Cha Cha Slide with her 4 year old. I am looking forward to see what God will do with this little lot, so please be praying that God will send in the troops. I'll see you all next week. #BallinAtBaltic 
-Kaden @ Baltic

Thank you, South Community Church, Fall Creek Baptist Church, Calvary College, Yadkin, Union Grove Baptist Church, FBC Shamrock, Clearbranch UMC, Forestville Baptist Church, HLGU, and FPC Kingwood for answering the call! Because of your willingness to come and serve in this community we were able to run 11 Bible Clubs this week and even open a brand new Club site! We hope to serve with you all again next year! 

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