Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 1- Loudon County Baptist Association, Boanerges Baptist Church, Munford Baptist Church, St. Paul UMC, and Fellowship of Montgomery

HAPPY WEEK ONE OF STREET REACH 2017, EVERYBODY!!!!!  I don't know about you, but to me it felt like it took forever to get here, but it's finally arrived. Big thanks to St. Paul's UMC for helping us kick off the summer right... well I say summer but the weather felt more like spring - cool days with little wind and no humidity. Anyway, their hard work and willingness to love the children was evidenced through both our attendance and complete lack of disciplinary issues. Because with a high of 61 on Thursday, children can tend to act out in attempt to grab attention. But no child felt that need thanks to care and quality time spent with each member of our mission team. It truly warms my heart to see how teams just like this have worked together for God's kingdom over the years to help these children grow in love. Please pray for the rest of the summer, that more teams will share this work ethic and love ethic. Pray for missionaries with passion, cause the harvest is plentiful. Or, as our president might say, "It's gonna be huge!” #RosamondsGotSoul 
-Kaden @ Rosamond

We kicked off the first week of bible club National with Munford Baptist in town. Katie and I got to work with this team last summer, so we were super excited to serve along side of them again. Crafts was a huge hit with the kids this week. They absolutely loved everything they did whether they were coloring or painting crosses. The thing that the kids loved the most though was the craft they did Friday. The team had a canvas with a tree on it and had each kid put their fingerprint on the tree and sign their name under their fingerprint. The team brought the canvas back to their church so that they could look at it and remember all of the kids and the memories made. This team was on fire for the Lord and prayed that the Lord would bring them as many kids as possible. God, being the Good Father that He is, answered their prayers and sent us 78 kids on Friday! How awesome is our God?! I sat back and watched this team pour out so much love to every single kid every single day. The coolest thing is that this church lives really close, so they are going to get to continue to minister to the kids throughout the year! Thank you Munford Baptist for coming to love on the National babies this week! What a beautiful first week it was. Can't wait for the rest of the summer! 

For week one at good ole G-street, we had the pleasure of having multiple staff out to help get the club up and running! We started the week off with 26 kids and rose to a high point of 69 kids for the week. Our staff rocked the streets this week gathering kids and praying for the community. We had the pleasure of seeing many kids from summers past; all full of energy and love! The staff pushed through to the end of each day with full energy and faith. Some of our new staff had the opportunity to meet lot of Bible club kids that we all love and talk about so much this week. We had an amazing club this week, and it was such a great start to the summer! To God be the glory for sending us such a passionate and devoted staff out to Guernsey this week. A big thank you to the staff for doing such a great job this week and helping Brooke and I get Guernsey running in full swing!  Thank you to all of our teams that fulfilled the call to come to Memphis, and to serve our community for the first week of summer 2017! Safe travels home, and we will see everyone next summer! Here’s to {Macon} many {MEM’s} this summer.
-Hunter & Brooke 

Good day my blog reading brothers and sisters in Christ! We had an absolutely incredible first week out at Bible Club Johnson. Boanerges Baptist Church brought the energy out to our site in Binghampton. The kids had so much fun from playing musical hula hoops at songs to making wells and lights at crafts. They also got to learn so much about the towns Jesus encountered and His ministry at each one. The week ended with each child receiving a goodie bag full of a bunch snacks and toys that brought a smile on every face from ear to ear. Even though the weather was mild, Bible Club Johnson was hot! Children just kept pouring in, with our site reaching an awesome 93 kids on Friday. The “Cru Call” must have kept them coming! Beyond anything, Boanerges did so well showing God’s love and grace to our Johnson children. Please keep the community families and the future teams at Johnson in your prayers as we jump into this summer. All of Street Reach is so excited to see how God works at Johnson this summer; God is doing Big things in Binghampton!
-Joseph, Marcus, & McKennna

Que Que 
Club Que Que had its first big par-tay this week with Fellowship of Montgomery in the house. We had a high of 93 kids throughout the week, all of which the team prayed and fought to get. With all the kids out of school and no community centers open yet, the team had the ability to minister to children who may not come to club the rest of the year.  Bible club was non-stop fun as the kids were able to play kickball, have daily dance parties, and make crafts to help share the Bible stories within their own homes. Throughout the week the kids learned about the life of Jesus and began to have the ability to retell the stories themselves. Fellowship of Montgomery took it one step further gifting each child that came to club with a Jesus Storybook Bible all of their own. There is no other way we would want to open Club Que Que. Thank you to Fellowship of Montgomery for giving us this week of your summer to love on the children of Club Que Que and we hope to see you next year. We ask that you continue to pray for these children as we are able to minister them throughout the summer. 
-Katie W. and Anna Katherine 

What a great first week we had at Jackson! Loudon County Association came into town ready to love on some kiddos, and they loved them well. From running under the giant parachute at the games station to singing louder than ever before at the songs station, the kids at Jackson park had a blast! In crafts the kids were shaking things up with homemade tambourines and they proudly wore their many bracelets they got to make. The kids spent this week learning about how Jesus first came to Earth as a baby and how later He became a young boy who was found teaching in the synagogue. We know the kids were paying close attention because by the last day, sassy little Danielle was grabbing ahold of the Bible story poster and re-telling the stories herself! On Friday we were able to pass out bags the team brought full of goodies for the kids, and the kids were so grateful. This week we enjoyed a high of 51 kids, and it was wonderful to be able to see both old and new faces. We can't wait to see the ways that God continues to do great things at Jackson park this summer! 
-Holly and Carlie

"Then He said to His disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers out into His harvest" Matthew 9:37-38

What an amazing way to kick off the summer! This week we had over 400 kids at Bible Clubs on Friday! We are so thankful for Loudon County Baptist Association, Boanerges Baptist, Munford Baptist Church, St. Paul's UMC, and Fellowship of Montgomery for answering the call this past week! We truly could not minister at this capacity if it was not for the missionaries who sacrifice a week of their summer to come and share Christ and His love all across this community! Please pray that God will continue to draw children out to Bible Clubs like only He can. Pray earnestly that the Lord will send missionaries into His harvest. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do in these Bible Club sites and in this neighborhood this summer! 

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