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Week 7-Third Street Baptist, Townville Baptist, West Hartselle Baptist, Lifepoint Baptist, and The Gathering Place

Welcome back my friends to Street Reach Rosamond. It was a hot but fantastic week! It's hard to believe that we had as many as 65 kids come out into near 100 degree weather. But it is evidence of the love shown by the wonderful team from West Hartselle that kids kept coming out to be with them. With crafts from snorkels to periscopes and games from parachutes to lion hunts, bible club was a ton of fun in the sun! One of my personal favorite moments this week was a challenge from a couple of kids to a drawing contest. We spent the next few days drawing superheroes, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and Pokemon. Eventually some of the kids even drew happy birthday wishes for our birthday boys this week - Jonathan and Ceasar. Thank you to West Hartselle and thank you to those who are praying. God is moving at Rosamond, several kids confessed to have prayed for Jesus and others are seeking answers. So please... continue to pray. Thank you, and have a great day!
-Kaden @ Rosamond

The Word Community Church came from Alabama to spread God's love at G-Street this week! They brought lots of energy with them and love for all of the kids they met. They're canvassing skills were on point and they were super excited about getting more and more kids each day. This week we had a high of 64 kids on Thursday! It was a lot of the TWCC team's first time at Street Reach but man did they leave an impact on these kids. These kids obviously don't care how experienced you are but care more about your excitement to see them and love on them and this team really understood that. Even though it was a really hot week, I hardly heard any complaints from the kids because I know they were distracted by the fun they were having! The team didn't complain either because they knew it was so worth the sweat and fatigue to have the possibility of seeing these bible club kids in heaven one day. Thank you so much TWCC Student Ministry for coming this week, we couldn't have done it without y'all!
-L.B., Joey & Rachael 

Wow. I can't believe week 7 of the summer just ended! We were so thankful to have West Hartselle Baptist in town this week. I was able to work with this team last summer, and it was so cool to have them back. Before we went out to club on Monday, one of the team members asked me if a girl named Camiya was still at Club. I told her yes and she was super excited. When we got to club Monday, Camiya ran straight up to the team member and said that she remembered her and was so happy to see her. It was such a special moment and so cool to see. It's so awesome to see that team members make such an impact on these kids lives that some of the kids remember them a year later! The kids had so much fun this week as they did obstacle courses, played soccer, and made some super awesome crafts! This team was extremely intentional all week and a couple kids ended up accepting Jesus in their hearts. All glory to God! It's so beautiful to sit back and see team members praying with the kids and seeing the kids stepping out of the dark and into the light! I sat down and talked to a lot of the kids who were saved and I was amazed by the understanding they have of what it means to be in a relationship with Christ. The understanding that they have is because of all of the teams who have poured into them throughout the summer, and of course because of the work God has done in their hearts. Thank you West Hartselle Baptist for all of the love you showed this week. Please pray that God will continue to show up big these last two weeks.
-Morgan & Katie P.


Hey everybody! Week 7 at Johnson was a blast. The Gathering Place was in the house this week ready to serve! They came in Sunday with lots of great energy and were very excited to be back. Monday morning came and they were ready to go! GP+Y got to reconnect with some old faces and the kids did as well. Energy was great all week long and that reflected at bible club. The kids had so much fun at Johnson from the crazy dancing to all the cool crafts made! Great energy led to our high of the summer with 60 kids on Wednesday!! In just one day 60 kids got to hear about Christ and be loved on by the team! Thank you so much Gathering Place for being the hands and feet of Christ. The kids have been impacted by each and everyone of you. I pray that you have made memories that will never be forgotten with these kids. Thank you for giving up a week of your summer to serve in Memphis. If it wasn’t for you and the others teams none of this would be possible. It was a blessing getting to work with each and everyone of you! Thank you so much again for loving on the kids at Johnson bible club and showing God’s love to them. GP+Y!
-Bobbby & Fish

What happens at Jackson bible club, stays at Jackson bible club, right? Wrong. The amount of love shared by The Gathering Place this week was awesome. Even through the heat they managed to find a way to love on the kids. I don’t know what they were doing but they seemed to get more energy as the week went on. Even with a heat advisory every day this week, the kids still came out in bunches to bible club. We even had a whole new family come that had never been before! We’d been bothering this dad for weeks and finally he came and talked to me and the next day they were all down in the park with us. This week, the kids learned about the Ten Commandments and even though some of the kids might not be able to count to ten, they could still say some of the commandments back to me by the end of the week. At one point this week, little Carter and Keyderick (it’s been seven weeks and we still don’t know how to spell his name) had taken all of the hula hoops and covered a team member with them and told him that he was now in jail. The fact that the Team member let them do this and played along with it so well was really a great illustration of how servant hearted this team really was, they were willing to do whatever they could to have happy club kids. Thank you The Gathering Place for serving this week! 
-Tedder & Holly
God truly blessed us with another amazing week over at Whitvegas full of Jesus, fun & laughter! Lifepoint Baptist Church from Alabama joined us this week as we continued to love on this beautiful community. Despite the tough heat this week, Lifepoint was so joyful to be out in the community & with the kids at Bible club. They taught the kids new, fun songs throughout the week at circle up, brought tons of energy & excitement at games, & helped the kids make unique crafts that reinforced the Bible story/message for each day. The kids had a blast! Wednesday we had 47 kids that got to see the love of Jesus through this team & I cannot be more thankful for all of their hard work & love they put into everyday. On Friday, the Gospel was explained at Bible story & we had multiple kids accept Christ!! They also got to take home salvation bracelets to help them grow & remember what that decision means for them. Lifepoint, I can't thank y'all enough for coming & giving up a week of your summer to love on our community in Jesus' name. Thank you for loving & eternally impacting our kids all week long. Hope to see y'all again! Please be praying for our kiddos, who are new believers, that they will grow & deepen their understanding of this decision. Please pray for staff & incoming teams that we will fix our eyes on Jesus & let Him take over as we get ready & excited for this coming week! Lastly, please pray that as we are coming to a close on the summer, huge, lasting impacts would be made in Christ's name. Thank y'all in advance!! 
-Claire & Meredith 

Que Que
This week at Que Que we had Third Street Baptist Church in the house. The team started off the week with a solid 35 kids and ended even stronger with a jump to 70 kids on Friday. The team was able to speak to the kids about being unashamed and sold out for Christ. On Monday while we waited for lunch, Zeke, our group leader was able to rap for some of the kids. People from the community came out as they watched our kids yell out that they were sold out for Christ. The team was able to connect with the kids early on in the week and were very intentional on truly sharing Christ with these kids in both of their actions and words. We were able to see the manifestation of this as our older kids began asking more and more questions, resulting in seven salvations through the week! One of our older kids came to club one day telling us that in his kitchen the night before, he and his family sat down and all prayed for the living water of Christ. A giant thank you needs to go out to Third Street for your flexibility and your love for these children! We hope to see you next year! Please continue to pray as the kids of Que Que gain a new understanding for who Christ is and what it means to be his follower  as we come to a close this summer.
-Katie W, Marcus & Steeley 

How’s it hanging everybody! This week we welcomed a new and an awesome team, Townville First Baptist! Like always, Vernon was a burning, but this week it was on fire! The team hit the ground running on day one and didn’t stop until after club on Friday. This week the team journeyed out and canvased as well as they could; so this week with some harsh heat Vernon had on average 20-25 kids daily. We had a great time everyday doing some amazing dance songs, and fabulous crafts! The kids got to take their crafts home everyday, and also a huge bag full of goodies on Friday. The kids had a blast! It was amazing to see what God had planned for Vernon this past week. Although it was hot, the team was very flexible and kept the kids entertained the whole time. It’s always a pleasure to have Townville in the house; the connections the team always makes with the kids are AMAZING! A huge thanks you to Townville Baptist Church! The kids loved you all, and I can’t thank you all enough for fulfilling the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus this week in Memphis. Hope to see everyone next year. Safe travels to everyone! Vernon is a burning, cause its HOT ,HOT!

It's crazy to think Summer 2016 is coming to a close in just a couple of weeks! We are so grateful for the hundreds of missionaries who have already answered the call and the ones who will come in the next weeks to finish the summer out strong. This week we are thankful to have had Third Street Baptist, Townsville Baptist, West Hartselle Baptist, Lifepoint Baptist, and The Gathering Place in town. These teams had so much energy and excitement that could be seen all over Memphis. Whether they were at Bible Club, in nursing homes, at community centers, and even in the laundromats, people around them knew that they had joy! The community saw the Gospel lived out in the way that these missionaries loved not just the community but each other so well! These teams were constantly encouraging each other and serving one another. What a blessing to see! We are so thankful for each of you who have come to Memphis, given, and prayed this summer. We have already had the privilege to see much of the fruit that the Lord has brought about and we know that this isn't the end! Please continue to pray for these final weeks of Bible Clubs. That the children will not forget what has been taught and shown to them all summer and that the missionaries coming in will not grow weary in faithfully planting seeds. 

"Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

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