Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 4- Silverdale Baptist Church, FBC Thurmont, FBC Collierville, Simpsonville Baptist Church, FBC Paris, East Highland Baptist Church, Arcadia FBC

Good morning surfers of the inter-webs! I hope you are doing well because Bible club Rosamond had an AMAZING week 4! FBC Paris was in town with an excitement level of OVER 9,000, and our kids sure loved every minute of it. From karaoke at songs to making pillows at crafts, it brought joy to my heart to see so many children love being loved. Watching children succeed - be it at four square or jump rope, or coloring with chalk - and watching our volunteers from Illinois be there with them to congratulate and celebrate with them, it truly brought joy to my heart.  I cannot thank FBC Paris enough. And I also thank you who are at home praying for us and these children. James chapter 5 tells us that the prayers of a righteous person are powerful, that when Elijah prayed for drought it did not rain for 3 years. And again, we he prayed that rain would come, it came in droves. So please, have faith and continue to pray. God is preparing a bountiful harvest here, do not cease your requests that he would send harvesters. Have a great day!
-Kaden Sosebee @ Rosamond

God really blessed us by placing Silverdale Baptist Church at Guernsey this week! The team of 31 canvased so well that we had a summer high of 68 kids at bible club on Friday! I saw several new faces throughout the week and we're praying that they continue to come for the rest of the summer. The kids loved the streamers at music and the parachute at games and I loved hearing their sweet laughter from those stations all week. They enjoyed making the meaningful crafts and heard all about God's love at bible story. At the end of the week, the team really started having deeper one-on-one conversations and we ended up having several salvations at club and even one in the community! I'm so glad God gave them the courage to talk and pray with people while on their walking routes. I was so inspired by the team's energy and willingness to help the whole week and they're encouraging words were so sweet. I could see the love that this team had for all the kids and their passion for spreading God's word! Thank y'all so much for coming and hope to see y'all back next summer! 
-LB and Armstrong

As I'm sitting here typing this, I can't believe that we just finished week 4! This summer is flying by, but we have been so thankful to have had so many awesome teams come and serve these last couple of weeks. This week we had FBC Collierville here to love on the National kids. This team has been coming to Street Reach for many many years, but this was their first time to serve at National. This team presented the Gospel in a way that was easy for the kids to understand and that was easy for them to remember. Bible story was on fire this week as one guy on the team acted it out and really grasped the kids attention. I would walk around and ask kids what they learned that day, and almost all of them could tell me exactly what they learned. Crafts was really cool this week as the kids did sand art and made salvation bracelets. The kids also loved games all week as they played soccer and did relays. The team related everything that they did with the kids, whether it was games or crafts, back to the bible story. I am certain that the kids have a better understanding of the Gospel because of what they learned this week. I saw a very authentic, selfless love that the team had for the kids and the kids had for the team. That is the most beautiful thing to see because that's how Jesus loves us. No matter what we do or where we come from, he loves us anyways. Thank you FBC Collierville for a great week! We hope to serve along side of y'all again. 
-Morgan & Katie P.

Hey Everybody! This past week at Johnson was an outstanding week. Arcadia FBC rocked it everyday. Monday morning came and they were ready to go and serve the community. The team had lots of great energy and it paid off at Bible Club. Arcadia was stoked when they got to reconnect with some kids they have had before. Energy was kept up all week and the kids fed off of it. Wednesday was are high for the week at 53 kids! 53 kids got to come out and hear about God and experience His true love. The biggest highlight of the week was that we had multiple salvations!! God was moving through Arcadia at Johnson Bible Club and you could honestly see it. First Baptist Church Arcadia it was a blessing getting to work with y'all! Thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Christ for this community. The kids had a great time all week and were truly loved on by all of you. You all showed God’s love to the kids and adults in this community and that led to some miraculous works. Thank you so much for everything y'all did this past week in Memphis. 
-Bobbby and Fish 

Wow, what a fantastic week over at Jackson Park! The Simpsonville Baptist Church team poured out their love for these kids and it showed. It may have been Simpsonville’s first time over here at Street Reach, but they seemed to really enjoy their time here and the kids really enjoyed having them. The team only got better as the week went on. From having the kids play hide-and-seek in Bible story to making friendship bracelets in crafts, Simpsonville was loving and engaged with our kids. The addition of a speaker in songs was a huge hit because our Jackson kiddos love to dance. It seemed like every time I looked over this week I saw kids dancing; even the older kids danced along and seemed to really enjoy it. On Thursday I was able to hang out with the kids and talk about the salvation bracelets they had made, which turned into some really amazing conversations. The way the Lord worked through the team was great to see and it showed through the impact they had on the kids. Please continue to keep Bible club Jackson in prayer as the summer continues! 
-Tedder, Holly & Andrew 

This week at Whittier with East Highland was awesome! They were such a great team with so much passion! They never let the heat or how tired they were stop them from loving on the kids. They continued everyday to put everything they had into Bible Club and showing God's love to the kids. At crafts they made Salvation Bracelets one day and visors and bandanas another day; the kids loved it! The kids also loved doing "Lean and Dab", "Hit the Quan", and "Watch Me" at songs! We reached a weekly high of 50 on Wednesday! Thank you East Highland for all you did this week! We pray that God will continue to work at Whittier and work through the teams each week!
-Meredith & Claire

Que Que
This week at Que Que we had Simpsonville Baptist Church in town. Their church motto is SIMPly love which they put into action this week. The bible story was paired with a memory verse station, where the kids were taught fun songs to help them memorize bible verses such as John 3:16. The game station transformed our 5-7 year olds into superheroes who saved the day by taking down the bad guys! Crafts and songs were also exciting as the kids were able to show off their dance moves to the team, and show off their creativity with fun bracelets and coloring sheets.The team started out the week with 53 kids and were able to end the week on a high of 76 kids! We are so happy that the kids were able to be loved on by this group of willing team members. Thank you Simpsonville Baptist Church! Please continue to pray for the families and the kids of Club Que Que as teams continue to come and share the love of Christ with them.
-Katie W., Anna & Joey

Week four at Pope was an exciting time. FBC Thurmont was in town, all the way from Maryland. We were blessed with great, cool weather. Cool being a relative term. The group came in excited to be in Memphis and ready for God to provide opportunities to pour into kids. We had a high of 34 kids, and all week long new kids came out to have fun at Bible club and hear about Jesus. Free play was always a blast with their bubble tornado filling club with bubbles. They also brought fun puppets that got the youngest group of kids jumping up and down during bible stories and fun games that got even the grumpiest of kids having fun. One of the coolest times was the relationship built with a new kid. He wanted to come to club so bad because he saw his sisters go each day. The only problem was he is in a wheel chair. That didn’t stop these guys from getting him to club and helping him have fun. From lifting his wheelchair during bazooka bubble gum to having great conversations during lunch. He loved coming to club and it was amazing getting to see God work through the team to love on him in a way only God can. I can’t wait to see how God continues to working these kids’ lives throughout the summer.
-Marcus & Leah

"What can take God's Love away? Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing." Rang the voices of 46 children this week at Treadwell bible club! Collierville Baptist Church came to Street Reach and they were prepared with plan A's, B's and C's for their stations. In crafts conversations about Christ were the main focal point with the craft being used to get the kids to ask questions. One day they had a Roman's road sticker craft, and I overheard Sammya asking why the cross represented what Christ did for us if other people died on the cross too. They explained how the cross was the worst punishment at the time and Jesus still willingly died on the cross as the only person who lived a perfect life and could atone for our sins. Such great questions were being asked with good answers! In bible the kids were animatedly told not just the story, but why it happened and what we should take away from the story for our own lives. Each day there was an activity or demonstration for the kids. When they were taught about sin the demonstration was a balloon with a lighter held under it until it popped. The balloon represented our lives and the lighter represented sin. Then they held the lighter under a balloon that had water in it to absorb the heat and keep it from popping. The water demonstrated God's grace and how it absorbed the consequences of our sin saving us from destruction. Games was on point this week with three legged races, long jump competitions, sharks and minnows, and much more. I want to thank Collierville Baptist for putting so much thought into not only the activities, but in where each of them served as it was great to witness their being utilized to their best abilities whether it was games, crafts, or bible. "As each one has recieved a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace. Whoever preaches, let it be with the words of God; whoever serves, let it be with the strength that God supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen." 1 Peter 4: 10-11

This week we had East Highland Baptist Church hanging out at Kendrick and we had a lot of fun! The kids had a blast from hearing the Bible story of Saul converting to Paul to making stuffed turtles at crafts. You could hear the songs station singing Bazooka Bubblegum from across site! Games station was a hit this week. The kids loved playing What Time Is It, Mr. Bear? and Marco Polo with the team. The team brought something new and exciting to site: puppets!! The younger kids especially got a kick out of the puppets that would join them in songs! Kids were connecting and building relationships this week with the team, but more importantly they were connecting and building a relationship with Jesus! We had kids asking open-ended about Jesus during club and parents told us that their kids were praying at home! Kids would also say the blessing during lunch! We are beginning to see the impact that Bible club is making on the kids at Kendrick. Not only have we had record numbers (there were 59 kids on Friday!), but we've had lots of spiritual growth this week. Thank you East Highland for loving our kids! And thank you, Jesus, for shining your light through this team!! 
-Beef and Tyler

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