Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 6- Waterbrook Bible Fellowship, Lakeview FUMC, Lakewood Baptist Church, FBC Jamestown, Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church, Cumberland Fellowship, & The Brook Church

Thanks to FBC Jamestown, Week 6 at Rosamond was an absolute blast! The team's passion shined as they loved on our Bible club kids and the surrounding community. Bible Story was a hit every day. The kids especially enjoyed being involved in teaching the lessons, and playing quick games that reinforced the lessons afterward. Craft leaders also did a wonderful job of sharing the gospel with our kiddos as they made salvation bracelets, good news booklets, and much more. A 12 year old even accepted Christ during crafts station this week. Hallelujah! FBC Jamestown shook up songs station this week, and our older girls enjoyed that particularly. Last but not least, everyone loved playing outdoor basketball and pool noodle horseshoe with the missionaries at games station. The team brought kids old and new to club day after day, and went out of their way to make sure the kids' needs were met. We are so thankful for the capacity at which Jamestown was able to minister this week. Rosamond misses you already, Jamestown! See you next summer! 
- Brianna & Tyler

Waterbrook Bible Fellowship from Texas brought lots of energy and love to Guernsey this week! It was their first time ever here at Street Reach and by Friday they were already bible club pros! The high for the week was 60 kids on Wednesday! They were super flexible on Thursday when we had to switch bible club and afternoon projects because of rain in the morning and on Friday the rain held off for a great last day. The kids got to learn lots of new songs and dances at our music station and our team learned some of the kids' songs and dances as well! All of them were interactive at games this week and I loved hearing kids reciting Bible verses at Bible story. The team was prepared every day for club and even had backup plans so it was a very smooth and structured week. They got pumped up before club with their morning dance parties in the caf which also helped energize the other teams and the staff! It was just what we needed since we're more than halfway through the summer and our energy was waning. Thanks so much for giving the Guernsey kids another great week of bible club Waterbrook, I hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did! We would love to have y'all back next summer!
-LB, Armstrong & Kaden

What a wonderful week we had here at Bible club National! This week we had a team from Waterbrook Bible Fellowship from Dallas, Texas. Y'all, I can't even explain how awesome this team was. Not only did they pour out so much love to the kids, they also poured out a ton of love to us as a staff. They were continually encouraging us and continually had a ton of energy. This is exactly what we needed as a staff because as summer progresses, we get more tired. This team was so ready and pumped to go out everyday and it helped remind us why we do what we do. Games station this week was so fun and literally every kid wanted to play the games every day. Also, bible story was super interactive and I watched as kids would recite memory verses back to the leaders without even looking at the verse! I am amazed at how much these kids are learning and the growth that I am seeing in them week after week. This team truly understood what it meant to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Everything they did and every conversation they had was a reflection of Christ's love. Seeds are continuing to be planted and continuing to grow. Many kids were asking questions this week about what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus and the team did a great job of answering all of those questions and also prayed with some of the kids. It's a beautiful sight to get to sit back and just watch our kids build relationships with these people that were strangers at the beginning of the week, but that are now their friends by the end of the week. Thank you so much Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. The National kids are going to miss you, and Katie and I hope to serve along side of you all again. This summer has been amazing so far. All glory to God because none of it could happen without his guidance and his great, beautiful plan.
-Morgan, Katie P. & Joey

Hey everybody! What a marvelous week it was at Johnson. Old Shooting Creek came to Memphis ready to change the hearts of the kids. They came in with GREAT energy and were ready to go Monday morning. The kids had an amazing time all week and they were all truly loved on. God was doing amazing things this past week at Johnson. The biggest highlight of the week was hearing a kid accept Christ in his life. Seeing the smiles on the kids faces all week was such a blessing! The high at Johnson this week was 43 kids! Old Shooting Creek showed Christ’s love all week to the community. The kids loved each and everyone one of you! Thank you so much Old Shooting Creek for answering the call to serve in Memphis. It was such a blessing to get to serve with yall! Thank you for taking time out of your summer and spending it here serving the community. I hope each and everyone of you left with great memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you so much again for the amazing week and showing God’s love to the kids of Johnson Bible Club. 
-Bobbby & Fish

First things first, Jackson park is the realest. The job that the team, The Brook, did was incredible. The kids loved getting to bible club and hearing music coming from the speakers as they arrived. There was a lot of impromptu dancing going on, even Holly was dancing. The energy was awesome this week and I could see the love of God being poured out by the team members and the kids seemed to pour some love back to the team. This week we had a big surprise when Lil Mike came running up to club one day, it was really great to see him again. Lil Mike and his little brother had moved after week 3 and Holly and I had missed them a ton, so it was great that they came to visit. The puppets at the beginning of club seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day and started to energize the kids. One thing Holly noticed as she walked her route was that the kids had hung up the wind chimes and the crosses they had made at crafts and every day the kids seemed to make use of the water bottles they made this week. All in all, this week was a great week and I am incredibly thankful for The Brook and can’t wait to see what God has in store as we wind down the summer. 
-Tedder, Holly & Katie W.

Week 6 was a great week filled with lots of excitement over at Whittier. It was all Thanks to Lakeview FUMC. The energy they brought was off the chain. We had a high of 44 kids come out to dance and have fun learning about Christ. All of the kids were engaged and loved getting to be crazy. Throughout the week we got to learn all of the kid’s favorite dance moves and how they break it down. Even when the weather took a turn, the group pushed through to have a blast at bible club and finish the week strong. Lots of kids were showing off their crafts and explain just how it had to do with each day’s bible story. They could even tell me all about the characters in the story, and how God used those people. You could see Christ working through this team to really make an impact this week. I can’t wait to see what happens these next few weeks at Whittier, please keep the kids and new teams in prayer as we continue to be Christ’s hands and feet. 
-Marcus & Meredith 

Week 6 brought in Cumberland Fellowship at Kendrick! We had a high of 47 kids on Wednesday. The kids learned the stories of Peter in prison and Tabatha, just to name a few. We had kids carrying their craft around all week from Monday. The sounds of Bazooka Bazooka Bubblegum, and Mr. Bear could be heard around the entire bible club. Despite the heat, Cumberland was ready to love on the kids. Thank you so much for coming to serve at Kendrick Bible club. 
-Beef & Anna

"We luh God. You don't luh God? What's wrong with chu? We love Him. We love Him. Love him. Love Him." This past week at Pope was great as the kids learned about loving God and making tough choices for Him. Thanks to Lakewood church who came into town with crafts a plenty and bible stories such as Silas and Paul, Paul and the Ethiopian man, etc. They built upon their performance each day and because of their willingness to adapt to the personalities of the children, they broke our summer record here at Pope not just once but twice for this year! Friday was our highest day with 46 children there to hear about Christ and how we should handle tough circumstances once we have Christ in our lives. In songs they switched it up and did everything from get to know you activities, to bible club songs, to Whip and Nae Nae, or I Luh God. Games station taught the older girls to play capture the flag and they loved it! With the younger ones they did relays and played with a parachute, while the older boys played variations of tag and 4 square. I am very thankful for the people we had at Pope as I know some great Christ centered conversations were taking place on the walking routes this week. Zoe, a ten year old girl who has lived in the area for about the past five years has started to come to club this summer. What is so remarkable about her being at bible club is that she has not been allowed to in the past and she comes from an atheist family. She accepted Christ earlier in he summer and this past week asked for and was given a bible. God is doing great things, children all over Memphis are being set free from sin and the promised consequences of it thanks to those who are trusting in God and letting Him move through them. It is a beautiful sight to see God fixing the broken with the help of those who were once broken as we ourselves used to be. Thank you again Lakewood Baptist Church for your willingness to come serve and to be a light in a dark community. 
-Rachael & Leah

It was such a blessing & encouragement to have Waterbrook Bible Fellowship, Lakewood Baptist Church, Lakeview FUMC, FBC Jamestown, Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church, Cumberland Fellowship & The Brook in town this past week! These groups came in full of energy and passion and gave everything they had to reach the kids in this neighborhood with the Gospel. We are truly thankful for the sacrifices that you all made to come and serve for a week! Through the heat, rain, and switched schedules, these teams were nothing but flexible and full of excitement as they still counted it a blessing to get to go out and show Christ's love. This was an amazing week because of the Lord's faithfulness in sending out missionaries to answer the call and to show His love all across Memphis. Please continue to pray for the children who are being ministered to and the missionaries who will be the answer to the call. 

"Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:38

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