Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 5- Union Grove Baptist Church, FBC Salado, FBC Liberty, FBC Gleason, Grace Baptist of Brandon, and Arbor Springs Baptist Church

Union Grove Baptist Church from North Carolina came to town this week, and they brought Christmas in July with them! Our Rosamond kids had a holly jolly time learning the true meaning of Christmas through the Bible stories told, and felt the love of Christ through the team's intentionality. From freeze dancing to kazoo playing, songs station was a party every single day. The munchkins enjoyed all of the crafts and games, especially the Star of Bethlehem kites and Christmas corn toss. Kids old and new were coming from all over to experience the fun and affection this team supplied. I am so thankful to Union Grove for lavishing our kids and community with love this week. May the seeds you planted here continue to sprout and grow. Keep the prayers coming. Until next year!
-Brianna, Meredith & Tyler

This week we had FBC Liberty all the way from Texas hangin' out on G-Street! We started off the week with the 4th of July on Monday and 24 kids at bible club and ended the week on Friday with 70 kids (a summer record!!) getting to learn about God! I know that the kids had lots of fun at Bible club because they kept coming back! The team was super prepared and had every station planned out which helped club run smoothly each day. The week was a great balance of structure and fun! I loved that at bible story they worked on a book every day that they got to take home at the end of the week. I was admittedly a little worried about glitter at crafts station but it was actually kept pretty under control. It reminded me that God is always watching over these crazy little lives running around at club and we're all under his control and protection. I thank God for keeping us all safe at club this week and I pray that he continues to do so even after this summer is over. I can't believe that the summer is now more than halfway over! I've been so blessed to have this opportunity and to get to meet such awesome teams every week who have shown the Guernsey kids so much love. FBC Liberty, y'all did an amazing job and thank y'all so much for all your help this week! Guernsey will be more than happy to have y'all back next summer!!
-LB, Armstrong & Joey 

Hey y'all! We had an awesome week here at Street Reach! Monday was the 4th of July which means that the kids wouldn't get their normal lunches from Shelby County. However, the teams made the kids  awesome peanut butter and jelly lunches the kids absolutely loved. Even though it was a holiday and it was supposed to rain, we still had 27 kids come out to National to hear the Gospel. We had a high of 56 kids this week which was super cool. The songs station was fun this week as I literally saw every kid dancing. Even the older kids were dancing to whip and nae nae and the cha cha slide. This was really cool because the older kids usually think they are too cool to participate in songs; however, I saw them having authentic fun this week. Katie and I have been so thankful to serve at National so far this summer. Jesus is doing such amazing things in these kids lives and we have loved having the privilege of being able to sit back and watch it all happen. Please pray with us as this summer is coming closer to the end. Please pray for God to continue in the work he has began at National and for the teams that are to come. 
-Morgan, Katie P. & Leah

Hey everybody! What a week it has been at Johnson! Arbor Springs came ready to serve this community and to be the hands and feet of Christ. Sunday afternoon was filled with lots of energy and they were ready to go Monday morning. All week the kids had a great time and the team as well. Are high for this week was 45 kids!! Arbor springs built relationships that will never be broken. The team left Memphis with memories that they can cherish forever. Thank you so much Arbor Springs for giving up your 4th of July and the rest of your week for these kids. It was a blessing getting to work with all of you. The kids had a great time and loved everyone of y'all. Thank you so much again for being called to Memphis. 
-Bobbby & Fish 

Jackson Park was hopping this week! Even though the 4th of July was Monday, 21 of our little friends still came to play with our team from Gleason First Baptist. The Gleason team accepted the unique challenges that came along with this weird week, and by the end of the week they had shared Jesus with 57 kiddos. Every time I looked over at games when I was about to rotate, the kids were always reciting the bible verse to get suckers. By the end of the week, I was worrying about if Gleason was going to have enough suckers to last, all the kids were reciting the bible verse! The way the team interacted with the kids was absolutely incredible. All week I saw team members bonding with the kids, from the ittie bitties to the ones about to enter middle school. This week was a fantastic time for the kids and for the team, and by the end of the week they knew that Jesus would never leave them. 
-Tedder, Holly & Katie W.
Once again God provided yet another fantastic week of Bible club at Whitvegas! God sent us missionaries from Mississippi through Grace Baptist Church of Brandon this week & we couldn't be more thankful for all they did in our community especially through Bible clubs. Despite it being Fourth of July week, we reached a weekly high of 50 kids at Bible club on Wednesday! The kids had a blast with TWO water days in games & fun daily experiments at Bible story. They got to not only hear the Bible stories, but actually learn them through the experiments & also through the crafts they made throughout the week. Their Christ-like compassion showed daily in how well they loved on the kids, cared for them, took interest in each of their lives & began to develop relationships as the week went on. Thank you so much Grace Baptist Church of Brandon for your hard work, your selflessness in giving up a week of your summer, all of your preparation that went into making this week so great & your willingness to let God move through you in His city & in His precious children's lives. We hope to see y'all next year! Please join us in praying for the all of the teams & staff next week that we will be full of energy for the kids each day & ready to serve whole-heartedly & selflessly while keeping our eyes fixed on Christ all the while. Please pray that the kids & the community as a whole would see Jesus clearly through us - that they might come to truly understand the Gospel & accept Him as their Savior & Lord. Thank you for reading & thank you so much in advance for all of your prayers. Our God is so so good! 
-Claire, Armstrong & D'Marcus

Week 5 brought the heat, but that didn't stop Bible Club! The team showed up and showed out with the kids over at Kendrick this week. Everyday they're crafts coordinated with with the bible story, having the love of Jesus reinforced at multiple stations. They heard the stories of Zacchaeus, and Jonah, to name a few. Everyday "Big House" could be heard playing as the kids sang and danced to it over and over again. Let's not forget about the games station that the kids loved everyday. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. It was a great time had by all this week! 
-Beef & Steeley

We are over half way through Summer 2016 and Fourth of July week was no exception to the amazing work God has been doing in Memphis through the missionaries who have answered the call this summer! This week started out with handmade PB&J lunches for the kids and ended with summer records being broken on Friday! It was so sweet seeing the passion that the mission teams had this week to canvass the neighborhoods and reach as many kids as possible with the Gospel. We are truly thankful for the willingness these teams had to selflessly serve this neighborhood from making sure the kids were fed to finishing out the week strong. Thank you for answering the call and a huge thank you to all of you who are continuing to pray! 

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18

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