Saturday, July 11, 2015

Week 6-FBC Center, FBC Arcadia, FBC Jamestown, South Community Church, Grace Baptist of Brandon, Silverdale Baptist, Good Sheppard Church, & Lakewood Baptist Church

Hey Ho! Rosamond's got soul! And it showed at bible club this week. Thanks to the score of missionaries from FBC Jamestown an average of 60 kids heard about the gospel and the New life found in Christ, had fun at games and songs, and walked home with a slew of various crafts and a handmade doll. And best of all, we had two kids testify to accepting Christ!!!!! It's always a blessing to be loving on these kids and to see their various physical needs get met, but there it is extra sweet to be a part of the admission of a new person into the Kingdom of God. Another personal highlight of mine is a conversation I had with Stephanie. She was upset that her favorite ball had a hole in it. I asked her if she thought balls were supposed to break, and if the person who created that ball intended for it to break one day. She replied, "no." I then asked similar questions about arms and legs, and sickness and ultimately death. She knew well that people are not supposed to "break," become ill, or die. I explained to her that neither did our creator, God, intend for us - his creation - to one day break. We then began discussing what sin/evil was. She was aware that the bad things we do are sin, but I began to explain that anything bad is evil not just what we do. Hunger and death themselves are just as bad as the one who stole the food or who committed the murder. From there, we talked about why these things happen if God didn't intend for them to be. The answer was our sin, and the solution to the problem is Jesus. Jesus came and fixed what was broken. He sought to fix legs that should not have been crippled, people who should not have been sick, and his friend Lazarus who should never have died. And he has righted a lot of wrongs, but one day he will finish righting them all. Please pray for Stephanie and the other bible club kids, that they will receive understanding of these things, and be in prayer for the two who accepted Christ, that they will grow in faith and love and the fruit of the Spirit. Have a blessed day everyone and remember, you only YOLO once apart from Jesus.
-Kaden @ Rosamond
It has been an amazing summer at Guernsey and week 6 was no exception! FBC Center was back at G-street for an awesome week of bible club. This team came in with one main goal, to love on kids, and that they did! As soon as the kids arrived to club each day they were greeted with hugs and structured free play. In games the team had cool games planned and relays constantly in their back pockets. On Monday I walked over to give the 2-4 year olds lunch and they said "Wait Miss Sarah, we're trying to playing a game!" Normally this group is so eager to get their pizza lunchables! The kids loved the fruit loop necklaces they could eat throughout club and the wooden crosses made in crafts. Even bible story had coloring sheets to keep the youngest group engaged. Songs station was one big party and the older kids never wanted to leave! Because of this team's intentional nature we had tons of questions being answered and two of our 8 year old girls came to know and follow Christ. But it doesn't even stop there! They come from a big family and along with their new Hope, they walked home with new bibles that day. Their very own!(that they were so excited to show me and Brianna) The other children in this family began asking even more questions and they wanted to know what was so special about this book. I got to talk with them and share that this is God's word that He gave to us. I am so excited to see what else God has planned for this site for the upcoming weeks. The harvest is so plentiful! Please pray for the many children who are not only seeing the Gospel through the mission teams we have been blessed to have, but who are turning around and living it out in this neighborhood. Thank you FBC Center for being the hands and feet of Christ this week at Guernsey!
Week 6 at National was a great one! Fbc Center was a blessing to work with. Every single day they went out and got a lot of kids to come to bible club. We even had a high of 70 kids one day! I'm amazed at God's faithfulness and how he keeps sending us more and more kids each day. We want to love on as many kids as possible, but it's so awesome to think about how much more God desires to love on them. This team had tons of energy all week, and the kids loved it. The songs station was awesome this week! As I walked over to the station everyday, I continuously saw all of the kids whipping and nae naeing and doing the cha cha slide. It was so fun to watch! The team gave everything they had, and even though they were tired at the end of the week, they didn't let that stop them. They completely relied on God's strength, and we finished off the end of the week with 67 kids! That's a lot of kids for any day, especially for a Friday. Thank you so much Fbc Center for being the hands and feet at National this week. His love was evident through all that y'all did. I have loved getting to be a small part of God's big picture with each of the mission teams that have come in this summer. I'm standing in awe at the work that he has done. Please continue to pray for us as we only have a few weeks left of bible club. I know that God is going to continue to do some great things, and that he is going to continued to be glorified.
Another week at Johnson has gone by and the kids continue to be poured into. We had several salvations this week and we got to see fruit from the work that missionaries have been doing all summer. The kids loved making crafts, listening to bible story, and singing songs this week as they did their best to earn their stamps. Our high for the week was 84 kids on Tuesday and we never at any point had less than 50 kids. The kids went home with lots of candy and lots of love as the team from Arcadia bonded with the kids at Johnson that were new to them when the week began. It was another great week that continues to build on the foundation that was laid in the first half of the summer and it was truly a blessing having Arcadia in Binghamton this week. 
Que Que

This week at club Que Que was a partay as we had Good shepherd from Alabama this week! They came in with willing hearts and great energy as week 6 began. The kids absolutely loved this team and this week of bible club! The team welcomed an average of 63 kids a day making sure they heard all about Jesus! At one point during club the song station was especially loud as I heard them singing "Hes got the whole world in his hands", it got even better once the names of kids replaced the whole world! The crafts station was great as they kept 19 one through four year olds entertained with fruit loop necklaces and bracelets which the kids were able to chomp on all throughout bible club! The kids has a blast on the last day with water balloons taking up the game slot! Luckily there were only a few kids that got wet! As we said our goodbyes the team was tearing up and the kids were latching on. I was even begged to have all of us come back on Saturday so that the kids could see the team one last time! Good Shepherd- thank you for your willingness to show these kids Gods love, you will be missed! 
This week at Kendrick we started out small and made our way up. By Friday we had 40 kids. We had an amazing team from FBC Center who rocked it. The kids thoroughly enjoyed every second with them. Little Patrick fell in love with one of our team members and everyday would attach himself to him. Our team also got to experience one of the sweetest things this summer. You know it's been a good week of club when the ninja crew decides to get back together. Back at the beginning of the summer our little ninjas got in a fight and decided they weren't friends anymore. This week they decided to get back together and start over. Red scar, blue scar and yellow scar were back at it. Turning flips and fighting off the evil forces. Opening milk cartons for the little kids and being our bible club security. We are SO incredibly thankful for FBC Center for an awesome week! Thanks to them our kids got to hear about Jesus once again. 
As the summer comes to a close, it is difficult to continue to love on these kids with a consistent  amount of energy each week, as the days get hotter and more and more kids come out to Bible Club. However, high energy levels are not so difficult to maintain when groups like South Community Church from Tulsa, Oklahoma come into town! This group has ministered to Whittier and the Nutbush area for three years now, and has brought more and more passion and willingness every single year. From Sunday evening during our first site meeting, each member of this team was overjoyed to see kids that they had met and loved during previous years, while also being excited to meet new kids. Their love for these kids was not merely something they talked about, though; this team truly displayed their love for Whittier kids by being willing to fully canvas our area and bringing 51 precious little ones to our club on Monday morning. What a way to start off the week! By Thursday, our summer record was reached, with 63 smiling faces laughing and playing “Duck, Duck, Goose,” singing and dancing to “Me Without You” by TobyMac, creating beautiful beaded cross necklaces, and most importantly, confidently raising their hands to tell Mr. Mark about how Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. On Friday, this team was nowhere near ready to give up or tire out, but completely gave all that they had for these kids and allowed the Lord to use them to reap a great harvest at Whittier! Many of our kids spoke one-on-one with the students and leaders of South Community, and Destiny, Antwain, Landen, and many others prayed to receive Christ for the first time. Team members Megan and Michaella even took steps of faith and prayed with parents and other family members, pointing them to Christ as well. What a blessing! In the coming weeks, we will be sure to follow up with these kids and families, and encourage them in their new life with Christ. Thank you, South Community, for your passion, your willingness, and your true and genuine love for Christ and this community. You showed what great work can take place when we step out of the way, get past our own pride and self-gratifying agendas, and humbly make ourselves available for Christ to work through. You have shown these kids what it looks like when one really submits himself to Christ, and have accurately displayed how following God is not solely about rules and discipline, but, more importantly, about humble service to one another. Your energy has been wildly contagious, and has been a great encouragement and motivator for not only the kids at Whittier, but myself and the rest of the Street Reach staff. I am truly sad to see you go, but I know the Lord will continue to use each of you in your own community and bless others as you have blessed me. Thank you for such a memorable, prosperous, and refreshing week!
-Emily and Armskrong
Lakewood Baptist Church returned to Treadwell this week and offered up all of themselves to these kids. This team loved on these kids in a way that was very true to who they were. They spoke truth and answered questions in Bible story. They loved on the kids in games by providing fun and entertaining relays.They kept all the kids engaged at songs by spicing it up with their own flavor. And they were incredibly intentional in getting to know the kids! The team was even intentional to bring the kids to club as they went out of their way to take a detour to the library to pick up any kids who wanted to join us at Bible club. We are super excited the team was able to talk and pray with three of our kids this week about the life changing decision to follow Christ. As one of the team members said, "it's encouraging to see God's fruit." Thank you Lakewood baptist for ministering to these kids this week!
"Boom! What now?!", I am pretty sure is what God said as 69 kids came to bible club at Pope on Thursday! The answer of course was to rely on God for strength to love more, work harder, and be even more determined that each child left having felt the love of Christ. That is exactly what Silverdale Baptist Church did this past week and the outcome was grace and love seen everywhere. We added two of Kippley's routes to Pope so those kids could continue to attend bible club because Kippley's bible club did not run this week. Kids that we had never seen before or had not seen in a year came to club! The older kids bible story was broken into two groups to better interact with them and it worked splendidly! We had ten kids added to discipleship club from Pope this week!!!! From Jeremiah choosing to be a leader even when he wanted to go off on another boy, to three year Lil' Weedy rapping "ayieeeee rap rap rap rap rap", it was a fantastic week of kids being held and taught about Jesus! Thank you Silverdale Baptist church for your love and effort poured out into Pope bible club.  
It was a great week at Jackson! Grace Baptist Church drove from Jackson, Mississippi to Jackson Park in Memphis with full hearts ready to share Christ to the children at Bible Club. They operated well while keeping the structure organized and keeping the kids engaged. With team having everything put together we had the opportunity to sit in the stations and participate with the kids. We were happy to see all the kids wide-eyed each day in every station as the team interacted with them. The kids fed off of Grace's seemingly endless energy and were amazing all week. Even the youngest group, who like to stare into space and not listen, answered questions and joined in conversation. God shined through the members Grace and on Friday one team member helped lead one of our girls to salvation! It really was an amazing week. Thank you, Grace Baptist Church, for allowing Christ to use you all to do His work (hard work, that is) and doing it so well! Continue to be in prayer for Jackson and the Street Reach Staff as the last few weeks are approaching. He has and will continue to be so Good!
-Bristow and Beth 

What an awesome week 6 it has been! We are so thankful for the many missionaries who have answered the call and who are actively fighting for these children. The statement "the one who spends the most time wins" has definitely been shown to be true as we saw so many children enter into a relationship with Christ this week and we know that the One who has begun this good work will bring it to completion. We are expectantly waiting to see how the Lord continues to bring the hearts of His children towards Him in these last few weeks. Please continue to pray for the club sites and the children who attend them as well as the missionaries who will be standing on the frontline for this neighborhood. 

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