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Week 8-FBC Greenwood, West Hartselle Baptist Church, Lifepoint Baptist Church, Park Place Baptist Church, Eureka Baptist Church, Union Valley Baptist Church, New Shores Baptist Church, and Barfield Baptist Church

Hello Street Reach followers to the penultimate blog for Rosamond 2015. It was a great week working with the missionaries from West Hartselle Baptist Church. With a high of 74 kids on Friday and a Salvation noted, it was a great precursor to our coming final week. Tug-a-war, binoculars, crossing the Red Sea, and hip-hop dance offs were only some of the exciting highlights of the week. And by "hip-hop dance" I mean HIP HOP DANCE! Madison (9 years old) has moves! Joy was never absent from bible club or the relations between missionaries and children. As the team loved on kids, the surprise of how greatly they were loved in return was a blessing for me to witness. We are all created in God's image. Sin distorts but never destroys that image. These children can love in return as result of that still present image of God. Our hope is in the day that they will love fully, having been returned to their original design by the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. So please, pray for these kids. There is one more week of bible club this summer. The harvest is not yet over.
-Kaden @ Rosamond 
 This week FBC Greenwood was back in the house and ready for another awesome week at Guernsey! From Sunday night to Friday afternoon this team never once lacked passion for reaching the kids in this neighborhood. They were so excited to see familiar faces from last summer and make new friendships as well. Each day was started with a prayer walk at the site. It was so beautiful to see each of the youth of FBC Greenwood praying specifically for the children that The Lord was going to send out. The kids enjoyed making crowns, bracelets and even rocks in crafts. The crafts were perfect reminders for the children of the bible stories each day. The rocks reminded them of who our Rock is and the crowns were tied to the story of Esther. Songs brought out not one but three guitars each day which put a cool twist to the whip and nae nae as well as the typical bible club songs. Games provided fun tag games and the kids enjoyed on going kick ball games each day. Friday was hot and sunny unlike the days before and as the team headed out Bristow said "Hey, today we are going to have 50 kids!". Not only did The Lord send out exactly 50 children but we ended up with exactly 50 lunches. God is so faithful and I am so thankful that He uses us and sends us into His harvest. Thank you FBC Greenwood and the numerous mission teams who have come in this summer to love on the kids at G-Street. I am so thankful for your willingness to not just talk about Love but put it into action. Please pray for the missionaries coming in for this final week of Guernsey bible club for the summer.

What a great week it was at National! We had a group from West Hartselle in the house this week. It was an absolute blessing serving along side this team. Not only did they show love to the kids this week, but they also did to Beth and I as they continued to encourage us throughout the week. This team was eager to get as many kids as possible, but we were reminded that it's not about the amount of kids that we have, but how much we love on the kids who are actually there. It didn't matter if there was 30 kids or 80 kids at club, they were just happy that there were kids there. The black route wasn't pulling any kids for the first three days of club. The people who walked that route started to get a little discouraged, but they remembered that God is faithful. Thursday morning in the site meeting I told the people on the black route that they were going to get kids that morning. I just had a feeling. Sure enough, they showed back up to club with 2 kids! The smile on their faces were priceless, and we were all reminded and amazed of God's faithfulness! God ended up sending us 67 kids on Friday and it was great! The bible stories throughout the week were about the hero's of the bible. They made some really cool crafts to go along with it. One day they made super hero masks, and it was really cute to see the kids put them on and act like super hero's! This led to talking about the ultimate hero, Jesus Christ. They made it clear to the kids that Jesus is our biggest hero because he laid down his life for us even though we didn't deserve it. All glory to him because we ended up having two salvations this week. Addie and Steven both prayed to give their lives over to Jesus this week! It's so awesome to see the kids understanding the gospel and making the decision to give their lives over to him. I'm continually amazed at how good God is. Thank you so much West Hartselle. Y'all were a true representation of Jesus's love this week. I hope that I get to serve along side of you all again next summer!
Hey y'all! This week at Johnson was a spectacular one! We had New Shores come in all the way from Texas to show the love of Jesus to these kids! They did a great job with having a structured yet super fun Bible club! We had a high of 93 kids at Johnson this week, which is the biggest day at Johnson for the summer! I remembered the verse, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. God sent the harvest of kids this week at Johnson! Each Johnson child was connected with each Bible club station wether it was doing the whip and nae nae, playing red light, green light, or learning about Abraham sacrificing Isaac. New Shores did a great job at keeping everything energized, loving on the kids, and canvassing really well! Johnson kids had a really blessed week! Thank you for praying!! The Lord is moving in these kids hearts!
-Sarah Grace
Que Que 
This week is very bittersweet as Club Que Que has come to an end. Throughout the summer the kids of Que Que have heard and been shown the love of our great God for seven great weeks through seven great teams! I have been so blessed to be able to watch these kids grow in Christ and witness five of them accept a personal relationship with Christ! This all could not have been done without the help of the amazing teams that have traveled from far and near to come serve in this community, including this weeks very own Park Place Baptist of Pearl, Mississippi. This team came in with the intention to give the kids all the love they had possessed. As the last week of club I had asked the team to try to be intentional in sharing Christ in every situation, the team took the challenge head on and truly succeeded! Every time I went to a station whether it be crafts, games, bible story, or songs Christ was being talked about. Songs made sure to shout out how much they love God as the sang “I love sugar, I love tea, I love Jesus, and He loves me”. They went on to have competitions over who could sing the lines “I love Jesus, yes I do! I love Jesus how bout’ you?” We ended the week on a high note as three of our kids decided to follow Christ! As the year progresses and the school year begins I ask you to pray for the lives of these children and the community the live in. Park Place Baptist Church- Thank you for coming in and making Club Que Que finish with a bang! We couldn’t have done it without you! I hope to see you all again next year. Keep showing the love of Christ to all those around you! 
I could not think of a better way to end this summer at Whittier than to have Lifepoint Church from Decatur, Alabama at Bible Club! Even though these team members didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into, the energy and excitement was completely off the charts! Due to the large size of the team, we were able to walk all five of our walking routes, which brought over 50 kids to Whittier by Friday. But not only were our numbers great, the kids were having so much fun, as they went from station to station, enjoying cup stacking relays with Mr. Kenny, creating unique paper plate crafts with La Jefa (the Boss), strumming Mr. Chris’ guitar while singing praise songs, and intently listening as the Bible stories were read by Mr. Jordan. However, all of our team members not only had fun and loved our kids well, they were truly intentional in their conversations as well. They were never afraid to take a break from a station in order to discuss biblical truths and difficult concepts with the older kids, and did so in a manner that was on a level that they could understand and process. All week, I never heard a single complaint from any of these team members, as they were super willing and excited to tackle any task that they were given. This team was also very culturally aware, recognizing that, although our kids and families live very differently than we may live, our way of life is in no way superior to theirs, and our need for the saving grace of Jesus Christ is just as strong. It seemed as though each team member truly understood why they were here, serving humbly and selflessly for the glory of our King. This team was a joy to work alongside, and made the last week for Whittier one to remember. As our kids, team members, Marcus, and I said our goodbyes at the end of club on Friday, it was highly evident that the love of the Lord was heavily surrounding us, and the scene truly brought tears to my eyes. I believe that God has been glorified through all the teams that have ministered to the Nutbush community this summer, and I am glad that the students and leaders of Lifepoint were there to wrap up the final week so beautifully. Please pray for our Whittier kids as they get ready to return to their schools. Pray that they will remember all that they have learned this summer, and that they will be bold enough to share the love of Christ with their friends and their families. Pray that they will learn to lean on the Lord when they face trials and difficulties, and pray that they will find peace, love, and joy in Him alone. Praise be to our God for all that He has done in the lives of our kids, our teams, and our staff this summer, and may He continue to use us, His humble servants, to proclaim His great Name!
-Big Em & D’Marcus
The summer at Treadwell finished strongly thanks to Union Valley Baptist Church. What a privilege it was to spend each morning serving alongside the Oklahoman team. Our kids weren't at all shy about expressing just how much they enjoyed each of the stations prepared by Union Valley. From salvation bracelets to golden crowns, each craft was cherished. Games station never seemed to lack the energy required, Bible story impressed every day, and having songs during circle up was a good time all around. In each moment laughter filled the air and fun was had, but most importantly the King was lifted high. At dismissal on Thursday each child was given a Bible, and for that there is much gratefulness. A big red bouncy castle and a record of 56 kiddos closed us out for the summer on Friday. The greatest news of all is our D'Kharia came to know Christ personally this week. Jesus used this team as a shining light to those who living amid the darkness of our community, and D'Kharia's salvation is just one example of how wonderful God's ways are with us when we allow Him to work in and through us. 
Grace & peace
Thanks to Barfield Baptist church our kids at Kendrick got to hear about Jesus one last week. It was amazing to watch the team interact with our children. Each kid thoroughly enjoyed crafts, especially coloring crowns, and team's interactive songs station was a total hit. Bible story was well prepared all week long, and it was unique to watch the kids apply the lessons to life by drawing them in chalk. Games was full of energy, no matter what game was being played the kids were ready to jump right in with the team members and play along. Thank you Barfield Baptist Church for an awesome week. Please continue to pray for this neighborhood, for the children who attended bible club this summer as well as their families. Pray for the children as the return to their schools that they will remember what they learned this summer. Pray for the kids who gave their lives to Christ this summer, that they will continue to follow Christ and be bold enough to share with their friends and family. Thank you to all of the mission teams who came out to share Christ's love with the Kendrick kids this summer. I am so thankful that each of you answered the call. 
It was a bittersweet week as it was our last, yet we were blessed to even have the week at all. Eureka came to town and was highly intentional with bringing our kids the gospel. The structure was spot on as children strove to meet our standards for them and stayed in their groups. Many favorite children were had and the kids gave their crafts to their favorites as well. The games station was rocking it with relays, a highly interactive Mr. Bear, and duck duck goose. Crafts station was a hit as even the older boys did not want to leave as it came time to rotate. The kids felt loved and were giving love back in abundance. Thank you Eureka for your willingness to work with, evangelize to, and love on the Pope kids! Please continue to pray for the community and the kids. Thank you to all who came to Street Reach, and all who prayed for the Bible Clubs! You have made a huge difference in these children's lives!

As this final week of bible clubs approaches, pray for the missionaries that will be finishing out this summer strong. Pray for the kids who have made decisions to follow Christ this summer and the children will come out to bible clubs this week.

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