Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 1-Grace Baptist Church, Daniell Baptist Association & Iantha Baptist Church

The summer has officially started and what a good way with Iantha Baptist Church giving up a week to pour themselves into these kids! Pope is not the same from last year, with many new families moving into the area but that only means new children to love on. Iantha tackled the adjustment excellently and the kids had a blast! We topped off our week with 34 kids hearing the gospel of the Lord! This was a great week and I know it’s only going to get better from here on out! Thank you, Iantha for laying down the foundation for the summer and kick-starting it off! Pray for Pope as we continue to connect with new families and minister to many children in the area who need hope in their lives. 

What a great first week we had over at Kendrick! Grace Baptist church was in the house starting the summer off with lots fun and energy.  We started the week off with 32 kids on our very first day and ended with 44 on Friday! The team poured out lots of love to the kids they led them in telling Bible stories, making fun crafts, singing silly songs, and playing lots of games! Thank you Grace Baptist for laying the foundation for an awesome summer to come! 
 The first week lays the foundation for the remainder of the summer. Matthew 7:24-27 in Scripture talks about the wise and foolish builder; the wise builder is the one who builds his house on the rock and the foolish builder is the one who builds his house on the sand. This week at National, the foundation that was laid was built on the rock giving God all the glory for all the kids that were able to be witnessed to this week. On Friday we had 69 kids come out to National and that was a blessing. The missionaries were able to do some wonderful canvassing to bring back all the beautiful kids of this neighborhood. Iantha Baptist Church poured Jesus’ love on these kids this week through shouting some crazy songs, marching around the wall of Jericho in Bible story, making salvation bracelets in crafts, and playing multiple games of kickball during games. The first week is so important for getting the word out about Bible club and even more planting seeds in the hearts of so many kids that are going to bear fruit as the summer goes on. This is exactly what Iantha did equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit. All glory to God for a fabulous first foundational week at National. 

There is no other way to describe this first week at Guernsey other than mind-blowingly amazing! First-year team Daniell Baptist Association ran Bible Club and set a GREAT foundation for the rest of the summer. 100 kids were enrolled throughout the week, and over 50 kids came to club Tuesday through Friday. Each day only got better, and the kids kept having fun in every station. Games station did everything from relay races to yoga, songs introduced the kids to a ton of fun, interactive songs while throwing in the chicken dance every now and then for kicks and giggles, the crafts were engaging and even showed up on the kids' front doors, and Bible Story really challenged the kids to think, while entertaining them and sticking with them throughout the whole week! The gospel was presented to 57 kids on Thursday and 9 of them expressed serious interest in being discipled into a relationship with Jesus Christ. How cool is that? Please be praying for those kids as we continue the summer, start discipleship clubs, and build these relationships. We are SO thankful for all the energy and hard work that Daniell provided us. God has some awesome plans for Guernsey this summer!

We had a great week with Grace Baptist at the Johnson Bible club site! The kids were very excited to see club start up again for the summer, and the team did a great job of making them feel welcome each day they came out. The site has changed a little since last summer and there were a lot of new kids that had not had the chance to experience Bible club yet. There were families that had moved since last summer that were driving their kids to club site now, when we thought we may never see them again! By the middle of the week, it was obvious that God was moving in the hearts of the team members and the Bible club kids, as there was energy and a joyful spirit in them that could only come from the Lord. We all learned to be flexible throughout the week, and did whatever we needed to do so that the kids knew how much Christ loves them.  This week was a huge blessing for us here, and we are really looking forward to what God is going to do through next week’s team. 

Leahy's had an awesome and grace filled kickoff for the summer. One day we even had 57 kids! The Grace Baptist Church team was so great. They worked hard and walked far to pull in these numbers! Some amigos favorites were made as well as some being taught Bible stories from one of our six year olds. It was very easy to see God and His influence at work at Leahy's, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the summer with the help of volunteers ready to serve! 

We had an AWESOME week at Whittier!  Grace Baptist from Alabama came in and poured SO much into the neighborhood! We started out the week with 20 kids, but ended with 68!  The team was super intentional with the kids and parents in the neighborhood and we saw so much fruit this week! A couple crazy neat things happened this week.  On Tuesday, one of the kids was asking a team member loads of questions about Jesus.  The team member dropped back and began to share the Gospel with him and at the end of the conversation, the child accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior!  Over the next couple of days, I caught this kid sharing Jesus with anyone who would listen!  I can’t even begin to explain how much this blessed all of our hearts!  Excited to see him grow as he is disciple this summer!  On Thursday, one of the teams stopped and talked to the man who lives behind the site.  This man has been SO good to us—mowing our lot, keeping it clean, and tossing back balls over the years.  At the end of their conversation, this man who has watched team after team love on his neighborhood gave his life to Christ!  Absolutely amazing!  The team also bought groceries for a diabetic low on money and clothes for some kids who were just taken from their mother’s custody and given to their grandmother.  I was able to have one on one conversations with a few of the older kids who are hungry for discipleship! I’m so excited to see where that leads. I can’t even begin to tell you of how encouraged the mothers and grandmothers I’ve talked to have been after all that these missionaries from Grace poured out! Here are some prayer requests: Pray for the kid and the man who gave their lives to Jesus! Pray for those that are going to begin their discipleship journey.  Pray for the Harvest and the Workers! Glory to God alone!                                                                                                                                       -Lauren  
Week one at bible club Rosamond was pretty spectacular. Having up to 47 kids at bible club on the first week is enough to attest to God’s power, but having some of the most beautiful summer weather I’ve ever seen at bible club along with some of the most well behaved kids is additional proof of God’s love and faithfulness, especially to the team from the Daniell Baptist Association that was faithful to God by answering the call to come to Street Reach. From learning about Prayer or Josiah in bible story to dancing like chickens in songs over to freeze tag in games and to the colorful crafts, the kids showed bright brimming smiles on their beautiful little faces. At the end of each day, the teams (age groups) competed for the best behaved group position to receive the grand prize of going to games first the next day! Monday’s winner was team Grizzly (the 6&7 year olds), followed by team Cobra (8&9) and team Shark (10+) on Tuesday and Wednesday. And the final best behaved award went back to team Grizzly. One of the coolest parts of this week was seeing all the kids who came to bible club because their friends had told them about it the previous day! The harvest truly is plentiful, may the workers be many.

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