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Week 4-Broad River Association, FBC Collierville, Loudon County Association, Arcadia Baptist, Harmony Grove Baptist, Old Rice Road, & Highland Church of Christ

Week 4 at Rosamond was nothing short of fantastic with Broad River Baptist Association in town. The group had some team members who had been coming for at least 12 years so to say the team was prepared would be an understatement. Rosamond hit a summer high when 65 kids showed up for club on Wednesday. Even with high numbers, club ran exceptionally smooth and the kids had a blast. The kids especially loved water day on Friday as they did water relays and the youngest group, being the best behaved on Thursday, got a special treat with a sprinkler to run through. God really showed out this week as the kids continued to come out to club despite a heat index over 100. Broad River did an amazing job being the hands and feet of Jesus this week as they chased bubbles with the kids, ate lunch with them, and displayed God’s love through their actions. This week was such an encouragement to Justine and I and we want to thank Broad River again for such a great week! 

This was an incredible week for Whittier. Midway Baptist Church partnered with Crestview Baptist Church to form an experienced team who was able to bring the kids an exciting, fun-filled week that led to the Gospel being lived out before them. The energy was unbelievable, especially in the face of 100 degree weather and a stormy Friday. So many times, I saw completely worn out members pushing themselves to play with the kids. Once the younger kids realized this team was up for anything, the kids began pushing their limits by randomly sprinting all over the place and expecting team members to chase them. Which they did. All day. It was beautiful to see the joy on the kids faces as the team chased them down and held them, leading to the tender moments the kids craved. I've never seen the Bible club kids so eager to serve, but many times, I would find kids working along side the team, helping things get set up and making sure everyone was participating. I saw the older boys treat the male members with respect, since they'd grown so comfortable with the love they were being shown by them. By the end of the week, testimonies from the team had been shared, leading to kids opening up to me about their personal struggles I never would have imagined. Without these kids opening up, I never would have known to pray over these situations in their lives. All in all, amongst the attention-grabbing and energetic songs, the several members who constantly had three or more kids on top of them, and the more serious issues that were confronted, Jesus was evident. I can only pray that we'll have another week as fun and powerful as this one here at Whittier. 

This week I had the opportunity to open a brand new site with Highland Church of Christ. We had a sweet week with 23 little ones! It was so awesome to meet and build relationships with kids who had never been to Street Reach Bible clubs! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when these kids are taken in at the Whittier site next week! Pray that the truth of the Gospel would bear fruit in their lives.

Kendrick had another great week with first time team from Highland Church of Christ. They brought with them tons of energy and love for the kids. Each day this week got better and better, as more and more kids showed up to see what was going on at the Kendrick site! Thursday was our highest day of the week with 37 kids! We even had 25 kids show up on a very wet and rainy Friday where they got to hear the Bible story of how Jesus calmed the storm! It was a great week and I really enjoyed getting to see this team grow and pour out Christ’s love to these kids. Thank you so much Highland for pouring into these Kendrick kids!
Jackson was blessed with another amazing Bible club week! With over 200 missionaries in town, Jackson had the opportunity to minister with 12 individuals from Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. Highland was able to bring forth the passion and energy to this fairly new site. The Lord brought on the heat this week, but Highland persevered and ended up topping off with 65 kids. The Lord brought relief on Friday as the morning rain left a cooler Bible club for the team and kids. This week, Highland was not only able to minister to the children in the community, but also to the homeless that take refuge in the park. Their passion to serve was evident by the relationships they formed with the community throughout the week.  Please pray that the Lord continues to pour out his blessings on Jackson as it is able to run for yet another week next week as a staff ran site. 

First Baptist Chesnee came all the way from South Carolina with a lot of love to give to these beautiful kids. With 23 missionaries that meant we had 23 feet to walk routes at National, therefore; we were able to canvas our routes more and figure out what houses have kids and what houses do not in the neighborhood. We had 54 kids come to National which is one absolutely wonderful number! Seeds were planted and seeds were harvested this week which is always a beautiful picture to me. A 12 year old boy, Rico, gave his life to Christ. A missionary paid special attention to him this week and during Bible story they would have their own Bible story time, praying together and he was always asking many questions at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday, he was ready to give his life to Christ because he understood fully Jesus dying on the cross to save him. How sweet it is to see these kids understand the Gospel and want to live it out in their lives. Pray for discipleship in Rico’s life, pray for discipleship in all the children’s lives that come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior this summer. In many homes once a child accepts Christ it is difficult to continually live it out for them because they have no model of Christ to show them what it looks like to bear “good” fruit. Be praying for Rico to grow in the knowledge of Christ each and every day. On Thursday night we sang “fill us up and send us out” during the worship and share time and on Friday, the team poured out everything Jesus that they had left in them. They gave each of the kids little backpacks overflowing with goodies and a Bible on the way home. The kids could not quit smiling as they walked down the street to go home on Friday with their backpacks on their back and holding hands with the missionaries. The love that was poured out on Friday and on each day was sweet. To know these kids were loved with the love of Christ this week is the best to know. All praise, glory, and honor to our God for another week of being able to witness to these kids at National.  

The Treadwell kids were so excited this week to have another mission team back in town for Bible Club.  Harmony Grove Baptist Church in Alabama sent a group to Street Reach a couple of years ago and they decided to return to minister to our kids again this summer.  The missionaries immediately fell in love with our kids and they quickly became their kids too.  We saw a lot of new faces this week and were also able to continue cultivating relationships with some of our regular Bible Clubers.  The songs station was hopping this week.  We blasted some Lecrae from my car and the kids taught us some breakdance moves (we had a flattened cardboard box and all!)  This week the kids learned about Paul, his conversion, ministry, and mission work. We had a few really awesome conversations that lead to two of our kids making professions of faith and a few others asking a lot of questions.  One of our little girls came to a team member and me after club and said, “I want to trust in God, and I want to believe!  You will show me how!”  We asked a few questions and she said, “I need to obey God! I don’t want to disobey Him anymore.  He can help me.”  What an incredible testimony that God is working in the lives of these children. We also had a couple of other children that asked a lot of questions, and we want to follow up with. Our discipleship club is about to get started in the afternoons and our kiddos have been added to that. Please pray for Jeremiah and Cemetria as our staff continues to disciple them. This week at Street Reach was incredible with the biggest group of volunteers in the history of this ministry! Thanks to everybody who came to hang out with our kids, but a special shout out to Harmony Grove who showed God’s love this week over at Treadwell! You guys were great!

Guernsey finished the halfway point of the summer strong with Collierville First Baptist Church! This returning local team arrived at Street Reach with more passion than ever. The team was on fire for God and to make His Gospel known in the streets of Memphis! Being in our fourth week, the novelty of Bible Club has started to wear off and our numbers briefly dropped. But once Collierville showed the kids how much fun they had planned for them, G-street blew up! We broke a record with 80 kids on Thursday, and over 50 kids came out on Friday even in the rain. The record was no surprise when looking at how cool the Bible Club stations were! The kids were amazed at the stage set up for Bible story and had so much fun being able to participate in acting them out, and they were able to understand the story on a deeper level and apply it to their lives at the Bible Story Reinforcement station. Crafts were a hit every single day; kids who came late immediately asked me with a worried expression on their face if they had missed it. Games kept the kids running around like crazy and wanting to keep playing, and by the end of the week, all the kids at Bible Club were singing and dancing to the songs! We couldn't be more proud of how hard Collierville worked, no matter what problems arose. They obviously love the kids and are all wanting to come back by and visit throughout the summer! Christ worked through these youth and adults to save 5 of our kids who were then able to have 1-on-1 counseling and prayer with the team. Praise God for four weeks of passionate teams at Guernsey with almost 20 salvations! Please be praying for this Bible Club site, the kids who have accepted Christ, all of the seeds being planted all over the neighborhood, and the missionaries who are coming to serve in the coming weeks.

The Pope Bible club site was awesome this week! Arcadia church came and ran it, and they knew nearly every song that the kids would enjoy! Many new kids came including a nine year old boy that we believe is very close to accepting God as his personal savior! We had twenty-nine kids one day and we cannot wait for the next week of Bible club!

FBC Collierville kicked butt this week opening up a brand new site, Tutwiler! Tutwiler is an amazing club site with an incredible community supporting it. In just a week, I had a handful of people come up to club and encourage us at what we are doing and to continue ministering to this community. There is no doubt Tutwiler made a splash this week when it opened. We were able to reach kids that have never been able to come to Bible Club before and those kids had such a wonderful time! The weather may have been a little toastier that desired but that never stopped the children from hearing the Word of the Lord and the team from loving on them. We met so many wonderful kids with such beautiful hearts and a few of those hearts even started to ask questions about the Gospel by the end of the week. It’s so amazing what God can do! I was truly blessed by Collierville and their passion to reach new families that have not had an opportunity to attend Bible Club and their willingness to go out and find those kids that really need the hope of the Lord in their lives. Tutwiler was only opened for a week because we had a team willing to take a leap and open this great site. Please pray for those kids that were able to attend Tutwiler and that they may be able to go to another club for the rest of the summer. What an incredible week it was at Tutwiler!

What a wonderful time we had this week with Broad River Baptist Association at Bible club! At Johnson, we had New Pleasant Baptist and West Spartanburg Baptist church that came to serve the children and families in the community. Few teams have the passion they had, and they were hungry to see God do amazing things through them this week. Their hearts were broken over the lives of the kids at Bible club and the destruction caused by the enemy. They devoted themselves to praying for the children and their families, and took opportunities to pray over them as they walked through the streets. I was encouraged to see each of them gather together to pray in small groups before they started walking to pick up the kids for Bible club. We saw the greatest amount of kids at club this week so far with 68 kids on our highest day! There is much to say about what God did through this team, and He is worthy of all praise. During the Bible story this week the kids learned about missionaries from the Bible, and the things God did through them. They kids listened intently to the words that were spoken, and had great questions they wanted to ask. One child at Bible story wanted to learn more, and he made a profession of faith there at Bible club. There was much rejoicing among the team for what God had done in that little boy’s life. It will be great to see what God continues to do in him throughout the rest of the summer. The team this week had such a willing heart to serve, and I felt extremely blessed to have them come and love on these kids. Pray that God would continue to move in the hearts of the children and their families through the rest of the summer now that we have seen half of it go by. I am excited to see how next week’s team is used to show God’s love to these kids. 

This week at Leahy's Bible club was successful. The team that helped run the Bible club was Old Rice Road. They were a team of eight people. Our highest number of kids we had this week was a total of 44. On that day, we had 4 new kids come to club. Not only did they come on that day, they continued coming to club throughout the week which is great to see. Hopefully God is stirring in their hearts. As always, please be praying for the incoming teams and the kids they will encounter.

This week was an exciting one for Vernon, with Highland Church Of Christ in own from Texas. We started the week off strong with our second highest day of 26. The kids loved to hear new songs that the team brought and continually asked to sing them. Even with high temps. New kids kept coming out each day, and had a blast. The team finished strong even though it was a rainy Friday, getting 23 kids to come out for Bible club.    
Week four of the summer at Kippley was incredible. After just two weeks of running, Kippley hit a peak at 44, a digit not seen since Kippley’s very first summer. It is a true testimony of God’s power and Sovereignty to see such a high number so easily hit on a Tuesday. The crazy part is, they are almost all under the age of five. Every time I turn around, there is one more child at bible club… and he is four years old. But they have enjoyed every minute of it, just as I have. From the song station where all of the Children’s Bonnie’s lie over the Ocean, to crafts where “scary” animal masks were made and worn by the kids, it was a hilarious and joyous week to be at bible club Kippley. My personal favorite moment of bible club was an 8 year old boy named Dmrion (goes by D.J. also) who had to be taken home. I personally carried him home kicking and screaming and crying that he wanted to stay at bible club. It broke my heart to do so. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to let him stay, but I had to follow through. So we walked through this experience together as the image of God’s Justice and sin’s NECESSARY and REQUIRED punishment, and that if Jesus had been there at bible club, he would have said, “No. Let Dmrion stay. I’ll go home instead.”  My prayer is that he will look back on this moment for years to come and imagine Justice, as well as his own sin, so that in the future mercy can be shown instead, in order to show the image of Grace found by faith in Christ Jesus. Be praying for the Kippley kids, especially since it won’t run for 2 weeks. May God’s name be made much of in this place!   

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