Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 3-Calvary Church, FBC Fisherville, FBC Plainview, FBC Brunswick, & Yadkin Baptist

Pope this week was fantastic with a Calvary team taking on a new club they've never ran before. The team had so much passion and loved getting to spend the time with the kids. Many of the team members really enjoyed hanging out with a few of the kids especially during the time before and after club waiting on parents to pick up their children. The team loved the kids so much that one of our new kids accepted Christ as his Savior this week! We may have only had 30 kids this week at Pope, since so many other sites opened up, but those 30 kids really got to feel the love of Jesus Christ this week! I had the best time with Calvary this week and know they will go back to St. Louis with so many wonderful stories of how they changed some kids hearts and how some of those kids changed their hearts! One of the greatest delights that comes with being a missionary at Pope is watching all the kids build such close relationships with the team members and it really touched my heart this week to hear that the kids didn't want this team to leave! That just shows the impact Calvary had. Thank you guys so much for a fun and passion-filled week! Keep praying as next week Pope gets to be loved on by a whole new team and pray that more and more kids come to know the Lord as their Savior! 

 Well, we've had another record-breaking week at G-street! Despite moving to a new location and dealing with the sweltering heat, returning team FBC Brunswick gave a fantastic Bible Club and picked up a whopping 73 kids on Tuesday. It was so amazing to see Brunswick's fluidity and hard work ethic throughout the week. They were completely open to letting God use them in so many ways. The returning members were so excited to see their old kids and meet all of the new ones, and the new members immediately fell in love with the community and poured everything they had into the kids. Each one of them brought something special to site, and the kids were NEVER bored! Whether they were playing a fun game of dodge ball, getting covered in glitter at crafts, breaking in down to be in the Lord's army, or praying for their loved ones at Bible story, kids were constantly engaged and feeling the love of Christ radiating from each and every team member. We were SO happy to see how many kids got loved on; Brunswick was able to bring tons of kids who had never been to Bible Club before! And because of the awesome connections and relationships that were made from day 1, we had about 5 kids pray to ask Jesus into their hearts. Please keep praying for the 100+ kids being ministered to in the Guernsey neighborhood! So many of them are hearing the gospel and it's not hard to see how these seeds are beginning to really take root and grow in their lives. Thank you SO much, Brunswick, for an amazing third week at Guernsey! Your passion for the Lord and hard work was so encouraging and effective. G-STREET!!!

It may have been week 3 at Street Reach, but Bible club Kippley had its opening day on Monday. Kippley is still relatively new, having only been open part of the previous two summers, so I am very grateful to the team from Plainview Texas who laid some amazing foundational work for the rest of the summer. It was incredible to see the children loved on so abundantly. We started off with 14 on Monday and 2 less on Tuesday. So the kids must have really sensed the love the team had for them in order for 36 of them to show up on Friday. I praise God for every child that heard about his name this week. But a number, however great or small, fails to compare to the joy of a 10 year old Marquisha accepting Christ Jesus to be the Savior of her soul. I look forward to seeing her grow throughout the summer. Please, pray that God would unyieldingly pour his mercy over Memphis… and be convinced in your faith that God is able to do ALL that he promises. Psalm 80:3 “Restore us, o God; let your face shine, that we may be saved.”

God definitely blessed Jackson this week. First Baptist Church Plainview from Texas was able to share their love, compassion, and faith with a new running site. Since Jackson only ran one week last summer, we were striving for at least 30 kids. God really astounded us. On Monday, God brought forth 49 kids to bible club. Plainview was able to make connections with the kids that I have never seen from a new team. Plainview continued to amaze me through their trials and tribulations of a broken down bus and no site equipment on Wednesday. God provided and we were still able to minister to 60 kids on Wednesday. The floodgates were open and by the end of the week we were able to reach 74 kids. I could have not asked for a more compassionate and flexible team to lay the foundation for the beginning of a beautiful site. There were two salvations this week at Jackson through our morning Bible club and afternoon soccer camp, Ruby and Antonio. Please continue to pray for these children as they continue to grow in their understanding of faith and a relationship with God.

The third week of Bible Club at Leahy’s was another incredible success. The team that helped run the site this week was from Calvary Church from St. Louis, Missouri. They brought their Senior High School part of their youth group. They were incredibly prepared. The kids at club thoroughly enjoyed everything that the group had planned out. They loved each craft that they made and loved playing the games that the team had planned for. The songs station was magnificent. The kids always wanted to begin and end the day with a song or few each day. Bible Stories was an extreme success. Juan Diego, who is nine years old, memorized three of the bible verses this week. He would come running up to me each day and say the verse. It was incredible. Please be praying for this upcoming week, the teams coming into work with us, and the children that we minister to each day. 

The Calvary high school group from St. Louis Missouri showed the love of Christ to the kids at Johnson this week! Their willingness to serve and their preparation for Bible club was clearly evident. This was a fun group to be around, the kids at Bible club loved to be there with them. The kids continued to learn about prayer, and why the Lord’s Prayer is so significant. The kids were also learning to memorize verses, and the team had many fun ways to help them out with learning them. The songs station never looked as fun as it did this week with songs that included games. The kids also enjoyed the variety of games that Calvary played with them. They were able to play sharks and minnows, kick ball, and tug of war to name a few. The crafts were also really cool this week with bracelets they made, and wore throughout the week. It was great to be reminded by Pastor Tim this week that many of the crafts they make will be hanging in their houses, and the kids remember the teams that come in week after week. This was a great reminder to what an impact we can have on these kids in showing them a love they may have never known. This only comes from God, and the kids know there is something different about the missionaries that come pour themselves out into them. As a result of this love and the grace of God, we saw the most kids come out to club that we have seen this summer with 54 kids on our highest day. Praise God for such a great week! I am looking forward to next week and what God will do through the next team. 

We had an amazing week with returning team from Yadkin Baptist Church! Yadkin rolled into town this week with tons and tons of love and passion for these kids and ready to pour it out! Monday started out rainy and with fewer kids, but that didn’t slow down or discourage this team from getting fired up and hitting it even harder on Tuesday. Each day seemed to bring more and more kids, ending with 49 kids by Friday! Yadkin poured out the love that Christ has first showed us to each of the kids every moment they got to spend with them. It was a great time all week with lots of fun games and songs that could be heard all across the site as the kids were singing along with Christian music. The kids also enjoyed all the fun crafts they did all week and all the great Bible stories they heard. Thank you so much Yadkin Baptist for coming and pour out your hearts to these kids at Kendrick! Love you guys!                            
National welcomed First Baptist Church Fisherville this week! This week at Street Reach we had a record number of missionaries in and were able to open all of our residual sites which meant that Vernon opened and took two of the National routes for those specific kids to be loved on even deeper with the love of Christ. With that happening, National was able to extend its routes into new areas of the neighborhood and canvas older routes to minister more effectively to the kids in this community. Each day, Fisherville brought back new faces of kids excited about Bible club and each day more kids were added to the daily number. By the end of the week, National had 57 kids. All glory to God for each child he handpicked to be there daily. On one of the new routes we were able to walk relationships began to be built. Lisa is the grandmother of Max, a boy new to Bible club this week because of a new route National began. A relationship began to blossom this week between the team members walking this route and Lisa. They were able to pray over Lisa simply standing on the sidewalk on multiple days this week. Hope is rising on these streets! The neatest thing about these relationships forming is that they will be built on by teams the remainder of the summer and Fisherville who laid the foundation for them will continue to play a part in them because they are a local team, just having to travel about 30 minutes to Memphis. It was sweet being able to serve alongside of a team that was able to directly impact the city that they live in. Be praying for the older boys (10+) that are coming to Bible club. They aren’t active participators in Bible club, but keep coming back because they obviously find something attractive about Bible club. Be praying for their hearts and that their would be an avenue for teams to witness to them. Fisherville didn’t travel far to partner with Street Reach, but their hearts extended far and their love reached far, into deep places and they left every ounce of love within them at National in those kids. I am humbled yet again at the ways God is moving at National and the ways he is going to continue to move this summer! 

Treadwell Bible Club is open for business! Many people believe that you have to leave the state or even cross an ocean to minister to people in order to call it a mission trip, but not FBC Fisherville. This brand new Street Reach team from just outside of Memphis came out this week and ministered to a ton of kids at Treadwell.  It was a blessing to watch them grow throughout the week as they got to know the “Bible Clubers.”  The kids were so excited to see Bible Club back in their neighborhood and were anxious to get started with 28 kids on Monday.  That was only the beginning because on Thursday we had 61 kids at club and then a few came up during dismissal and helped clean up the site. It was great to see some old faces at Treadwell, and a real treat getting to meet the new ones.  I was so impressed with the maturity some of the kids showed this week.  A boy, who two years ago at Treadwell would whine and complain for the last chocolate milk, was now helping serve lunch to all of the other kids first and he ate last.  Older siblings were such a big help with their younger brothers and sisters, and two were joyfully willing to sacrifice their candy bucket from crafts when a younger sibling lost his/hers.  The kids were able to learn Bible stories of loving your enemy and reaching out to those others may overlook.  Both of those concepts are foreign to the kids in our community, but the team did an awesome job sharing the love of Christ in all stations.  The notion of servant leadership was both displayed and taught by the team, and the kids quickly picked up on that.  It was a great week to open Treadwell with a wonderful team!  FBC Fisherville, you guys are awesome and we cannot wait to have you back in town!

This week we had Calvary Senior High at Rosamond. They have been coming to Street Reach since 2009. We had a great week of the youth loving on the kids, really pouring the love of Jesus into their lives. This week we started a new route by picking up the apartment kids off of National. On Thursday we had a little deaf boy named Nehemiah come to club from the apartments. One of the students from Calvary took a class and knew sign language so she got to really love on Nehemiah on Thursday and Friday. We had a great week and hit our record this summer with 51 kids! God is really working in the hearts of the Rosamond kids. Walking home one day we even had 2 salvations which is an awesome encouragement to myself and Ashley.

Week three was an exciting week at Vernon, with a team in from Plainview, Texas. It was the first week for Vernon, and the team took setting a great foundation seriously. Everyday we had new kids coming and by the end of the week we had reached 28 kids at Bible club. The team built great relationships with the kids, and the kids were sad to see the team members go, but they are excited that Bible club is back up and running. I'm excited to see how God works through the new team to make an impact in these kids lives.

We had a wonderful week at Whittier!  Calvary Church from Missouri came in and poured everything out on the site! I can’t even begin to tell you how sweet it was to see team members with children on their necks, backs, and hanging on to their arms and legs!  We had a massive 74 kids at site this week thanks to the team’s eagerness to go out and hit up the whole neighborhood. Something super exciting happened this week!  The older boy who was asking about being jumped on Friday last week gave his life to Jesus on Tuesday this week!  He has been so eager to get in the Word and learn more of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus! What a sweet thing to see the lies that this world has poured into these children’s lives be washed away in Jesus! Please pray for this boy—that he would not lose his passion and would continue to hunger for more of Jesus! Pray for the rest of the older boys that they would let go of their lives and follow Jesus! Pray for the team and Hannah as they run Whittier next week! Pray for a fruitful week! And pray for a brand new site I get to open up next week—Bayliss! Pray that we would be able to reach kids who have never heard the name of Jesus! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to pray for Whittier and now Bayliss!

This is a week that has made Street Reach history. Street Reach had the most missionaries in this week that we have ever had, and on Thursday of this week 590 kids were ministered to which is the most Street Reach has reached on any one single day alone. Memphis was flooded in love, in light, and with the glory of God. 

For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. Romans 11:36

All glory to God for the ways he is flooding these streets and using all the missionaries to proclaim his name and provide release for the captive. 

Next week, even more missionaries are coming in to serve at Street Reach and two new Bible club locations are being opened that have never been exposed to Street Reach. Be praying for each child that will be sent out and for God to move in even mightier ways than he already has been. 

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