Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 8-Marathon, Old Town Baptist, Grace Baptist, Welcome Wesleyan


   Old Town Baptist came to serve as Christ's hands and feet at National this past week. What a blessing they were as the summer closed out. We were able to witness to over 100 kids each day because of their passion to canvas, knocking on doors and wanting the light to be made known in a desperate community. Throughout the week, their passion didn't ever fail to cease and each day kids were getting poured into. With so many hands to serve this week, there were many times I would be able to witness one on one conversation with a child, knowing they were being fed, and that was encouraging knowing that this was the last week to pour out Jesus and His love into their lives and it actually happened. It was a wonderful closer week to National and to all the ways He has moved and worked in a mighty way this summer. For Christ is most magnified and glorified for all the lost souls, saved, and to all kids with seeds planted in their hearts this summer. Old Town Baptist, thanks for serving and leaving it all out there this week. National has been richly blessed and consumed by Christ this summer, so thank you to all the teams that have poured their hearts into these kids, poured Jesus into these kids, and poured countless prayers into National.-Gaby


    For those teams reading the blog and checking up on your Kendrick kids, fear not!  The staff was able to go run a Bible Club at Kendrick on Wednesday even though there weren't enough teams to work it.  The kids had a blast getting to come out for one last day of the summer.  God has blessed this neighborhood with all of the wonderful missionaries who came to serve.  So thank you all SO much.  We ended the summer on a great note, and the kids are excited an ready for next year! -Holly


I can’t believe its over, but what a way to go out!  Marathon was in from South Carolina to close out our summer at Guernsey and they did an awesome job!  Monday set a new record for us with 77 kids at club, and things only went up from there.  After all the kids saw what a great time we were having they started bringing all their friends.  By Friday we had 99 kids at club and it was awesome! For our last day, Marathon had rented an ice cream truck to come by club.  You’d think it would be crazy with 99 kids, but our kids and our team were awesome and I loved every minute of it.  It’s been awesome to watch these kids grow over the past two months and we’re going to miss spending our weeks with them, but we made sure everyone knew how much we love them and more importantly how much God loves them.  Everybody had a blast this week: the team left everything out on the field, the kids were loved on, and the Gospel was shared, and that’s what we call a successful Bible Club.  Thanks to Marathon for a great week!  We love you guys and can’t wait to have you back in Memphis! -Kacie 


  This week at Rosamond we had Welcome Wesleyan from South Carolina.  They came very prepared with a bean bag toss game and had a ball toss game during free play.  We started the week with 44 kids and ended the week with 48 kids on Friday.  Welcome Weselyan did a great job closing the summer out at Rosamond by making Bible club fun for the kids and teaching them about Daniel and the lion’s den.  One of our older boys from Buchanan committed his life to Christ on Thursday.  Thank you Welcome Weslyn for making this a fun last week at "Ross-a-mond" for Miss Kimberly and Miss Justine!  We will miss you and our Rosamond kids very much! -Kimberly


What a great week we had to finish off Street Reach 2012 at Johnson! Marathon church was here and they had an awesome time hanging out with the kids at Johnson. It was clear to see that many of the kids were sad that the summer was coming to a close, but they still had a week left to have the love of God poured into them. From the very start, Marathon was passionate about going to get as many kids as they could for Bible Club. The kids really enjoyed the stations that Marathon had for them. They could tell that the team had put a lot of time into the Bible Club and they were excited to be there. After the Bible stories this week, the kids really wanted to know more in crafts. They were asking for scripture to be written on their crafts, and then they were wanting to read them out of a Bible! Many of the older kids this week that are normally bored and asking to go home, were wanting us to stay longer.  At the end of the week, several of the kids had questions about Christ. They saw Christ in many of the team members this week and throughout the summer. It was really cool to see what God was doing in the hearts of these kids, whether one could see it or not. This summer changed so many lives and brought hope to several kids in the community. Marathon did a great job being used by Christ this week, and they were changed by this trip as well.-Jonathan 

We want to give a special thanks to all of the teams who participated this summer at Street Reach! We could not have done it without you guys.  What you have done will not be forgotten and the kids have truly been impacted by your love! Thank you and we will see you next year! 

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