Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 4: Mountain View, Providence, Trinity, Boone's Chapel, New Blackwell, Medina, Ellendale, FBC Brunswick, and Epworth


   This week I was back at Pope and it was awesome!  The Lord really provided this week with an amazing team whose passion and energy was evident to the very end!  Providence came prepared and energetic to walk on the streets on love on some kids.  We stayed consistent all week and reached 43 kids on Thursday to share the Word of the Lord with!  The children had such a blast at all the stations this week with a comic book Bible in Bible story and new games.  Crafts were always hit this week as were songs; the kids even wrote their own song about how to succeed!  It was such a God-filled week at Pope and only more great things to come! To God be the Glory!  -Aimee


    This week was a very special week for many reasons. We had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming back Trinity Baptist Church to National. Four years in the making, this precious church is very near and dear to my heart. Four years ago we stood in the front of the park and got down on our knees and prayed for God to move in the hearts of the families on the surrounding streets. I distinctly remember praying for God to send us children, 40 to be exact, that second week of the 2009 summer. God brought us the 40 children by the Friday of that week. God is faithful to answer the prayers of those who call out to Him and this week the team said bring it on Lord as many kids as you want us to have we will love on them. On Wednesday Gaby and I stood in awe as we counted 109 children intently participating in all of the stations. This group was fully used by God this week and poured themselves out completely. The kids were all given attention and love this week and incredible things happened. On Friday they prayed over the site, the kids and the teams to come behind them. They truly are our National prayer warriors Thank God for Trinity Baptist!



    Week 4 at Leahy's was a blast! Boone's Chapel came in from Alabama and did an awesome job loving on our kiddos and keeping them engaged at all four stations--Bible story, songs, crafts, and games. We also got to go further out on some of the side streets near the trailer park and bring in some new kids from there. Everything ran really smoothly, and even though this week was the hottest yet this summer, kids and team alike had tons of fun. Miss Jake, who will be running Treadwell eventually, also got to join us for a few days. To sum it up, we had a great group of people serving a truly great God at Leahy's this week! -Kala


   The half-way point for the summer was an exciting and strong time for Whittier. New Blackwell was here and brought passion and excitement for the kids. Whit-Vegas was able to hit a record number for the summer of 61 kids on Wednesday and still stayed strong to finish out the week with the number of kids consistently over 50. That is a lot of kids that were ministered to this week by missionaries from New Blackwell. While the numbers of the kids were great, the activities within Bible Club were awesome as well. It is amazing how well the kids respond to, "Find Your Bubble!", even after just learning what that means. At the end of Bible Club every day, the team treated the kids to a puppet show. It was what each kid looked forward to and allowed a new way to minister. Thank you New Blackwell for a week that will be hard to forget and for lending your excitement. -Josh 


   This week we had a team from Medina who came to serve at Johnson. We had several kids come out to play with them and hear the Bible stories they told. One mother this week told me that her 3 year old daughter had been telling her the Bible stories she had been hearing at club! Even as it got very hot outside, we still had near 70 kids come out to Bible Club! The team put in a lot of hard work this week, and we had a great time together! -Jonathan 


    Kendrick got a treat this week by being able to work with local Ellendale Baptist church! The team was so excited to share Jesus. The kids learned in Bible story that they aren't the kings of their own lives--God is the king! They were even able to take home a miniature version of the week's story at the end of the week. Every station was new and exciting to the kids with fun stuff like live guitar music, rockets, wearable crafts, corn hole, and an interactive white board! Ellendale stayed strong throughout the week and brought their own flair to Kendrick. We set a personal 2012 record of 53 kids! Thanks Ellendale, it was a great week! –Holly


    The Guernsey kids were super excited about our team this week and had an awesome time at club. FBC Brunswick was in town and they were incredible- being filled with passion, a willing spirit, and infinite flexibility lead to a great time at Guernsey.  Some of our walk-ups even came to club early everyday to help Mr. Dave set up the site! Kids were coming up to me left and right telling me about Gospel conversations that they’d had with team members and like wise the team members were just as excited to tell me about them.  With intense heat this week, the team was prepared with 5 easy-up tents and great attitudes that definitely rubbed off on my kiddos. One afternoon we were able to take “The Jackson” (our mobile sports trailer) to Guernsey and our kids loved it.  The FBC Brunswick group were “prepared for anything” and gave the kids a great time with a second round of hanging out with them that day. We were able to review our Bible story because many of the kids at the sports camp had not been at club that day.  The team had also brought along a ton of brand new basketballs and as our kids were dismissed each child was able to take a basketball home with them.  Needless to say the Guernsey kids and Street Reach already miss you guys and hope to see you back next year! Remember that Kacie, Big Em, A Charm, and the GStreet kids love you guys! -Kacie


This week at Rosamond was a fun and hot week!  Mountain View Baptist Church came to Street Reach again this summer with some previous experience and sweet spirits.  We entered into the Rosamond II area and ended up having 59 kids come with new and old faces.  The older kids had a blast playing kickball, wiffle ball, and telling the younger kids to “circle up” when it was time to go. Miss Kimberly and Margie were able to talk with some of the kids one on one about their knowledge of the gospel and share more with them.  The kids really enjoyed one of the members from Mountain View that came on Wednesday to impersonate a monkey and sing “Boom Chica Boom”.  We were sad to say good bye to our summer school kids since summer school is now over, but they will be going to other Bible club sites.  We still have an exciting rest of the summer left at Rosamond so stay tuned! -Kimberly 


    Week 4 of Street Reach Summer 2012 was blessed with the opportunity to run another site, Kippley. The Epworth United Methodist Church from Franklin, Tennessee laid a great foundation for the following weeks at Bible club Kippley. At any given time kids could be seen coloring a beautiful array of imagination down on paper, playing a bookoo of fun games, going crazy singing those classic bible club favorites, and listening to a story straight from God's Word. Despite the heat, the team fought for these kids and their daily dose of Jesus' Love, and their toil was not in vain. By the end of the week, a bond was formed between the kids and team; a bond that still lives on in the prayers that Epworth continues to offer for their friends here in Memphis. Uncertain of each child's future, each team member poured all they had into the kids for every ounce of time they were fortunate enough to have. Surely God is an awesome God and i know that these kids could see it in the team this past week. I know because I did too.-Kaden 

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