Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 5- Mt Zion, West Hartselle, Journey Point, Bethany Baptist, and Liberty


This week at Pope was such a blast!  Kaden and I had so much fun working with Mt. Zion Baptist Church from Kaden’s neck of the woods in Arkansas!  We ministered to 43 on Tuesday and had a blast with 37 kids on the 4th of July!  It was a celebration at Pope when Street Reach made lunches, free T-shirts, and popsicles.  Mt. Zion rocked the site with great Bible stories and songs; the games were so amusing and fun and the crafts were precious!  It was great having both Kippley and Pope kids at the site and being able to minister to them.  Next week will be amazing because of all the hard work Mt. Zion did this week!  -Aimee 


      Fourth of July weeks are always interesting as to which teams will come in town on the holiday week. We were blessed at National to have 9 people from West Hartselle Baptist join us in our ministry with the kids. The week consisted of continual passion from the team. They served whole-heartily and gave everything they had. It was so cool to see the males on the team interact with the kids at bible club, invest in the older boys and show the kids how a man who loves God acts.
One afternoon of this week the team was able to cut grass at a house on Vernon Ave.          They prepared this lot for a new bible club starting the week of July 9th for the children who live on Rockwood and Vernon. We are excited to see what God does with this new bible club location.
     During this holiday week it was cool to see the different kids who attended bible club. Some of our usual kids were out of town and new kids attended our bible club because they were visiting the area for the holiday.
Thanks be to God for all the teams who attended this week especially Jeremy, John, Stephen, Ashley, Kelsey Rae, Nathan, Maggie and Braden!!!!!


    Week 5 seems to have flown by so fast, but at the same time it was a
really great one, with an awesome team from Journey Point. Our Junior
Staffer, Eddie, returned this week, so we had quite a few excited kids
on Monday. The heat and a few issues with dogs did not stop everyone
from having loads of fun this week, and we had a great turnout. We had
over fifty kids show up two days this week! 


    What an awesome 4th of July week at Whittier! Bethany Baptist came in
excited and ready to serve with an overwhelming passion for this site,
even though almost all of them were first timers here at Street Reach!
It barely took any time for the team to feel comfortable and at home
at Whittier. It was so encouraging to see this team ready to be used
for the Lord.
We had a high of 46 kids on Tuesday, which is pretty stinkin good for
the day before the 4th of July! Praising and thanking God for another
amazing week at Whit-Vegas. Excited to see what next week brings as
Josh takes the site on by himself! "... That's what you get for
hangin' at Whit-Vegas!!!" -Cassie 


    This week at Johnson was amazing with the group we had in from Liberty Texas. The team was split between two sites and the other half was at Guernsey. They were ready to go out and have a great time with the kids at the Bible club this week. With the 4th of July that came on Wednesday, the team still had several kids coming out even though there were many other activities going on. We were blessed with clear weather this week, but it was pretty hot on some days. This was nothing a group from Texas could not handle, and they stayed strong throughout the week. The children were very attentive in the Bible story. They heard about Jesus feeding 5,000 men with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and they had leftovers. The kids also heard about how Jesus walked on water, and that they can trust Him in every circumstance. At the end of the week everyone seemed to be sad that they were leaving, but I’m sure the kids will not soon forget them. I am very glad that Liberty was able to come this week, and they were just as much a blessing to the staff as they were to the community! -Jonathan 


    Bethany Baptist Church definitely made a big boom at the Kendrick site this week!  Their love and passion for ministering to the kids was inspirational and made for a fun Bible Club every day.  The team really did well at explaining the gospel to the kids and by the end of the week there was a handful of them who had accepted Christ or wanted to learn more about him.  The kids also loved their crafts, dancing to praise and worship music, and playing their heart out at games.  There were 42 kids on and out on Monday and they kept coming back throughout the week.  Bethany, thank you for lighting the fuse, and remember: work hard, play hard, be hard to beat, and never forget! -Holly


    Week five was most definitely a successful one for Guernsey. With blazing hot temperatures and extravagant Fourth of July parties, the week was off to a slow start. But because of the passion and excitement of the students of First Baptist Church of Liberty, Texas, our site was overflowing with energetic kids by Friday. Team members were more than willing to carry kids on their backs and necks, reaching kids from extensive routes and distances. There were many first time team members, as well as Bible club kids, but all who participated meshed so well, creating a beautiful picture of Christ's love and the relationship he craves with us. A memorable experience is Wednesday, July 4th. Because Memphis City Schools does not provide lunch for our kids on this holiday, team members joined together that morning to make delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that the kids highly enjoyed. It was a fun experience for all, giving team members and opportunity to serve their kids. All in all, the entire week was a blessing to each individual, whether Texan or Tennesseean! -Emily


This week at Rosamond was a unique one with it being the Fourth of July but our kids still showed up! Our team this week was the youth from West Hartselle from Alabama along with the wonderful Brenda and Rob.  The Lord was at work and we had two of our older children pray to receive Christ.  A lot of the kids are reading the Bibles that Mountain View gave them the previous week and asking me how to read the Bible.  West Hartselle played disc golf with the children, ran water relays, and took pictures of all the children to give to them.  On the fourth of July, the kids were treated with PB&J sandwiches and a bag of chips.  Please pray that this God would be present at Rosamond, “You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.” Isaiah 25:4.-Kimberly
Sorry for the delay in the post- We experienced some technical difficulties with the Internet! Week 6 post coming on Sunday!

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