Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 3: Calvary Baptist Church, FBC Gleason, Yadkin Baptist Church


     For some reason, God never ceases to send more kids our way to be taught, to listen, and to receive the Word. This week proved that with 103 kids. First Baptist Gleason had such passion for these children that was evident in how they loved as Christ did through their very own actions. In the Word, it says "we love because Christ first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Such a fundamental truth but stretched to new boundaries with Gleason here to serve alongside of. They truly loved those kids through constant piggy back rides, a hug, or a smile. Finishing the week with many “I love you's” and “Jesus loves you’s” to the kids from Gleason showed that the purpose of being here was to love like Christ does. It was a wonderful week being Jesus' very own hands and feet with you Gleason. -Gaby


    This week may have been the hottest one we've had so far this summer, but at Leahy's I think it was also one of the best. Calvary brought in an awesome team, and Miss Aimee also joined us since her site, Pope, was not running this week. On Thursday, we had a total of 65 kids come to Bible club--a new record for Leahy's this year! But the high point of the week was most definitely that one of the boys started asking a lot of questions about Jesus. Miss Aimee and one of the team members got the chance to pull him aside and talk with him, laying out the Gospel for him. The eight-year-old was very engaged in the conversation, and we think it likely that he got saved on Thursday! -Kala


   This week at Whittier proved to be an extreme success. With members from Calvary Church in St. Louis providing a fun, exciting, and energy filled environment, the team members and the kids had an amazing time. Starting off the week with 49 kids in attendance, there were always over 40 kids that could be seen at Bible Club at Whit-Vegas. The kids were able to have an autograph book for everyone to sign during craft station. Kickball games, songs about burritos, and Bible stories that had each kid getting involved were just some of the things that made Whit-Vegas THE site to be at. Thank you members of Calvary Church for giving your all and sharing your craziness, energy, and ministry with the kids and with Street Reach. The Whit-Vegas songs and chants have been the loudest and craziest yet. -Josh


    We had a great week with Calvary at Johnson! The weather was beautiful this week, and the kids were very excited about coming out to club. The kids learned a lot this week as they heard about King David in the Bible story. They were able to see how they can trust God in every circumstance. Many Street Reach classics were enjoyed by the kids this week in games and songs such as, “Duck Duck Goose,”  “Mr. Bear,” Little Red Wagon,” and “Bazooka Bubble Gum.” There were many kids that attended Bible Club this week with the biggest day brining 82 kids! God’s love was experienced this week by many kids, and the hearts of the Calvary team were broken over the lives of the children. A big thank you to Calvary for all of their hard work, and their willingness to be used by God last week! We are looking forward to them returning next year, Lord willing! -Alice


   Third week was awesome at Kendrick! Returning group Yadkin Baptist Church from Patterson, North Carolina rolled into town and had an great time at bible club. They were filled with lots of excitement and rounded up a high for the week of 51 kids on Monday! The kids had lots of fun from games and songs, to making crafts and memorizing the daily verses from bible story. Also, I think the team equally blessed by getting the chance to show love to the kids as the kids did receiving it. Friday was hard saying goodbye but, the Yadkin team left a lasting impression at Kendrick through their service. Thank you guys so much for such a great week and im excited to see what is coming up in the weeks to come! -Logan


    The Calvary Senior High Students from St. Louis, Missouri returned to Guernsey this week and did a great job!  The Pope site was closed, but the Pope kids still got Bible Club by combining with us over at the Guernsey site! We started the week off with 74 kids and the team had a blast getting to know them. Throughout the week we had drum battles in songs and intense games of “Mr. Bear” and “Sharks and Minnows” in the recreation group.  I think the kids’ favorite craft all week was the salvation bracelets that they made on Friday, and I loved getting to talk to the kids about the different colors while explaining the gospel.  Many of our kids learned a new Bible verse each day thanks to the enthusiastic Bible story group and their cool dance moves while teaching the kids scripture.  Overall, it was a great week at Guernsey, but Friday had to be my favorite because of the insane amount of energy everybody had on club site.  While I went back out to find more kids for club I could hear our kids reciting Bible verses and singing songs from way down the street… It was AWESOME!  Thanks for a great week Calvary-- can’t wait to see you next year!  -Kacie 


    The high schoolers of Calvary Baptist from St. Louis brought a lot of heart and energy to Rosamond this week! The children are beginning to love coming to Bible club and wait in front of their house to be picked up and they are asking for specific names of people from teams from this summer! Everyone who has worked at Rosamond has not been forgotten and God is still at work in the lives of the children. This week Calvary was able to spend some one on one time talking with the children about their faith. We saw a little boy smile for the first time at Bible club (see picture!) The kids played kickball, made autograph books, and learned about the life of King David. This was our first hot week in Memphis, so please be in prayer for Rosamond for the rest of the summer as it just gets hotter! Miss Justine, Olivia, and I had a lot of fun working with you, Calvary! “ROSAMOND ROSAMOND, We don’t have to drive, all we have to do is walk outside!” –Kimberly 

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