Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 7- Calvary Church (Jr. High), Green Acres, Union Valley, Parkway Baptist

    This week at Leahy's we had an amazing group of junior high students from Calvary Church in St. Louis, MO. Not only was this a  week full of fun, it was also full of Jesus. This group was more than willing to do whatever the children enjoyed and they shared Jesus with them in the process. This week at games we really got an opportunity to tap into our older kids and have a three day long soccer game. At the end of the week the game ended in a tie and fun was had by all who participated. Then in crafts, which is always a favorite, was a big hit Thursday. The children took strips of bandannas and twisted them, then put beads on them to make necklaces. And then bible story for the younger ones was a relief at the end of a hard day of playing. No better way to end the day than with a whole lot of Jesus. A special thanks goes out to this team this week for being on fire for Christ. I love you all. - Sara

    This was a good week at Leawood. We grew from 36 to 47 this week. God is still showing up! The group in this week, Fellowship Baptist, had their first bible club experience this week. It was cool to see them grow. They grew in knowledge of how to run the site and by Tuesday they had it down! It was neat to see their interaction with the kids and their passion for them. 
    The kids are still opening up more and more each day. Since the majority of the children are younger, they don't talk very often. So many of them are smiling! Steve, Gissell, and Johanna's mom wasn't home when taking the kids home so we had an impromptu water day. The twins were so crazy and were having so much fun, it was a side of them that I had never seen before. The older kids are asking for more responsibilities, such as helping with lunch or water. I love seeing all of them mature before my eyes. 
    Be in prayer for this next and final week as we will travel over to the National site. The kids on Rhea, Isabelle and Wayne, will be over at the Treadwell site. God is always in control, so it will be an amazing end to the summer. -Matt 

    Answered prayers-- Last summer being able to run 8 sites at one time was a huge deal, but this past week we were able to open our 11th site. Treadwell is our newest Bible Club, and I had the pleasure of running it with a new team from Union Valley Baptist Church in Oklahoma. The site is special because we've not been able to open a club on that side of town before now, but this week God made it happen. We started with 21 kids on Monday and by the end of the week we were running almost 40 kids with over 50 kids registered.
    A really neat story I'd like to share is about one of our families that we met. On Wednesday my team requested to put on yard work with a particular job in mind. I asked if I could tag along and visit a few of my kids. So, Jonathan and the team loaded up and off we went. I was surprised when we arrived because we were cutting grass for the family that I wanted to visit with. God is just really cool like that! 
    The kids were excited to see us there and all ran out for hugs, which we thought was really cool. Their mom came out to talk to us. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her while the yard crew was working. She couldn't grasp the concept of why the team wanted to come cut her grass for free and then tell her thank you for letting them. This was a cool way to bring an invitation to the gospel. At the end of our time at the house, Jonathan gave her a tract and was able to share the gospel with her again. She seemed really open and receptive, but wasn't quite sure about all that we'd shared with her. However we did get to pray with her before we left, and gave her a bible. 
    The best part of the story is that my team continued to love on her and the kids, and on Friday she told them that she understood and believed. Our plan is to do a lot of follow up and to hopefully get them to come to church with us. 
Thanks Union Valley- You did an amazing job! - Kacie 

    God has truly been at work at bible club Kippley this week! Having reached a new record of 46 kids being taught about Jesus Christ and expanding His reach to a larger group of older kids, I can't wait to see what God does next! Games this week was 100% amazing. The kids were engaged in such a way as I have yet to see. God blessed me with another great team from Union Valley Church, a small church from Oklahoma. They were incredible. Their beach music, surfboard and flip flop decorations, and beach balls gave an imaginative feel to our club site. A kid actually came up and told me to pretend that we were at the beach and that he was going swimming! And I must admit, seeing the 10 yearolds and up get dowsed with water was a great way to end the week! 
    Please be praying for us; we have one more week to share our LORD's love with these kids. Please ask God to send pure workers into this harvest field and that the harvest would indeed be plentiful. -Kaden 

    This week at Rosamond was an awesome experience. The blue team from Parkway Baptist in St. Louis, Missouri did a great job at Bible Club. We started the week out learning about Noah's Ark and the team let the kids act like the animals and go into an ark that they had built. Once the kids were in the ark, the team passed out water balloons for the kids to throw at the leaders who were not in Noah's family. On Thursday, we had Sarah from the bible show up at club site and we learned that she was 90 years-old and that she was about to have her first child. Each day in recreation, the team helped the kids get all of their wiggles out for the next rotation. At crafts, the children made a "happy hat" which they all started wearing and singing the Bible Club songs that we had sung earlier that day.  One of the coolest things was to see the kids each day come to club and have that sparkle in their eyes when Parkway told each of them that Jesus loves them, but so do they. The team really connected with the kids and the kids really enjoyed having you all in Memphis this week. Hope to see you all again next year. - Heather 

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