Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 6- FBC Sparta, FBC Greenwood, Calvary Baptist, and Old Shooting Creek Baptist

    This week proved to be a fun, exciting, and powerful week. Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church was able to run Whittier this week and minister to the kids at the site. With the week after the holiday weekend, and Bible Club competing with air conditioning, Whittier started out the week averaging with 25 kids. However, God proved himself faithful and Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church and the strength of God almost doubled the amount of kids ministered to at the sites. This week helped show that God has specific times and purposes for the kids that he has at the Bible Club sites each and every day. From energetic, water filled games; to crazy "Hey!" chants; to sharing the message of God in personal and powerful ways. Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church was a blessing to the kids at the site and the staff in this awesome and exciting week. Thank you team Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church! - Josh

 The summer so far has flown by and it is crazy to think that we only have two more weeks left with the children. This week Andrew was back at National.  However, he had to stay at Brinkley on Tuesday because his arms were covered in poison ivy. He got medicine and got his arms wrapped up and was back out on Wednesday. Once again the older kids were crushed that he was not there to hang out with them.  Our team this week was from FBC Sparta. They loved the kids from the second they met them. This week we had fewer kids but it lead to more intentional conversations and the team was able to pour into children who are sometimes overlooked. On Wednesday during bible story the gospel was shared to the children through the evangecube. Many of the older kids started asking lots of questions about salvation and the 5-8 year olds could tell you step by step what Jesus had done for them by the end of the day. On Friday the Rockwood route came back with a ton of kids and all the little girls from that street had their stomachs showing because they had their shirts rolled up and tied up. AT first I was frustrated with them….I thought these are five, six and seven year olds they do not need to look like teenagers in the neighborhood. The team girls and I kept telling them to untie and pull their shirts down all day. Finally I looked at five year old Darnesha and asked her why she was doing that. She said this is how you look pretty Miss Erica. I got the opportunity to talk to her and some of her sisters about real beauty. After that she said on Monday I am going to dress like you because you are pretty. Besides making my day that she said that, it was really cool to see God orchestrate that whole situation. Thanks to FBC Sparta’s willingness to serve it was an amazing week. - Erica 


    This week at Guernsey we were joined by Greenwood! Thank you all for coming to serve our kids this week. You were all such a blessing. We started off the week with a small number of kids, because our site didn’t run last week. We had to build up our numbers this week and God did just that.  This was a very special week at Guernsey, because the older boys and girls wanted to have a “Talent Show.” Their rules were to create their own song about God, Jesus, or the Bible. Both, the boys and girls, worked very hard during their music time and free time each day to get ready for Friday. It was wonderful to see them all work together. They all have so much potential and it showed on Friday. The girls were first up and they made up a different beat to “Jesus loves me,” They had dancers, singers, a drummer, and all the children loved it. I even heard that the girls worked on their song after bible club was over, just so they could try and beat the boys. Next up were our older boys. The boys made up their very own rap. They had beat boxing, rapping, and the best part was all the boys were doing back flips, front flips, cartwheels, and back-hand springs. It was insane and so creative. In the end, the boys came out winning. It was really fun to watch the team members get involved with helping the kids out and get ready to go on Friday! 
This week we focused on the Armor of God. The team brought props to dress the kids in while telling the bible story.  My favorite part was watching Tryvon and Garry run around in the football “helmet of salvation.” The kids really enjoyed the game time this week too. They played a few water games, relays, tag, and even had some fun times having the older boys teach us all how to flip. Some of the girls on the team impressed Reggie and Jamal because they could do everything the boys did. It was fun to watch the boys’ faces. During our craft time the kids made a number of fun things. They made key chains, bracelets, necklaces, and even a new sign for the Guernsey site to hang up! God is really blessing Guernsey more and more each week. Continue to keep praying for our kids and the teams coming in. 
“How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News!” Romans 10:15
-Michelle & Cole 

    This week was one giant "God momen"t at bible club Kippley. It is a brand new site ran for the first time ever this past week, and by Friday, 41 kids were being taught about Jesus and his love for them. I enjoyed getting to work with a team from back home, First Baptist Greenwood. It was crazy to see the amount of love poured out from this team, and you could see it in the children's eyes. I believe that their favorite part of the week was when two mighty warriors (team members Kelly and Brittney) charged out with their cardboard cut shields to teach them about God's shield of faith. That same day, the kids made a key chain with a shield on it that they would show up to bible club with every day for the rest of the week. Seeing all that God has done in one week brings these words from my heart: "bless the LORD, oh my soul! With all that is within me bless His holy name!" - Kaden 

Rosamond 2
      This week we had a team from Greenwood, Arkansas in and Rosamond 2 was able to run again! I knew it was going to be an interesting week since the site didn’t run last week, and this was only the second week that it had run.  We were able to look throughout the community for new kids that had never been to bible club before, and they had a great time! We got off to a slow start, but the site started growing quickly, and several kids were coming out. After trying to run bible club a certain way, the team decided that they wanted to try a different approach to how they ministered to the kids. We ended up splitting the older girls into one group, the older guys into one group, and all the younger kids into another group. Then the team did specific lessons for each of the groups, and things worked out great!!! The team was also very flexible this week as some of their members were moved to another site. With the fewer team members we had at our site, the more children showed up to bible club! God really showed His presence this week as we work with the children, and providing the most children Rosamond 2 has had yet! - Jonathan 

    We had yet another unbelievably awesome time and team at Kendrick this week! Kacie and I were back together again and Old Shooting Creek was back for a second year. God blessed us ALL despite the incredible heat. We never had less than thirty kids, and we had fifty-one on Friday! The kids learned more about the armor of God throughout the week in Bible story. They really enjoyed the interactive activities that went along with Scripture. You could tell that it was really getting through to the kids' heads and heart, and they grew happier every day. We also enjoyed their relentless smiles and laughs at games, where you never saw a kid sitting down! On Friday the team brought buckets of water and everybody (including myself) was thrilled to feel the cool splash of water on their faces after a particularly hot week. Crafts were also a hit; we never got away with letting a kid walk off site without their craft in hand! All in all, it was a miraculous week. New kids came out and we saw ones that hadn't come for weeks! God was so amazing in the love that shone at Kendrick this week. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks brings! -Holly


    This week at Leahy’s was absolutely a blast. I had a wonderful team from First Baptist Greenwood from Greenwood, Arkansas come to serve with me.  From the minute they stepped on the club site never once did they complain.  They were so willing to serve Christ this week and it really, really showed. Even with the heat this team really was able to make relationships with the kids and make them want to come out and play. From Monday to Friday we never stopped having fun. Whether it was learning about the armor of God and dressing up with shields, swords, and helmets in bible story, making cool bracelets about Jesus for the kids to add to their jewelry collections in crafts, or doing water relays in games the kids learned so much.  By the end of this week our kids were left wanting more, more, more. Thank you FBC Greenwood for planting seeds and making our kids yearn for more Jesus. - Sara 


    Rosamond had one of the teams from FBC Greenwood. The team was great about getting the kids and running our Rosamond BYBC site.  The team really connected with the children. Each day they focused on a different part of the armor of God. In bible story, they had games that related to the story and to the different parts of the armor. The kids really enjoyed having the Greenwood team at club. Can't wait to see you all next year! I really enjoyed working with you all. - Heather 

    This was a good week at Leawood. The group was from Sparta and they were very passionate and loved the kids. The children could tell this and had an enjoyable time coming back each day. One cool thing with Leawood is we have a core group of about 30 kids that come each day. This core group has gotten comfortable with the other kids. The twins, Gissell and Johanna, have started speaking to me and smiling. Even though they speak in broken spanish and I can't understand it, I still think its awesome. Ana and Zoe have opened up a lot and have started to love on everyone! They run with arms up and a smile wanting to be held. These kids are amazing and had a blast this past week. We ran in the upper 30's each day and even had 12 new kids. It's great to see God move and work each week not only at Leawood, but at all the sites. Thanks Sparta for a wonderful week and stay in prayer for all of us! - Matt
    We had an outstanding team from Calvary Baptist in Lilburn, GA. Monday we started out with 38 kids and by Friday we had 48 kids. Marqueta, Gabby and Jonathan's mom, departed of her sins and got saved. This was all of God's glory and has been a process through past teams. We are so grateful for your prayers and this salvation process. We were able to canvas new places and in result brought 8 new kids to the BYBC. I can't wait to see what God allows us to do these next two weeks. -BUCKET


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