Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 5- Lakewood Baptist, Journey Pointe, Yadkin Baptist, and Union Grove

    This week was awesome! First, I was back in my neighborhood with my kiddies that I missed last week, and secondly because I had the Yadkin team Kickin' it over at Kendrick!!! This church sent a team two years ago to work over in K-town with Eric and Tyler and this week they came back for more. The last time they were here Kendrick had not been running consistently, nor did it have the number of kids we've been finding ourselves with this summer. This is my favorite thing for a returning team to see. Without all of the work that Eric, Tyler, Jessi and the teams of past years had put in, Kendrick wouldn't be seeing the success you read about each week. Thanks to all the Kendrick teams and staff for your servanthood to my kiddos.

This week Nicki did a great job with the Bible story station! The kids seemed to really enjoy spending time with her. She even found herself a great helper in Xavier, who gave up games to stay in Bible Story.

Crafts were a big hit too, the kids loved showing me what they made each day. I even ended up with a few beautiful pictures that Tammy and Cha'Khia gave me. Thanks to Jordan, Teal, and Ethan for all of their hard work.

Mr. Keith was in charge of games and the kids loved playing with him. I caught him playing anything from jumprope and hula-hoop to soccer and bubbles. It was so fun watching him with the kids.

We did songs a little differently this week because we had such a small team, but we had such a fun time with Zachary and his guitar!  The kids seemed almost memorized by it and it was a great way to start or end club. Cody was a huge fan of Zach and they told me they were "living the suite life!"

I cannot forget Beth, the team leader and floater of the week. Anything that needed to happen, Beth was there. She was in games, story time, crafts, crowd control and songs... Wherever another hand was needed is where she'd go. We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for your faithfulness to serve with us again.

Overall, I'd call it a successful week over at Kendrick. We started with 32 on Monday and consistently ran in the mid 40s the rest of the week. Another really cool thing that is happening is kids asking to help. Its especially neat to see all of our older kids listening really well and then helping tobdurect the younger ones. We've also been learning about servant leadership and how Christ, the son of God, humbled Himself to serve and then applying it to our actions at club. God has been so faithful to us and we praise His name for that. Come back next week for more from your Kendrick kiddos! - Kacie 

    What an amazing week at Rosamond this week! God really proved himself to be beyond faithful. We started the week on Monday with 35 kids and ended with 105! Praise the Lord! The team from Union Grove was awesome and did great to adjusting to the number increase. We also saw a lot of children come to know Christ this week. God really blessed us all. We are so thankful that He supplied us with a wonderful team to minister to the children He brought. Wow. We are so amazed at the greatness of our God! Thank you so much Union Grove for being faithful year after year! See you again next year. - Michelle, Heather, and Jonathan 

    Lakewood Baptist was a true blessing this week. If they did not come in this holiday week then the National and Leawood children would not have been ministered to. Matt was able to bring a ton of his kids from the neighborhood to National and most of the apartment kids, especially my personal favorite, Herman. It was really cool to have all the Leawood kids at National...most of them were little kids. 
    On wednesday we had 127 kids that were ministered to, 38 of them were 4 and under. It was crazy but that day was amazing. This week since Matt came, his brother Andrew was moved from National to Whittier to help run a staff site. The older kids were devastated that he wasn't there. It was sad to see the kids so frustrated but exciting to see that he had made that big of an impact. 
    Cj came one day this week and instead of throwing punches, he led songs in his station and participated in bible story. Shaneteria threw a fit after trying to walk home by herself. She ran of and pushed me when I tried to grab her hand. I put her in timeout and when we walked home she apologized to me. It was really cool to see her feel remorse and do that.
    It was an awesome week. God brought out 71 kids monday, 74 kids Tuesday, 127 kids wednesday, 112 kids thursday, and 104 kids friday. - Erica 

    It was really cool to have the opportunity to bring my Leawood kids over to National this week. Even though the kids had to walk a longer way, the kids kept coming! We peaked at 41 children on thursday. It was fun getting to walk with all those kids  because I usually stay on site when Leawood runs. 
    I got to get to know my children a little better this week. We were able to get the neighborhood and the apartment kids. We even had 7 new kids come while we were at National. It has truly been amazing to see God work at Leawood this summer, even when we are at a visiting site. - Matt 

    This week at Leahy's was one exciting adventure. We had a wonderful team of 11 from Journey Pointe Church. Our week started off with 20 and ended with 52 children that were ministered to. Our club routine included a community bible story and then two stations, crafts and games. This returning team did an awesome job of reconnecting with last year's kids and making great new relationships with some of our newer kids. Our games included relays and some great freeplay. The craft were phenomenal and included some paint, some t-shirts and a whole lotta fun! Thanks for a great week Journey Pointe, YOU ALL ROCK! - Sara  

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