Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 3- Old Rice Road Baptist Church, Boanerges Baptist, Grace Baptist, Broadmoor United Methodist, Mt. Pisgah Baptist, First Baptist Gleason

    This week we worked with "Amazing" Grace at Whittier. These guys were awesome! They brought a lot of fun, love, and structure to our bible club site. Pastor Jeff and the others did a great job in the bible story station, he found a way to make the stories relatable to each age group. The girls in songs got really creative and did "dance-offs" with the kids. The kids had a blast. At games the boys organized relays for the kids to do. Relays are very fun and they also introduce healthy competition. 
    The craft station went really well and the kids had something to take home everyday. The last day they took home goodie bags that they decorated themselves during crafts. The team really did a great job and the Whittier site was blessed to have them there all week long. Thanks again Grace Baptist, see you next year!! - Katie J 

    God was so faithful this week at the Kendrick site! Boanerges Baptist Church ran club with a huge heart and passion. They were very passionate about getting kids and the number of kids brought to bible clubs increased more and more as the week passed. At the end of the week Kendrick was able to minister to a total of 63 kids! The team handled the large numbers excellently.
    Crafts were a hit with hats, bracelets, and more fun things that Boanerges brought with them. They were such a hit that the kids wore them all week long. The Games station was a blast and the kids played harder than ever. Music continued the trend of fun with drums, shaker, and tambourines. As the boys would say, they laid down some "fresh beats".
    Bible stories were led amazingly. They kept the kids engaged and tought them about God's love and sacrifice for them. David and Willie even accepted Christ into their hearts. It truly was an amazing week at Kendrick. Boanerges, you will be missed! - Holly 

    Wow, what an awesome week we had! God really proved himself to more than faithful. We started the week with 33 kids and ended the week with 66! Mt. Pisgah was very passionate about going and getting the kids and sharing the love. The kids really enjoyed having you all Mt. Pisgah. You were awesome with the kids, and you were great about listening to the guidance of the Lord and look what happened. Thank you so much Mt. Pisgah. You all rocked it and can't wait to see you again next summer! - Heather 

    Guernsey hit a record breaking number this week with a total of 107 kids that were ministered to. God really moved at the site this week. We prayed for God to move in a big way and that's exactly what he did! Big thanks to our team from Broadmoor United Methodist. They all came on a "mystery" trip and didn't know what to expect upon arrival. 
    From the first kid on site to the last kid taken home Friday, Broadmoor's passion and love for the kids filled the Guernsey site. The team was extremely passionate about finding and bringing kids to bible club to be loved on. The love the team had for our kids grew more and more every minute. 
    The kids learned all the different names of God this week. They also learned that God protects, provides, heals, and the He will always be there for them. We are so thankful the team came to minister. They really did a great job. We thnk you all so much for allowing God to use you this week and reach the lives of our kids. You all are amazing. -Michelle and Cole 

    Records were set all week long and Thursday 447 kids were ministered to. 91 of those kids were ministered to at the National site, which was a record high for us. Our numbers this week were: Monday 73, Tuesday 63, Wed 62, Thursday 72, and Friday 91. Tuesday and Wednesday it rained and we kept the kids until we saw lightning, so we had to take the home before lunch arrived. It broke hearts when the kids said that they were hungry. Albaro even said, "The trees...we have so many trees to sit under for lunch and then you can tell us another bible story...please tell us another bible story. FBC Gleason came back for the second year of ministry at National. It was so cool to see kids sprint to their favorite team members. They are a true testimony to Christ's love and the lasting impact it leaves on the kids. 
    The team from Gleason dealt with the loss of a close friend of the entire group Tuesday, but they fought through it and decided to stay to finish their ministry to the kids. The same day that they decided to do this, a white truck pulled up to National and dropped a little girl off. Her name was alice and she ran to come greet us! She now lives across from the Kendrick bible club site and she begged her mom to DRIVE her to National. God had it already planned out that Mrs. Tonya would get to see her favorite kid from last year. 
    We love Gleason, Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus this week! - Erica 
    This was a great week with Boanerges Baptist Church. They were a very passionate group of people. This week we opened up two new routes in which we got about 10 new kids, and many more new prospects. Zachery, one of the new kids, actually got saved this week on the walk back home underneath a big shade tree. We also had some new kids come from off of Salem. God is truly blessing leawood each day withe more kids and with new kids. It is really amazing to see him work. Another big shout out to the "Sons of Thunder" for coming this week and making it possible for Leawood to run again. 

    This week at Johnson was phenomenal. Despite the rain on Tuesday, club ran smoothly. Our team was from Broadmoor United Methodist and even though they were new to this kind of ministry, they were well experienced. Their passion was evident to the kids and the community. The team not only shared Christ's love with the kids, but they also recieved it back!. The kids learned about Moses and God's love for them in bible time and in Games they were eaten by "sharks" to follow out the story. Overall, this past week has been one hundred percent blessed and I can't wait to see what God does next. 

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