Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 1 - Fredonia Hill, Grace Baptist, Acteens of Pickensville, and Biltmore Baptist

    This week at National we had a group from Biltmore Baptist Church in Ashville, NC. Leawood was combined with National and the staff on site consisted of Matt, Andrew, and Erica. We had a great week of ministry and on Wednesday 82 kids were ministered to. We are amazed at what God did this week and we can not wait to see what he does next. There are a ton of new kids, but they automatically stick to your legs and tell you they love you from day one. -Erica

    We had a great first week at Johnson. We had a returning team, Grace Baptist Church from Oxford, AL. We were able to minister to about 35 kids each day. We were also able to see a lot of new faces and old faces from returning kids and new kids. We started the summer off well and God was evident in our work and servitude during the first week. I am greatly encouraged to see what opportunities He will let us have the rest of the summer. - "Bucket"

    We had an awesome first week with the Grace Baptist team from Oxford, AL. We had the opportunity to minister to a total of 53 kids throughout the week. The kids just kept bringing their friends and family members. Grace did an excellent job at all the stations and ended the week with a "water day"! GREAT JOB GRACE! - Heather 

    We had an awesome week at Rosamond. Our missionaries this week were the Actteens from Pickensville, AL. This is their second year returning to street reach and they blessed our club by bringing 8 people on their team including 3 new girls. Our first day was a success and 20 children were ministered to. We had the opportunity to minister to a total of 76 children throughout the week!! The highlight of the week was getting to canvas a new street and having two new families with several children to join with us! - Sara

    Week 1 at kendrick was a success. This week had record numbers for our little site. We're really grateful for our team from Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, NC. They worked so hard at getting the word out that Street Reach has started and bible club is in the neighborhood! Our team gave all of their love and energy to the Kendrick kids each and every day. We enrolled over 50 kids and had 42 of them there on Wed. and Thurs. this week. 

   Jennifer and Amber made the stories come alive and the kids learned and could retell the stories afterwards. Games were an by Stephen and Joe, who played anything from "Ring-around-the-rosies" and "Duck, duck, goose" with the little ones. With the bigger kids they played kickball and whiffle ball. They also taught about sportsmanship and letting the ladies go first.
    Crafts were amazing this week as well. Today, Waverly and Josh made bracelets with the kids. They explained the gospel and gave black, red, white, blue, green, and yellow beads with scripture verses to go along with each bead. Many of the kids were able to explain their bracelets to me before going home. 

   Vance did a wonderful job of connecting with two of our new boys. Neither had been their before and they really felt welcomed by our team. Christine also did a great job of connecting with one of our sweet families that sent 5 kids to our club.

   All in all- Kendrick ran smoothly this week and we loved our mission team. Seeds were definitely planted and we can't wait to see what God is going to so at Kendrick this summer. - Kacie

    Bible club at Whittier was fantastic this week! Grace Baptist started serving at Street Reach this very week 6 years ago! Their passion for the kids is unbelievable. At the beginning of the week we only had 22 kids and by friday we had 47. Grace did an amazing job sharing Christ's love with all the kids this week. Way to go Grace! Can't wait to see you all next summer. -Katie

Our summer kick-off week turned out to be awesome. BIG THANKS TO FREDONIA HILL!! The kids loved them and loved everything we did. Our crafts were a big hit this week. We made a lot of bracelets and things to hang on the wall that shine! When picking up the kids we had them standing outside wait for us to come get them. They were cheering and running towards the team members ready to go to club. We had a great week and Texas...keep it real and fun!!- Michelle and Cole 

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