Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 2-Northwest Baptist, First Baptist Church of McMinnville, Unity Baptist, Broadriver Association, and Fairlane Baptist.

    Northwest Baptist Church from Gainesville, FL, Kicked it at the Kendrick site this week! The team was great about picking up kids; we enrolled at least 11 new kids. Music was outstanding with Andrew playing his guitar and at singing. The kids loved learning the songs we would often hear them singing praises to God under their breath. One of the boy's mom even mentioned learning the song herself! 
    Aimee and Dorothy really got the kids into bible story with costumes and activities. Jonah and the whale was a favorite among the kids. Games with Karen and Matt went so well that some of the other sites also incorporated their games into their rotations. Karen and Matt were great at being flexible with whatever age group they were working with. 
    Finally, Allie and Melissa made some awesome crafts with the kids! They loved the fun stickers the girls brought and the ways they could actually use their crafts. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC week! We had 39 kids at Kendrick on Friday. Northwest had an amazing time learning about God's love. Kendrick was definitely blessed this week and we are praying that the rest of the summer will be just as great! - Holly 

    This was a great first week for Leawood. We were able to minister to a total of 49 kids this week! Our biggest days were Tuesday and Friday with 35 kids. This is amazing because last year our biggest days were usually with a total of 25 kids. Unity did a great job this week of keeping the kids entertained. The crafts were amazing and the kids loved them. The kids had a great time this week and always loved coming back each day. Stay in prayer that we are able to run Leawood as much as possible this summer! - Matt

    Johnson had a returning team this week from the Broadriver Association. We started with 24 kids on Mondy and by the end of the week we were in the mid 40's. God's grace was evident as his spirit moved and added more to his kingdom this week. For the children who committed their lives, I plan to get them enrolled in our discipleship club. We were also able to go and canvas across Holmes in which 16 new kids came to our bible club. 
   A mom even came and watched her children. In doing so one of the team members was able to minister to her. Thanks to Broadriver Association for this faithful and fruitful week! - "Bucket"

    This was the second week running our Whittier site. A team from the Broadriver Association came to minister to the kids. Whittier ran in the high 30's and in the low 40's throughout the week, while topping out at 49 kids at the end. The kids had fun staying cool under tents provided by the team. They also enjoyed competitive games and relays at the game station. 
    During crafts, each child had something colorful to take home. The final station was bible story and it was wonderfully led by Mr. Vernon. Each kid went home looking forward to the following day. They had a great time with the team because of their willingness to love and care for each one of the children. It was a successful, fun, and definitely exciting week. Thank you Broadriver!!- Josh 

    This week at Leahy's we had a wonderful group of missionaries from Kentucky to serve. This team of 10 from Unity Baptist Church brought a little spunk and a whole lot of love to our children this week. We were able to minister to 49 children throughout the week. 
    One special moment was when a couple of team members connected with some of our shyer children. They really got down on the level of the kids and the children responded wonderfully to the extra attention. Thanks Unity for being the hands and feet of Christ!- Sara

    Rosamond had a great time with Broadriver this week! The kids learned about Gideon and his army on Tuesday, Ruth and Naomi on Wednesday and Jonah on Thursday. Thursday also involved a day of water games where the kids got soaked with not only water, but God's love. The kids also made a really cool craft each day that they could take home. The kids really enjoyed having Broadriver! We can't wait to see you all again soon!- Heather

    The second week at Guernsey was an amazing success. Big thanks to Fairlane for serving this week with us. Each day got better and better. We had about 55 kids a day until 90 kids came on Friday. God really blessed our site this week and we had two kids accept Christ, Qyntavius and Caressa. We are very excited to see how God moves in the Guernsey site and through our missionaries for the rest of the summer. Our songs being played at site, the kids have started singing them on the way home. We have had numerous times to pray with the children's parents. God is really working at Guernsey. Thank you all for your prayers and service at Guernsey! - Michelle and Cole 

    This week National and Leawood were ran as two seperate sites for the first time since week 4 of last summer. The kids and Matt were greatly missed but we each were able to reach a wider area of streets with 2 teams which means that we found different kids and more kids were ministered to. 
    National was ran by a very passionate team of 15 from McMinnville, TN. This team was very structured with everything and the kids loved it. The children really loved the songs this week and had fun. Six year old Michael stayed after club was over to help us clean  up the site everyday and on Friday four of our older boys wanted to help put everything up. God really moved in a mighty way and brought kids out from everywhere we had 13 kids Monday, 54 Tuesday, 66 Wednesday, 78 Thursday, and 65 Friday. 
    Andrew and I both stood in awe of how willing this team was to serve. Friday goodbyes were tough on both the kids and the team. I praise God for their passion for these kids and I am so excited that they will be back to National this time next year. No longer will National have to be shut down on week 3 of the summer. Thanks for everything McMinnville. We love you dearly!! - Erica 

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