Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 2- Arcadia Baptist, Iantha Baptist, Broad River, New Hope, McMinnville Baptist, Life's Journey, and Collierville Baptist


     Pope was able to run on the actual site this week and it was such a blessing!  We reached 49 children on Wednesday who were ministered to by a combination of churches.  Arcadia Baptist Church and Iantha Baptist Church rocked club this week!  Having to recover from a rainy and wet Tuesday, their last half of the week was a blast!  It was such a blessing to watch all the smiles and laughter of the kids throughout the week.  One of leaders from Arcadia did an incredible job keeping all the ages interested and focused during bible story.  All the kids made beautiful crafts, had loads of fun at games, and the older kids loved the song station. I cannot wait to see what the Lord’s plans are for the rest of the summer!

“Train up a child in the way he should go” Proverbs 22:6a  
   Paul in Acts 20, goes back to the words of Christ himself when he says: "it is more blessed to give than to receive." McMinnville Baptist and Iantha Baptist Church gave themselves fully to the work of Christ this week. God sent his blessing when our numbers grew each day ending with 91 kids, which is the most we have been able to witness God's lights and shower with his love so far this summer. With that, these churches worked together for the goal of Christ and everyday seemed to run smoothly even with the rain on Tuesday. On the last day of Bible Club, we had a boy accept Christ. Continue to pray for pursuit of that relationship and for other hearts to be cracked open. It was evident that these people worked among the people of this community and gave themselves to serve as Jesus' very own hands and feet. Thanks for a wonderful week McMinnville and Iantha.  
      Week two went great! Our team this week from Life's Journey brought puppets, which was a huge hit, especially with our younger kiddos. We had some rain on Tuesday, but were still able to have Bible club and have lots of fun. Not as many kids were able to come out that day because of the scattered showers and such, but by the end of the week we were back up to 37 kids. There were also several new kids that came this week, some from the side streets just outside the trailer park and some from inside Leahy's. 
     In addition to bringing the puppets, the Life's Journey team did a great job this week. They came prepared, and had all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do--from fun crafts, to new games that the kids just loved, to songs and Bible lessons that the puppets helped out with some of the time. Things ran smoothly, and I think kids and team members alike had loads of fun this week. Goodbyes were hard, but kids, team, and staff were all so blessed to have spent this week together.  
    We had a fantastic second week at Johnson.  Our team from Broad River was very prepared, and poured Christ's love into the children at every opportunity.  Tuesday was rainy, but the team was energetic, and the kids still had a great time.  We learned that bubbles are still fun even in the rain! Broad River focused on reaching as many kids as possible; the time and energy they put into Bible club this week really showed on Thursday when 94 kids came!!!!!!!  You could really sense the Lord's presence and see the children light up as they were shown love and given hope.  Thank you Broad River for doing such an awesome job and loving on our kids! We are looking forward to seeing Christ continue to work at Johnson throughout the rest of the summer.


What an amazing time we had at Whittier this week! The seasoned veterans of Midway Baptist Church from Gaffney, South Carolina came in excited and prepared to reach the children in our area! They fought through a chilly rain on Tuesday but that didn’t slow them down one bit. I believe they all thoroughly enjoyed the rain! We had a high of 57 kids on Thursday… Wow! They all came out to enjoy a fun-filled day of crafts, bible stories, and water games! It was awesome to see God work through this team, they all have such a passion for this city and what they are doing here. Their time and preparation for Bible Club definitely proved itself as the week progressed! The summer has only just begun, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for Whittier!  -Cassie


     Week 2 at Kendrick was awesome! First-timers Good Hope Bastist Church from Dalton, GA were in the house and ran things like they had been coming here for years.  These guys really dug in and helped these kids play games, make some really cool crafts, and some great times of Bible story. Good Hope really fell in love with the kids this week and were able to show God's love through them. I coulnd't believe it when they went out and got 33 kids on a wet and raining day like we had on Tuesday and went on to have 47 kids on Thursday! Thank you guys so much for coming and loving on the kids over at Kendrick!


       This week was definitely full of energy and excitement! Collierville First Baptist Church returned to Street Reach, bringing a new twist to Bible Club. The week was filled with engaging group activities, such as new songs, as well as exciting dramas for Bible story. The Guernsey kids loved getting to praise God through movement during song time, and getting to dress up and act out the Bible stories each day. Kids acted out the parable of the lost coin, the story of the prodigal's son, and much more. These stories led to questions and further investigation of God's love for us. Even through both drizzling rain beginning the week and high temperatures ending the week, Collierville students were determined to reach out to more and more kids each day and pour out the love of the Lord on them. By Thursday, Guernsey reached 64 kids, the largest amount for weeks one and two. Kids were eager to return each day, ready to take part in the fun and creative activities. It was a wonderful, successful week, and we are excited to see Guersey grow, due to the fantastic efforts of Collierville First Baptist!  


      Broad River Baptist Association rocked Bible club this week! They had such a heart and passion for the children of the community and wanted to impact a child’s life for Jesus.  Even though it rained on Tuesday, Broad River still had Bible club under their tents and the older kids really enjoyed playing Connect Four and Uno.  The younger children got to play with puppets during Bible story and make necklaces for crafts. The older kids at Rosamond responded very well to the Bible stories and more kids came every day.  Thursday we ended up having 57 kids and they were both new faces and familiar faces from the previous week.  Broad River gave the children snacks to take home with them every day and on Friday they kids received Broad River t-shirts to take home.  The kids were very excited on Friday and they are ready to come back on Monday! 

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