Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 2- Blanchard Alliance, FBC Munford, Calvary Church, Yadkin Baptist Church


We had another great week at Treadwell Bible club! Thanks to Blanchard Alliance who came in with a determination and focus for in depth open ended conversations about Christ with the kids. I loved going from station to station and not only hearing the topic of Christ in every one, but in seeing the enrapt faces of the children participating in the conversations. Even with a heat index of 111 all of the older boys were very excited to share what they knew about Christ and continued to do so in the station after bible story! Even the younger kids were singing cheers for Jesus without prodding, and little Raelyn decided that "My mom and I are moving to heaven." With the budding curiosity in all things dealing with Christ that is growing at Treadwell, I cannot help but be super excited to see how God continues to grow in the hearts of the children that we have all come to love. Thank you Blanchard Alliance for keeping your focus not on the heat and hard work, but on Christ in order to be a vessel for the Lord's work! "Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work." -2 Timothy 2:21
-Rachael, Leah, & Ana


What up y'all! It was a great second week at National with FBC Munford in the house. This team usually runs Vernon every summer; however, this summer they were able to run National and not only get to minister to their usual Vernon kids, but they also got to minister to new kids. This was really cool to see old relationships grow even more and new relationships begin. Even though it was an extremely hot week, the team didn't let the heat stop them from loving on the kids. We had an average of 50 kids every day, and the team poured out so much love to every kid. Bible story was extremely awesome this week as the kids had memory verses they were supposed to remember every day. The kids got candy if they could recite the verses on Friday. This team really focused on being intentional and making sure that the Gospel was presented in a way that the kids could understand. I can definitely say that the kids at National now have a better understanding of what the Gospel is and who Jesus is. Thank you FBC Munford for being the hands and feet this week and showing lots of love to the kids at National! 
-Mergan, Katie P., & Katie W.


*Singingly*  "I'm mister Green Christmas. I'm mister Sun. Badum dum dah!
I'm mister Heat Blister. I'm mister Hundred and One.
They call me Heat Miser! Whatever I touch,
Tends to melt in my CLUTCH!" *abrupt music halt*…. um what? Oh! It's time to write the blog? YIKES! Let's get on that!

Hello everybody! I hope you are having a great day. It was a hot week here at Street Reach, but that didn't keep the Lord from doing what He does best - BEING AWESOME! He gave us a high of 69 kids this week despite the rain and despite the heat. He also hand selected and sent us missionaries from Calvary Church in St. Louis and they were wonderful to have. So many new kids were found and old kids came back, and they were all taught how to pray and the importance thereof. One of my favorite moments was seeing the oldest kids ASK to play duck duck goose. And, without being told to, they initiated the rule that if someone could remember part of the bible verse that he could get out of the middle - or "stinky pot" if you will.  That may not sound like much, but a group of 10-12 year old boys enjoying each other's company and cooperating to have fun rather than fighting is a HUGE step in the right direction: a step towards peace and love. Please pray that God continues to move and continues to work. Pray that God will continue to ready his harvest and send prepared harvesters. And pray that His Gospel will reach the hearts of our kids. Have a great day! Bye bye!
-Kaden & Farr


What another great week at Jackson! This week it was Calvary Church's time to preach the gospel. Calvary was my home church and so it was great to see them again and I'm beyond blessed to have had them all week. This week Calvary demolished the 51 kids we had the first week and by Thursday we had 75 kids join us at Jackson. God is good! It seemed like all week we had a heat advisory, but that didn't stop Calvary from loving on these kiddos. Week 2 was a great second week and we're even more excited for what lies in store for the rest of the summer.
-Tedder & the scary Miss Holly


Week two at Johnson Bible club was great! Calvary Church from St. Louis, Missouri was on fire for Christ. They came in excited and ready to love on some kids. A little bit of heat wasn’t going to slow them down at all. It was a solid week with a high of 59 kids getting shown Christ's love on Thursday. The team was super willing to love on kids and they kept finding new kids all week long. They taught the kids all about prayer. They taught them how important it is and how we should even pray for our enemies and people we don’t like or those who do us wrong. I pray as the summer continues, this team and everyone who pours into these kids at Johnson also remembers the importance of prayer and keeps the kids, teams, and community in their prayers.
-D’Marcus, Bobbby, & Fish


Calvary kicked butt at Whitvegas this week and our week 2 was so good! Calvary brought it with their preparation and their passion. They were on their A-game every day and I was so impressed! Their structure on Whittier got better everyday and by Friday they were killing it. Our highest number of kids this week was 54, which was so unexpected considering that that was on a day with a heat advisory and a heat index of 111! Calvary never let the heat stop them from giving their all and loving each kid they came in contact with! They left everything they had on the streets and it was such a blessing to see. God is so good and if you follow His plan He will provide! Thank you Calvary for giving Claire and I such a good week and loving on the Whittier babies so much! We loved working with y'all and can't wait to see y'all next summer!
-Meredith &Claire


Week 2 was another great week at Guernsey! We had a mix of returners and first timers from Calvary Church in St. Louis, Missouri and everyone did a great job. Guernsey had very consistent numbers of kids this week ranging from 50 to 58. Our team had great energy and was always willing to be flexible! Each day at site was somehow better than the one before! We loved seeing all the relationships made with the kids and how much they loved the community. Thank you so much Calvary for showing God's love through your work at Guernsey this week! Y'all have a safe trip home and hope to see all of you again next year!
-LB, Armstrong, & Joey


Even with the rain and excessive heat this week, we had a blast at Kendrick with Yadkin Baptist Church from Patterson, NC! We broke a record this week at Kendrick with 57 kids coming out on Thursday! That means that 57 kids learned that Jesus knows how many hairs they have on their head! It was awesome to watch Yadkin make connections with kids all week. From making praying hands at crafts to playing sponge relays at games, Yadkin brought joy and love to the kids at Kendrick. Thank you, Yadkin, for your hard work, dedication, and flexibility this week at Bible club! We L-O-V-E you, God (and Yadkin)!
-Beef & Tyler

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