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Week 6-FBC Gleason, South Community Church, FBC Sparta, Fairlane Baptist, & FBC Liberty

What another fun week at G-street with FBC Liberty in town! We were INCREDIBLY blessed to be able to work with this awesome team. The week FLEW by because of all of the cool things that God did through their hard work, fun-loving attitudes, and serving spirits. The kids loved Bible Club so much that the number of kids who came each day only increased, with 79 kids coming out on Friday! This has been the hottest week of the summer so far, but neither Liberty nor Memphis seemed to care. Christ's love and the gospel were still poured out and shared at every single opportunity. I especially loved watching the personal relationships that were made. The Liberty youth stepped in as fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers to these lonely kids. Our kids are starving for love and they definitely got their fill of it this week! The team's passion never faded throughout the week. Their stations were so fun with a ukulele at songs, crafts that really let the kids express their creativity, Bible stories from the book of Acts, and the always popular "What time is it, Mr. Bear?" at games (which we might have had a little fun with ourselves in the gym at evening site meetings!) I never saw anything but a smile on the kids' faces and they are so excited that Bible Club will continue for a couple more weeks. Thank you SO MUCH, Liberty, for your passion, willingness, and hard work! It was definitely felt by Street Reach, the staff, the kids, and the community. We can't wait for another week at Guernsey and another summer with FBC Liberty!

The staff and I had the incredible opportunity to run a Bible club site this week that would not have been able to run. We were able to minister to 32 children this week while also ministering to the community over on Tutwiler. It is such a blessing to see God at work in an area that needs Him and His love through the hands of the staff of Street Reach. The staff members found a love and passion for the kids at Tutwiler as seen through the sweaty backs, dirty hands, and never ending smiles. The Tutwiler children loved having club in their part of town, as did the parents, which added to the great attitudes and conversations we were able to have at club. Despite all the distractions from the community this week at club, there were a ton, we were still able to spread the Word of God to the kids and they listened. Even still, if you ask them “what is prayer?” they will answer “prayer is talking to God” while doing hand motions that go along with the answer. It is one of the cutest sights to see! Pray for Tutwiler next week as it will get the opportunity to run for the 3rd time this summer! Praise the Lord!

The sixth week of Bible Club at Leahy's Trailer park was a beautiful week. Fairlane Baptist Church came down from Alexandria, Kentucky. Their team consisted of 8 members, 7 females, and one male. The team poured so much love, joy, and enthusiasm into the children at club each and every day. On Friday, God brought out 40 little ones that he wanted to hear about His love and mercy. I think the greatest thing to happen this week was the consistency of the children. On Monday and Tuesday we had 35 kids each day. Wednesday brought out 33 and Thursday had 37. Normally, the numbers are not that consistent. But it shows God's grace, love, and mercy. Please be praying for the teams this week as we have 11 churches coming in. 

1 John 4:7-12 says “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” Love was present in the park, love was shared to these kids and love was made complete in kids hearts this week. This week National was able to serve with FBC Sparta from Sparta, Tennessee. They did a wonderful job of bringing more and more kids to the park each day and on Wednesday we had our highest day of 74 kids coming to be loved with the love of Christ. On Monday one of our routes didn't bring back any kids so one of the girls that walked that route prayed that night for God to send eight kids out on Tuesday and what did Christ do...he sent eight kids! It’s sweet to see who God hand picks to be at National each and every day. This week National’s missionary in training (MIT) after helping run water each week was able to take a new role this week and be among the kids of the park and share his love with them. It was a beautiful picture to see him serving as the hands and feet of Jesus in a new way helping lead songs and giving the kids piggy back rides. National then had three helpers taking the role of running water this week, they were kids from the community that have displayed leadership and responsibility, as well a passion to grow in the Word and be discipled. The conversations of why they wanted to help was “not because it’s a sacrifice, but because I get to serve” and “I love Jesus and want to show Jesus to the other kids.” The sweetness of those words was overwhelming realizing that these kids are desiring God and that he is alive and working in their hearts. Discipleship club also began this week and these kids that were able to help with water got to begin that this week. They spent their whole afternoon time diving into the Word and are now reading the book of Romans. One of them came to Bible club the rest of the week with more and more of Romans read and more and more of Romans underlined. Hope is rising on these streets of Memphis and kids of this community are experiencing the gospel as love is made complete in their hearts. Be praying for the last two weeks at National, for the teams coming in, that the love of Jesus displayed by FBC Sparta would continue with each team and that the kids would understand that true love is only found in the Father, that love is Jesus dying on the cross for each of us and that his love is made complete in each of us when we respond to the gospel. All glory to God for the work of FBC Sparta at National this week and all the work he is completing in each of the lives at National!

This past week has been one that the kids at the Johnson Bible Club will not soon forget. First Baptist Church Liberty from Liberty, Texas came and loved on the kids this week, and poured themselves out for them! They were passionate about serving the kids, and letting Christ shine through in everything they did. The kids learned so much from the Bible as they heard about Christ’s call to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Even as it became very hot outside, the team kept on giving it everything they had and relied on the Lord for their strength. Again, it was amazing to see the children become softer as the week progressed, and they became more and more receptive to God’s love. There was a sense of calm and peace on the Bible club site by the end of the week, and one would never know that there were 65 kids there! This could only have come from the Lord in a place that is filled with chaos and commotion. Liberty showed how they have servant hearts’ and they wanted to do whatever the Lord led them to do. I am grateful for the Lord sending Liberty this week, and it was great being able to see them again! 

Week 6 of Bible Club at Kendrick was awesome. Returning team from First Baptist Church Sparta was in town and had the site booming! Sparta was new to the Kendrick site, but you wouldn’t know it by the amount of love and passion they had for these kids. Each day they rolled up with tons of energy and excitement, which had the kids excited all week. The kids loved the boombox over in songs station that bumped Christian music each day as they danced along. They also loved the Bible stories as they were acted out and showed how they apply to us still today. Friday was our biggest day with awesome weather that brought out 42 kids! It was great to see Sparta finish the week strong as they poured out love on the kids for the last few moments. Thank you so much FBC Sparta for all the hard work and love this week!
Week 6 at Bible club Rosamond was great. The team from Gleason, Tennessee really took the hammer, took the nail, and nailed it. I really enjoyed seeing the bigger guys leading songs. Usually it is the older kids and the boys at Bible club that think they’re too cool for school (or songs anyway) but now someone bigger and cooler was leading songs with them. It was also awesome seeing three kids finally get to come to Bible club whose parents had yet to allow them to come to Bible club all summer. With a high day of 49 kids and best behaved record of Shark, Grizzly, Grizzly, Penguin and an entire week of child approved lunches made for an incredible week. I cannot wait to see how God will continue his good work at bible club these remaining two weeks. So be praying that God will do amazing things, that every tongue should confess and every child know that the LORD is God.                                                                                                       -Kaden

We had an AMAZING week 6 at Whittier! South Community Church came full of love to pour out and it had such an impact on the kids! With the great weather and incredible team, 62 kids came out and experienced the love of Christ! When Jesus' first disciples asked Him how to pray, part of His example prayer asked for the Kingdom to come on Earth just like in Heaven--and this week, I truly believe that we were able to see glimpses of the Kingdom coming down into these dark streets. One of the most beautiful Kingdom moments was seeing peace rising up in the middle of a street feud. On one of our routes, two families had some majors issues with one another. We aren't sure how it started, but everyone--parents and kids--were super angry with one another. For the first couple days, the team dealt with cursing and arguing among two of the boys from both the families.  But as the team loved on them and showed them what it means to be like Christ, we began to see a change in the two boys. They began to share and play together. They looked out for each others needs and also for the needs of the team members they walked with.  We saw a beautiful transformation in these boys! We've talked alot about how we don't have the power to change these neighborhoods, but during weeks like this, when we step out of the way, we see God's power shine through.  Please continue to pray for Whittier!  Pray that Christ would reign in the hearts of these children and their families! Pray that those who don't belong to Him would be redeemed! Also, pray for Yoshi and Mario as they prepare to move--pray that these last few days would be used by God to bring them in as Him sons. Pray for Francisco who is having brain surgery in three weeks--pray for healing and protection and that God would use this time in his life to bring peace and redemption to his whole family. Pray for the team coming in next week, that through them, Jesus would continue to build on the foundation He has laid in the hearts of the families in Nutbush. We are so thankful for your prayers and can easily see the ways God is answering your faithfulness to pray! 

This week the light and love of Christ was shared. We began the week with 329 kids at all the Bible club sites on Monday and ended with 427 kids on Friday that got to experience Jesus Christ. Praise be to God for how he added daily to the number of kids coming and how almost 100 more children were coming by the end of the week! 

Next week we have around 200 missionaries coming in which will be another huge week for Street Reach. This means that 13 Bible club sites will be up and running. 

Be in prayer! 
"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." Ephesians 6:17-18
Be in prayer for the sites that have been open all summer and the sites opening up again this week. Be in prayer for all the kids that will be ministered to. Be in prayer that the gospel would fearlessly be made known. Be praying as the summer winds down that Jesus would be alive on every Bible club site, on every street we walk, in every missionaries heart, and in every child's life. 

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